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The crime of distributed computing

Ann Harrison, 03 Jan 2002

US to yank Kevin Mitnick's radio license

In a five-page order released Friday, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) claims that 38-year old convicted hacker Kevin Mitnick is not morally fit to be a ham radio operator.

Feds grill MS on Windows security

US Defense Department and FBI officials contacted Microsoft on Friday to express their concern over the recently-disclosed security bugs affecting all versions of Windows, the Associated Press reports.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Jan 2002

Who needs hackers when we've got MS?

Richard Forno, 03 Jan 2002

CCBill knew of credit database breach in March

Now we know why CCBill was so terrified of taking verbal questions from a live reporter, and insisted instead on receiving faxed questions to which it could reply with canned responses.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Jan 2002

ADSL from Freeserve below £30 a month

The UK's biggest ISP is offering ADSL for less than £30 a month to help prove that low cost broadband will stoke-up demand.
Tim Richardson, 03 Jan 2002

Xerox wins Palm handwriting case

Xerox has established in court that it is the inventor of handwriting technology used in Palm devices. The next step is to establish damages which, considering the numbers of Palms sold, will run into several million dollars. And that's if the court works out the fees on a royalty basis.
Drew Cullen, 03 Jan 2002

MS trains legal guns at Lindows

Microsoft has unleashed its lawyers against Lindows -because the name of the titchy software firm is too similar to Windows.
Drew Cullen, 03 Jan 2002

Tempo customer warranties are worthless (most of them)

Up to half a million customers of Tempo, the bust electrical and computer goods retailer, may be the owners of worthless product warranties.
Drew Cullen, 03 Jan 2002

AIM gives up control of Windows machines

A buffer overflow vulnerability in AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) could be exploited to gain complete control of a Windows machine, security research group w00w00 has revealed.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Jan 2002

CD-R prices to rise in Europe after dumping levy?

CD-R prices in Europe are set to rise following the European Union's imposition of anti-dumping penalties on Taiwanese manufacturers. Price rises, however, are unlikely to be as high as the penalties themselves, which range from 18.8-39.5 per cent, owing to a combination of localisation of manufacturing and some intriguing political shananigans, according to a Commercial Times report detailed here by AisaBiztech.
John Lettice, 03 Jan 2002

2600.com wins dismissal in f**k- generalmotors.com lawsuit

A suit brought by Ford Motor Company against 2600.com founder Eric Corley aka Emmanuel Goldstein for setting up the Web site fuckgeneralmotors.com to re-direct surfers to the Ford home page has been dismissed.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Jan 2002

Sony turns courts on PS mod-chip makers

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCCE) this week won a High Court injunction against Channel Technology, a UK manufacturer of Playstation mod-chips.
Drew Cullen, 03 Jan 2002

Terrorism has no effect on PC buying – IDC

September 11 and the war in Afghanistan have had little or no impact on the PC or handheld buying intentions of Western Europeans.
Drew Cullen, 03 Jan 2002

KDE and GNOME bleed Xmas code

Like two possessed Santas, cracking their whips over insane trains of hacker reindeer, the KDE and GNOME camps have been racing to bring you bleeding edge alpha code just in time for Christmas.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Jan 2002

Popular file-share utilities contain Trojans

Popular file-sharing software from Grokster and the Limewire Gnutella Client contain the W32.DlDer Trojan, Symantec revealed last week.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Jan 2002

How I learned to stop worrying, and abandoned Mac OSX

Abandoned Christmas trees are piling up on the sidewalks in the Silicon Valley suburbs, but I'm hoping that some of the season's goodwill hasn't been discarded with them. In fact, I'm counting on it - for I'm breaking both a personal and a Register house rule with the following story. It contains stuff you already know, or stuff you suspected was true, or stuff you have already found more comprehensively and eloquently expressed elsewhere.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Jan 2002

Big Biz loosens tech spend purse strings

There's some cheery news for the beleaguered IT sector today after Merrill Lynch predicted that tech spending will see a slight recovery this year.
Tim Richardson, 03 Jan 2002

Can I have your oNumber?

A Web-based directory designed to make it easier to keep in touch is launched today.
John Leyden, 03 Jan 2002

Debenham techies hit on jugs?

Techies, as we all know already, do have a sense of humour, particularly when it comes to slipping the odd one past their technically challenged management. Take, for example, this interesting little feature of the search function at UK store chainDebenham's site.
John Lettice, 03 Jan 2002

US man sued for Extreme share ramp scam

A US man is being sued for allegedly posting a misleading financial information on Yahoo's! Finance bulletin board last October.
Tim Richardson, 03 Jan 2002
DVD it in many colours

Bush relaxes computer export controls

The Bush administration has relaxed controls on the export on advanced computers to Russia, China, India and certain countries in the Middle East.
John Leyden, 03 Jan 2002

IT managers stick with Windows, new terms and all – IDC

Business customers are in no hurry to upgrade to Windows XP and Windows.Net, but if the results of an IDC survey released this week are to be believed, there's little or no chance of them rising in revolt against Redmond either. They are, according to IDC, "walking - not running - toward implementing [Microsoft's] new technologies and practices," but on the other hand they're "not concerned" about Microsoft's new licensing terms and conditions, "License 6.0."
John Lettice, 03 Jan 2002

Computer firms yield big crop of disqualified directors

More than 900 UK company directors were disqualified between March and September last year. The computing industry was the second worst sector, with 75 directors barred, according to the Department of Trade and Industry.
IT-Analysis, 03 Jan 2002

1901 Census site closed for urgent repairs

The UK's 1901 Census Web site that's been jammed with users since its launch yesterday has been taken off-line for some urgent maintenance.
Tim Richardson, 03 Jan 2002

Europe accuses Wanadoo of predatory ADSL pricing

The European Commission is investigating France Telecom's Wanadoo Interactive, accusing it of using price breaks from its parent to price high speed connections below cost, thus driving competitors out of business. The Commission notes that competitor Mangoosta closed in August, allegedly because of predatory pricing by Wanadoo.
John Lettice, 03 Jan 2002

Sainsbury's, Virgin say sorry over spam

Several Register readers have now received apologies from Sainsbury's supermarket and Virgin Wines for spamming them. And both companies seem to be serious; in one case, Sainsbury's has offered a £20 voucher along with the grovel. This certainly indicates sincerity, but suggests that Sainsbury's still hasn't entirely grasped the impact of a major spam run, and therefore figured out how many times £20 it could add up to.
John Lettice, 03 Jan 2002

Ericsson T68: helluva phone

Review Hold onto your hats; make sure you're sitting down; and wait for it. Yep, it's true: the full-colour, triple band Ericsson T68 knocks the much-alked about Nokia 8310 into a cocked hat. The Ericsson is expected to cost considerably more, it's true. Where the Nokia is coming in at about £150 with contract, the expensive colour screen technology of the T68 will probably bump up its price tag to £200-250.
Perdita Patterson, 03 Jan 2002

AOL bungs buddy-list security hole

Barely more than a day after an exploit concerning the Windows versions of AOL's Instant Messenger (AIM) was circulated, AOL says it's managed to fix its network. Users are now safe, and need not lift a finger with downloads or patches, the company says.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Jan 2002

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