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One man+dog derails eMachines takeover

An "intervenor plaintiff" has thrown a legal spanner in the works of the proposed management buyout of eMachines, the ailing budget PC maker.
Drew Cullen, 17 Dec 2001

Broadcom brushes aside Intel patent suits

Intel has lost another battle in the Serial Litigation Wars, this time against Broadcom.
Drew Cullen, 17 Dec 2001

Drkoop.com commits euthanasia

Drkoop.com the US online health business, has thrown in the towel, after failing to find additional debt or equity financing, or sell assets.
Drew Cullen, 17 Dec 2001

IBM shutters Aussie retail ops

Selling PCs through Aussie retailers is "not predictable, sustainable or profitable", according to Nerida Caesar, general manager of IBM Australia's PC division.
Drew Cullen, 17 Dec 2001

Siemens ME45: rugged mobile

Review Think of ruggedised mobile phones as being like Doc Martens - fashionable because they are tough. The Siemens ME45 is for snowboarders and skiers, not builders.
Simon Rockman, 17 Dec 2001

Excite UK's future to be decided today

The future of UK portal Excite.co.uk is expected to be decided later today.
Tim Richardson, 17 Dec 2001

Linotype gets heavy over free ATM font downloads

German company Linotype Library GmbH is flexing its ATM font copyright muscles via 'cease and desist' letters with potential $30,000 legal tabs attached. The fonts in question do seem to be owned by Linotype (or to be strictly accurate, its parent company Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG), but are probably part of a batch that accidentally wandered into the shareware sector in the early 90s.
John Lettice, 17 Dec 2001

AMD parades 1GHz mobile Duron

AMD today launched a 1GHz flavour of mobile Duron, just not in time for Christmas.
Drew Cullen, 17 Dec 2001

Salmon Days is Go!

Episode 1Showtime! Salmon Days goes live today, but only if you're in the UK. If you're in the rest of the world - that is, most of you - you'll have to wait until Wednesday to see the first pay-per-view streaming video comedy epic. We think it's bloody funny.
Drew Cullen, 17 Dec 2001

Excite UK to close

Excite UK Ltd - a joint venture between Excite@Home and BTopenworld - is to cease trading at the end of the week, it confirmed today.
Tim Richardson, 17 Dec 2001

X/Open, Uniforum vets to push Open Source in the UK

A new organisation, OpenForum Europe, has been formed to push the benefits of Open Source software in the UK. But it is an organisation with something of a past; its moving spirits have been involved in X/Open, Uniforum UK and its successor Interforum, and the inaugural OpenForum Council membership list seems to have a considerable amount in common with the membership of Interforum. The extent to which these organisations succeeded is a matter of opinion.
John Lettice, 17 Dec 2001

Mandrake Linux 8.1 easier than Win-XP

Windows addicts curious to see how the other half lives but wary of the installation challenges Linux is supposed to present will find Mandrake 8.1 considerably easier to install and configure than Win-XP. It's quite nearly Harry Homeowner-proof.
Thomas C Greene, 17 Dec 2001

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