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Laptop thief kills have-a-go hero

A have-a-go hero who attempted to stop a thief stealing laptops from a college was killed after the would-be robber mowed him down in a car.
John Leyden, 13 Dec 2001

‘Sucks’ online is a good thing: official

Every American and a great many Europeans will presume that if you say something "sucks" you mean it isn't any good. In fact, the slang use of it is in many dictionaries: "to be very bad or inferior". But you (and we) are all wrong when it comes to using the phrase online. And that's official.
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Dec 2001

‘Cybersquatter’ Sallen in landmark court case

Jay D Sallen - the man found guilty of cybersquatting on the domain Corinthians.com by domain name arbitrator WIPO in July last year - is poised to change ownership in cyberspace forever, and for the better.
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Dec 2001

Yahoo! wants! HotJobs!

Yahoo! wants to buy HotJobs, the US job board currently being acquired by TMP Worldwide, Monster.com's owner.
Drew Cullen, 13 Dec 2001

MS rolls out security obscurity bribe program

MS has rolled out its Faustian bargain for security vendors. Sign up with the Microsoft Certified Security Partner Program and saddle up with a heap of free software and deep discounts worth many thousands of dollars.
Thomas C Greene, 13 Dec 2001

Intel treads on Sun telco toes

Intel is driving into Sun's telco heartland with its first industry-certified carrier grade servers. The chip giant is offering two form factors, both conforming to reliability and robustness standards ordained by the Network Equipment Building Specification (NEBS).
Drew Cullen, 13 Dec 2001

Nokia 5510: the wrong way around

ReviewThe first thing which strikes you about a Nokia 5510 is that it's the wrong way round, with the display in the middle instead of at the top and the keys in a horizontal formation more like a games console than a mobile.
Simon Rockman, 13 Dec 2001

AMD to reveal 300mm fab partner any day now

Where is AMD going to build its first factory to produce 300mm wafers? The plant, timetabled by the chip maker to go on stream as a pilot sometime in 2003 before beginning volume production in 2005, has yet to be located.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2001

SonicBlue sues TiVo

SonicBlue has followed up on its threat to sue TiVo by filing a patent infringement suit against the digital video recorder company.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2001

Psion mulls Teklogix writedown

Psion is reviewing the value of its Teklogix business following a tough year for the division in the North American market.
Robert Blincoe, 13 Dec 2001

Egg makes first profit

Internet bank Egg reported a profit for November, keeping its promise that it would break-even by the end of the year.
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2001

Fujitsu takes 10 mins to process PC orders

Fujitsu has slashed its PC order processing time from two and a half days to ten minutes by using an e-commerce ordering system.
Robert Blincoe, 13 Dec 2001

Chips, chipsets & mobos, Intel i845D

HWRoundupMobos, chipsets and other inner bits: X-bit labs has a lengthy piece discussing Intel's i845D chipset, the first one from Chipzilla to support DDR SDRAM (up to DDR266). It's much the same as the existing i845 chipset, but with a modified memory controller. There's no new support for any new things like USB 2.0 or ATA 133, although the company plans to replace it around April next year with i845E, which will include DDR333 support and other features.
James Watson, 13 Dec 2001

Watch out! There's an anti-terrorist law about

Yesterday, the Anti-Terrorism Bill was discussed for a second time in the House of Commons and Home Secretary David Blunkett succeeded in persuading MPs to vote against just about every amendment put forward by the Lords.
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Dec 2001

NTL sorry for email gaffe

Troubled cableco NTL has apologised for an administrative cock-up which resulted in the personal details of more than 800 employees being published without their consent.
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2001

Appeal Court upholds Intel ex-staffer's email injunction

The US Third District Court of Appeal in California has ruled that ex-Intel staffer Kourosh 'Ken' Hamidi did indeed commit an act of trespass upon his former employer's computer system when he sent anti-Intel emails to 65,000 company workers.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2001

ARM finance chief quits

ARM yesterday admitted that its finance director, Jonathan Brooks, is to leave the chip developer next February after seven years with the company.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2001

Beast of Redmond rants at rebel States

Microsoft yesterday filed a Proposed Final Judgment and an accompanying "explanatory brief" with the DC court. As one would expect, the PFJ is as previously agreed with the DoJ, and therefore dull and unsatisfying. But the brief is largely a hilariously incandescent onslaught on the nine holdout States who filed their own, somewhat more radical, proposals at the end of last week - the massed attorneys of Redmond have indeed let rip in style.
John Lettice, 13 Dec 2001

Commons reject Anti-Terror amendments

The House of Commons rejected nearly all Lords amendments to the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Bill yesterday, setting up a battle between the two.
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Dec 2001

Buffer the overflow slayer

A buffer overflow vulnerability in login programs used by Sun Solaris and IBM AIX systems could allow crackers to take control of servers, security experts warn.
John Leyden, 13 Dec 2001

Palm to buy corporate wireless software op

Palm's Solutions Group is to buy corporate data-oriented wireless applications developer ThinAirApps in a stock-swap deal worth $19 million.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2001

Online Xbox gaming in six months

Microsoft will launch online gaming services for its Xbox console in the US within the next six months, presumably around May.
James Watson, 13 Dec 2001

Gateway ships 25 millionth PC

Gateway is shipping its 25 millionth PC today, 16 years after the company started.
Robert Blincoe, 13 Dec 2001

BT chiefs face early test

BT's new boss faces an early showdown with chairman Sir Christopher Bland in what could prove to be the first power struggle at the monster telco.
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2001

The Microsoft Secure PC: MS patents a lock-down OS

Remember the Microsoft Research Project for a "Secure PC" that we told you about in March?
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Dec 2001

ATI to launch Mac Radeon 8500 next month

ATI will unveil Mac versions of its Radeon 8500 and 7000 graphics cards at Macworld Expo San Francisco next January, according to the graphics company's show guide blurb.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2001

Kangaroo domain court

A joint venture between RegistrarsAsia and Afilias has been awarded the com.au, net.au, asn.au, id.au and org.au second-level domains.
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Dec 2001

Telcos sidestep BT goons

Telecoms operators can have unescorted access to BT's exchanges telecoms watchdog, Oftel, confirmed today.
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2001

Messiah does not play pirate software, humans do

Channel Technology has slammed Sony for forcing it to to stop distributing a PlayStation mod-chip product.
James Watson, 13 Dec 2001

Reg hack debating brain fingerprinter on CourtTV today

I'll be doing battle with Larry Farwell, PhD, promoter of brain fingerprinting as a counterterrorism measure, on CourtTV's Catherine Crier Show at 5:30 PM Eastern and Pacific time Thursday.
Thomas C Greene, 13 Dec 2001

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