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Windows hack for Web-surfing privacy

Those who read our article "Internet anonymity for Windows power users" know that I've been in quest of a way to assign the IE browser cache, cookies, typed URLs and history to RAM so they're never written to disk. Of course you can set your browser to delete the cache on exit, but there will be traces on the HDD; and you can block cookies or use a cookie management program, but blocking them makes surfing inconvenient, and cookie managers also leave traces on the HDD. And then there's the history, which catalogues your comings and goings for posterity.
Thomas C Greene, 10 Dec 2001

Open source IE, license MSOffice, says rebel States' pitch

When it comes down to it the nine US States still dissenting from the Microsoft settlement probably are just flinging themselves in front of a speeding train, but their stab at alternative remedies proposals, which was published on Friday, is both intriguing and a welcome contrast to the document cobbled-up in the smoke-filled rooms by Microsoft and the DoJ. Open source IE, for example? Good heavens...
John Lettice, 10 Dec 2001

Microsoft ships 1m Xbox consoles

Responding at last to Nintendo's almost weekly press releases detailing GameCube's shipments into the US, Microsoft yesterday said it had shipped more than one million Xbox consoles in North America.
Tony Smith, 10 Dec 2001

TSMC, UMC start to push Q2 2002 capacity bookings

Semiconductor companies are being asked by Taiwanese foundries TSMC and UMC to book early to avoid disappointment - very early. Chip design sources claim they are already been asked to book Q2 2002 capacity.
Tony Smith, 10 Dec 2001

NTL axes 2000 jobs

Debt-laden NTL is to axe a further 2000 jobs in the UK as part of major cost-cutting drive at the cableco.
Tim Richardson, 10 Dec 2001

Trium Mystral

ReviewThe Trium Mystral is an odd fish: a mass-market phone with GPRS high-speed data capability. It's not alone: Motorola has the 192, Ericsson the T65 and Sagem the 989. All vie for small bucks, big byte Internet access.
Simon Rockman, 10 Dec 2001

AOL pumps $200m into Gateway

Gateway is getting a $200 million investment from AOL.
Robert Blincoe, 10 Dec 2001

Micron, Hynix to spill beans on alliance by year's end

Talks held by Micron and Hynix officials are progressing nicely and the two companies expect to announce the results of their negotiations by the end of the year, the two said today.
Tony Smith, 10 Dec 2001

Hutchison signs 3G leasing deal with mmO2

Hutchison 3G, the UK's newest and smallest mobile operator, has signed a network leasing deal with BT Cellnet (the UK side of mmO2) to enable a roll-out its 3G network three months earlier than rivals.
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Dec 2001

How Goner suspects were tracked down

Messages coded into the Goner worm and monitoring of the IRC channel used to control its activities led to the arrest of four suspected Israeli virus writers over the weekend.
John Leyden, 10 Dec 2001

UK Govt chucks £50m at e-learning

The Government is splashing out £50 million to put the national curriculum online.
Tim Richardson, 10 Dec 2001

Weather Forecasting Toaster pips Ginger

UpdatedMore accolades for Robin Southgate's weather-forecasting Java Toaster, which we first told you about back in March. The "Toasty" as it's now called has been voted one of the 80 most important ideas of the year by the New York Times Magazine.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Dec 2001

Napster to ask court to reaffirm Appeal Court ruling

Napster is back in court today, even though the music sharing network has been down since July and won't be going live again until next year.
Tony Smith, 10 Dec 2001

Cahoot launches disposable credit card

Abbey National's online banking arm, Cahoot, is launching an Internet-based 'disposable' credit card, dubbed webcard, to reduce online fraud for online.
James Watson, 10 Dec 2001

NTL job cuts ‘regrettable but absolutely necessary’

Employee morale at NTL has been described as very "glum" following today's shock announcement that an extra 2,000 people are set to lose their jobs at the debt-saddled company.
Tim Richardson, 10 Dec 2001

Email empowers women – Govt.

The government has discovered email and says it will empower women like never before. That is what the minister for women, Barbara Roche, claims.
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Dec 2001

E-hippies stage online Home Office sit-in

UpdatedAn online protest group - the electro hippies - has embarked on a "sit-in" on the Home Office's Web site in response to new terrorism laws currently going through the House of Lords.
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Dec 2001

Optimise XP, personal sky-cars, geek fashion

HWRoundupGeek fashion: Geek.com decides to find out what fashion is doing to make geeks cool. From Dockers' cargo pants that hide your gizmos to raincoats from Sanyo built to handle PDAs (and some stuff from Technology Enabled Clothing), you can check if your threads are new trends or just retreads.
James Watson, 10 Dec 2001
mergers and acquisitions

Tide turns against HP-Compaq merger

The Packard Foundation, which holds around ten per cent of HP stock, has decided to vote against the proposed merger with Compaq. Friday's vote was largely a formality - David W Packard had already indicated his intention to persuade the Foundation to oppose the deal.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Dec 2001

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