18th December 2001 Archive

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  • French taxpayers sign up for eDirectory

    35m users by 2003

    Business 18 09:18

  • NASDAQ ejects tech economy poster children

    Farewell for now, then, Palm, Real, CNET...

    Business 18 09:20

  • A plague on all our networks


    Business 18 09:33

  • NTL slips as market gets jitters

    Testing time ahead

    Business 18 09:33

  • M&A on the up, grab it while you still can – Gartner

    Cautious buyers to prompt hugfests

    Business 18 09:36

  • Intel's ‘cut off air supply’ man to return in MS hearings

    And there are some other interesting names on the list too...

    Business 18 09:37

  • Palm revs wireless plans with TI deal

    In from the cold

    Business 18 09:37

  • FBI surveillance bonanza in BadTrans.B worm

    Millions of passwords in those mail dumps

    Business 18 09:38

  • Mandrake 8.1 easier than Win-XP

    Practically installs itself

    Business 18 09:39

  • NEC to shut Scottish plant


    Business 18 12:59

  • Salmon Days Declaration Of Principles

    In a modest way a joyful celebration

    BOFH 18 13:33

  • Micron swoops on Toshiba DRAM biz

    Consolidation. But not as we know it, Jim

    Business 18 15:24

  • Broadband use in UK to triple next year

    Steady on

    Business 18 15:24

  • Women fail safe text test

    Rude SMS

    Business 18 18:14

  • Roxio, EasyCD and Windows XP – the true story

    An everday tale of upgraditis and bundling deals...

    Business 18 20:52

  • Sainsbury's spams its way into mobile phone market

    You pay monkeys you get peanuts...

    Business 18 21:29

  • Peer-to-peer USB hits the road

    And MP3 players shall talk unto phone...

    Business 18 22:37

  • Store giant tries to shut very cross dresser protest site

    Keep on tranny trucking

    Business 18 22:53

  • RSA supplies answer to drive-by hacking?

    But devil remains in the detail

    Business 18 23:01

  • Salmon Days are here again (kinda)

    Viral alert

    BOFH 18 23:56