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Gates pitches Mira and ‘Freestyle’ XP extensions in home

Bill Gates yesterday unveiled two new technologies, Freestyle and Mira, designed to beef up the capabilities of the PC - and hence, Windows XP - in the home. Both are intended to let users wander around the room or house while controlling their PC; Freestyle is categorised as a set of extensions to XP, while Mira is to all intents and purposes a CE-based thin client.
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PS2 gives Electronics Boutique happy Xmas

Electronics Boutique claims it is entering a "golden era" following record sales of video games and software in the run up to Christmas.
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Competition Commission to rule on cellphone charges

It could take up to a year before the Competition Commission (CC) decides whether the cost of mobile phone calls in the UK is too high.
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Lucent ends long CEO hunt

Lucent has appointed the chief operating officer of Eastman Kodak, Patricia Russo, as its chief executive, ending an long searc hfor someone to oversee the continued reorganisation of the struggling telecoms equipment supplier.

HP discounts in benchmark spotlight

The fur continues to fly whenever big iron benchmarks are published, but Giga's acid advisory about Hewlett Packard's latest Superdome TPC results promises to raise the stakes even higher.
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Gates gets even bigger XP sales number to boast about

Windows XP has now achieved a record number of Microsoft record sales announcements. The most recent announcement, made yesterday by Bill Gates himself at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, was that Microsoft has now sold over 17 million XP licences since its launch, and that it is "our best-selling release of Windows ever."
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Anthrax sweep spoils electronics goods

The US Postal Service may be damaging electronic goods by irradiating parcels to guard against anthrax.

WD drives up server food chain

Western Digital is flogging a so-called special edition of its 120GB 7,200 RPM EIDE hard drive - special because it has an 8MB buffer, compared with the 2MB supplied on standard versions.
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Xanadu project lifts open source kimono

Ted Nelson's legendary Xanadu project - the fabled hypertext precursor to the World Wide Web - went open source a couple of years ago, and yesterday the project's curators made the web site public. Even though you might find it hard to justify the time to the pointy-haired boss, it's well worth the excursion.
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Congressman assails CD copy protection

Copy protection tracks implanted in CDs are a violation of the right to fair use of purchased music, US Representative Richard Boucher (Democrat, Virginia) wrote in a letter to recording industry lobbyists Monday.
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Injunction against SuSE halts distribution

Updated A brief article from Heise Online appears to say that German Linux distributor SuSE has been hit with a preliminary injunction barring it from distributing its product because an application, or application name, in the distro infringes a copyright.
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Census site shuts for a week

The Public Records Office (PRO) has shut its popular 1901 Census site because it is unable to cope with demand.

Smartphone roadmaps for 2002

Exclusive Next year should see a battle royale between the smartphone manufacturers, with a clutch of new converged devices hitting the market. Thanks to a variety of industry sources, we can give several of these projects a public airing for the first time.
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ROMs weren't burned in a day

Letters Nothing escapes the hive mind of the Register readership, and no wayward, single-cell microbe of an error escapes our readers' mulch. So welcome to the postbag, where you get to develop our stories into some useful compost.
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Flaws in Via chipsets hit ATA/133, SCSI performance

A serious design defect in Via chipsets results in boards based on them substantially underforming motherboards with chipsets from Intel, SiS and ALi, a series of tests conducted by tecChannel.de has shown. The problem affects boards using both Intel and AMD chips, and the hit to hard disk performance is sufficient for tecChannel to say: "we can currently not recommend VIA chipsets for professional users who demand high performance from their hard drives and think about setting up RAID configurations."
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BOFH: 'Twas the night before Christmas

Episode 32 Episode 32 BOFH 2001: Episode 32 'Twas the night before Christmas, on Management floor Not a creature was stirring, except by the door; The Board Member's stockings were hung up with care, In hopes that their bonus cheques soon would be there; The workers had missed out - the bonuses few, Just enough for the bosses, (and …
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Register stocking fillers – get your skates on

Those of you outside the UK and Europe who want to avail yourselves of the Xmas goodies in our Cash'n'Carrion Reg shop had better get your skates on - the deadline for orders is midnight GMT tomorrow (5 December).
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Salmon Days is spawned

Salmon Days is Go. This is the URL: www.salmondays.tv.
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The BOFH Self-Helpless Guide

Episode 28 BOFH 2001: Episode 28 "So," The PFY blurts as I rattle away on the keyboard on my latest epic document. "What about a quick game of Unreal Tournament? Just you, me, and some users who think they're playing opponents who can be killed?"
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Final deadline for Reg stocking fillers

Midnight GMT tonight is the final deadline for UK orders from our Cash'n'Carrion Reg shop.
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MSN pulls child porn pix from communities site

This afternoon I called Microsoft's MSN in the UK and told them an MSN communities site at latam.msn.com (Latin America) was hosting large quantities of child pornography. There were 15 pages with about nine pictures apiece, and several clearly involved children. Within a couple of hours, the site was gone - rapid response or what?
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Intel takes server PIII to 1.4Ghz

Intel today introduced a 1.4Ghz flavour of the Pentium III, complete with 512kb of L2 cache - twice that of all but the immediate Tualatin predecessors - for workhorse servers.
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AOL Europe joins Time Warner fold

International expansion - particularly in Europe - is key to AOL Time Warner's "sustained strong performance".
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What does this compression technology break through?

Claims of a breakthrough in compression technology by a Florida research start-up have been met with scepticism.
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Flash gets its very own virus

Updated A proof of concept virus which has the potential to infect Flash files commonly used on Web sites has been discovered.