19th December 2001 Archive

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  • The Google Underpants Winners are…

    Best Usenet posting never seen

    Business 19 02:17

  • Motorola to axe more fabs

    "Asset light"

    Business 19 02:37

  • Intel poised to roll out 54MBps WLANs in Europe

    I have a cunning 802.11a-ready plan...

    Business 19 11:37

  • Court halts Adobe InDesign shipments in copyright case

    What goes around...

    Business 19 11:56

  • Losses narrow at 3Com

    Gain after pain

    Business 19 12:17

  • UK Govt plans to tackle regional digital divide

    Wales unplugged...

    Business 19 12:45

  • Ireland launches 3G ‘beauty contest’

    Operators grumble about cost of licences

    Business 19 12:48

  • Tax AOL now, says Freeserve

    Pluthero 'bitterly disappointed' at Govt inaction

    Business 19 17:36

  • Huge WinXP sales don't save planet after all

    That was one we made up earlier...

    Business 19 19:50

  • HP joins Liberty Alliance

    Signs up for single sign-on

    Business 19 20:27

  • Symbian moves US office to /dev/null

    Home rule

    Business 19 20:42

  • Europe's server sales slump again in Q3

    Not a lot of fun for Sun, particularly...

    Business 19 22:46

  • Linux takes obscurity route to datacentre

    SAN castles...

    Business 19 22:48