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How a sceptical Reg warmed to the HP Compaq merger

There'll be no more cheap cracks about the Sircam merger here - no jibes about Princess Fiorina this or Don Capellas that, no more references to Carly and Curly. Recent evidence we've unearthed convinces us of the imperative that this merger must succeed.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Dec 2001

Intel, VIA settle patent suit (not the big one)

Intel and VIA have settled a patent infringement suit, with VIA agreeing to redesign some AMD-supporting chipsets. That's what Intel says.
Drew Cullen, 14 Dec 2001

Founder sues Baltimore for dissing him

Fran Rooney, the founder of Irish security software firm Baltimore, is taking the company to court for saying harsh things about him in public.
Drew Cullen, 14 Dec 2001

Energis wins AOL UK deal

Energis, Freeserve's infrastructure supplier, has picked some major business with AOL UK, according to the Daily Telegraph.
Drew Cullen, 14 Dec 2001

Europe to levy tax on US, non-EU web sales

Europe is set to go ahead with a plan to tax digitally delivered products sold by non-EU companies to EU citizens. The current proposal is for Value Added Tax to be levied on downloaded software, music, video and the like for a period of three years, pending the development of a global tax system covering digitally delivered products.
John Lettice, 14 Dec 2001

ATI to unveil A4 Pentium 4 chipset next quarter

ATI will launch its Pentium 4 integrated chipset, codenamed A4, during the first three months of 2002 and will target the part at notebooks and gaming PCs.
Tony Smith, 14 Dec 2001

Carphone Warehouse founder joins board of Daily Mail

The founder of Carphone Warehouse, Charles Dunstone, has become a non-executive director of the Daily Mail & General Trust - publishers of UK national newspaper the Daily Mail.
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Dec 2001

TSMC ramps 0.13 micron output

TSMC will be pumping out 50,000 0.13 micron wafers per month by the end of next year, up from the 7000 wafers per month its top-end production line is producing right now, the foundry says.
Tony Smith, 14 Dec 2001

Monaco gets Europe's 3G silver medal

Monaco Telecom has launched its 3G network, coming second in Europe after BT in the Isle of Man and fourth in the world Korea and Japan. However, like BT's network, it's a pretty minimal affair and is being used as a test bed. Currently just 10 lucky Monaco punters are testing the service. The public will have to wait just as long as everyone else in Europe - it will be rolled out in 2003.
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Dec 2001

Oracle profits down 12%

Oracle's revenues fell 11 per cent and profits dropped 12 per cent, as the software maker battled its way through its toughest quarter in a decade. Earnings of $549.5 million were made on the back of $2.36 billion in sales.
James Watson, 14 Dec 2001

Case against Dmitry Sklyarov dropped

Charges against Dmitry Sklyarov were deferred yesterday allowing the Russian programmer to return home after a five-month enforced stay in the US.
John Leyden, 14 Dec 2001

MS hires compliance lawyers to keep it honest

Microsoft's eagerness to comply with the terms of the antitrust settlement deal that it has appointed not one but two legal compliance officers, early. Indeed, as the Proposed Final Judgment remains merely proposed until the judge decides whether or not to accept it, Microsoft might find itself not needing its two appointments at all.
John Lettice, 14 Dec 2001

Hynix preps ‘drastic’ solution to its woes

Hynix will even consider striking a deal with Samsung if its attempt to build an alliance with Micron falls through, the head of the company's Restructuring Committee has said.
Tony Smith, 14 Dec 2001

UK closer to switching 500k desktops from MS Office?

The battle for the desktop in the UK's civil service may have taken a turn for the worse for Microsoft, according to a story in today's Times, which appears to be the current home of the Microsoft-civil service talks leak.
John Lettice, 14 Dec 2001

MS releases mother of all IE security patches

Microsoft has released a cumulative patch for Internet Explorer which the firm says is a "critical" security precaution against crackers which should be applied "immediately".
John Leyden, 14 Dec 2001

Buy an Entrepreneur Wife on eBay

UpdatedKay Hammond, a 24-year old blonde 'Internet entrepreneur' from Birmingham, has auctioned herself off on eBay with a reserve price of £250,000.
James Watson, 14 Dec 2001

Anti-Terror Bill becomes law

The Anti-Terror Bill became law just after midnight last night after Home Secretary made several concessions to the Lords.
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Dec 2001

White House CyberSecurity ignores bad (MS) software

Richard Forno, 14 Dec 2001

UK govt seeks to embrace open source software

The UK government has published the first draft of its proposed policy on the use of open source software and is seeking comments from the public.
Tony Smith, 14 Dec 2001

Quantum crypto edges closer

British boffins have made a breakthrough in quantum cryptography, an advanced code-making technology which is theoretically uncrackable, by developing a single photon-emitting diode.
John Leyden, 14 Dec 2001

Intel trade secret stealer sent down for two years

A former Intel engineer was yesterday sentenced by the San Jose District Court to two years for stealing details of the chip giant's Itanium processor.
Tony Smith, 14 Dec 2001

MemoWatch HP begs staff to PR Compaq deal

Hewlett Packard is rounding up loyal staff to sing the company song and say the proposed merger with Compaq is a very good idea.
Robert Blincoe, 14 Dec 2001

BT and Cisco's new channel offering

BT Indirect Channels (BTIC) and Cisco today teamed up to announce Integrator, a channel programme that provides resellers with a one-stop shop for Cisco's kit and BT's telephony and network offerings.
James Watson, 14 Dec 2001

Microsoft, terrorism, and computer security

Since 11 September the world has changed immeasurably, but some things remain the same. The single greatest threat to Internet security is still Microsoft -­ not the soon to be Osama Haz Bin.
Oxblood Ruffin, 14 Dec 2001

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