14th December 2001 Archive

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  • How a sceptical Reg warmed to the HP Compaq merger

    Vulture volte face

    Business 14 06:52

  • Intel, VIA settle patent suit (not the big one)

    Redesign, cash-free

    Business 14 07:10

  • Founder sues Baltimore for dissing him

    The Fighting Irish

    Business 14 07:47

  • Energis wins AOL UK deal

    'Major' contract

    Business 14 08:16

  • Europe to levy tax on US, non-EU web sales

    Trade war incoming...

    Business 14 08:47

  • ATI to unveil A4 Pentium 4 chipset next quarter

    Targeting mobile and games markets

    Business 14 11:11

  • Carphone Warehouse founder joins board of Daily Mail

    Dunstone is non-exec director

    Business 14 11:12

  • TSMC ramps 0.13 micron output

    50,000 wafers a month by December 2002

    Business 14 11:34

  • Monaco gets Europe's 3G silver medal

    But don't get too excited

    Business 14 11:53

  • Oracle profits down 12%

    Dotcom death drains growth

    Business 14 11:53

  • Case against Dmitry Sklyarov dropped

    Russian programmer can leave US, but must testify against employer

    Business 14 11:56

  • MS hires compliance lawyers to keep it honest

    Pre-emptive strike on final judgment

    Business 14 12:05

  • Hynix preps ‘drastic’ solution to its woes

    Announcement next week, says restructuring chief

    Business 14 12:24

  • UK closer to switching 500k desktops from MS Office?

    Tactical leaks at dawn...

    Business 14 12:44

  • MS releases mother of all IE security patches

    Apply 'immediately'

    Business 14 13:13

  • Buy an Entrepreneur Wife on eBay

    Wife auction goes titsup

    Business 14 14:15

  • Anti-Terror Bill becomes law

    Concessions made

    Business 14 14:24

  • White House CyberSecurity ignores bad (MS) software

    Clarke's office more bureaucrat gravy train than think tank

    Business 14 14:33

  • UK govt seeks to embrace open source software

    Not as pro-Linux as it sounds

    Business 14 14:41

  • Quantum crypto edges closer

    British boffins develop single photon LED

    Business 14 15:14

  • Intel trade secret stealer sent down for two years

    Prison term for engineer who took Itanium plans to Sun

    Business 14 16:02

  • MemoWatch HP begs staff to PR Compaq deal

    Wear the company underpants, sing the company song

    Business 14 16:04

  • BT and Cisco's new channel offering


    Business 14 17:21

  • Microsoft, terrorism, and computer security

    Commentary by cDc's Oxblood Ruffin

    Business 14 17:22