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NEC, Hitachi mull DRAM dissolution

NEC and Hitachi are mulling over the dissolution of their memory manufacturing joint venture and fleeing the DRAM business entirely, according to investors cited by Bloomsberg.
Drew Cullen, 28 Dec 2001
Cat 5 cable

Sex, Text and Wireless Profits

2001 ReviewHow come the world has a communications infrastructure that the United States - its most prosperous and influential nation and a leader in every other technology market - can't enjoy? How is it that next year will see a flood of new devices that most Americans won't see, let alone be able to use. And how is it, quite simply, that I can send and receive text from friends in almost every other country in the world, without worrying what equipment they're using, but I can't text my room-mate ten yards away?
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Dec 2001

EasyGroup domain name dispute inches towards court

An MP has taken up cudgels on behalf of the owner of a domain name which features the word "easy".
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Dec 2001

Playmate of the Month coming to handsets RSN

The Playmate of the Month is coming to a mobile handset near you Real Soon Now. No, really. Finnish value added services (that's what they claim, anyway) company Wireless Entertainment Services has struck a deal with Playboy.com to offer downloadable playmates and other Playboy related content and general stuff.
John Lettice, 28 Dec 2001

IBM demos quantum computing

Well it's a start, anyway: IBM übergeeks have managed to factor fifteen with mere atoms, using an algorithm for quantum factoring by mathematician Peter Shor, the journal Nature reports.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Dec 2001

WD buys Fujitsu desktop HDD ops

Western Digital is buying up some of Fujitsu hard drive ops. It is taking on 1,100 Fujitsu employees based in Thailand and some of the production facilities. Terms are otherwise undisclosed, but considering the commitments, WD is taking on, the price will be low, low, low.
Drew Cullen, 28 Dec 2001

Apple bugfix cheers mobile mavens

While Apple sites were awash with leaks of the next major point revision of Mac OSX, 10.2 codenamed Jaguar, Apple quietly sneaked out a point-point revision: 10.1.2.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Dec 2001

Porno paymaster CCBill hacked hard

Porn site billing processor CCBill has somehow managed to leak the server passwords of well over a thousand of its clients, whose systems have since been infected by IRC bots listening on port 9872 for whatever commands their owner wishes to issue.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Dec 2001

MS warns of severe universal plug & play security hole

A trio of flaws in the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) service, which allows for automatic hardware detection in a network environment, can offer up total ownership of your machine to a malicious third party, Microsoft warns.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Dec 2001

Yahoo! wrests HotJobs from Monster.com

Yahoo! is to become the world's second biggest online recruitment business, following the successful snatch of HotJobs from the hands of TMP Worldwide.
Drew Cullen, 28 Dec 2001

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