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Rising sales to boost AMD Q4 revenue 10%

AMD last night updated its guidance for its current fiscal quarter, its fourth, to reflect "robust", better-than-expected demand for the Athlon XP. The result, the company said, will be higher revenue than it previously forecast.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2001

Intel tightens Q4 revenue forecast

Intel last night narrowed its Q4 sales forecast to the top end of the range it had specified the last time it predicted what the current quarter's results would be.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2001

Public marketplaces out, private marketplaces in

The market for exchange services, such as marketplace and procurement applications, is set to be a whopper, according to IDC. The firm tells the world to expect great things from this segment of the software market because, believe it or not, marketplaces are still in the upper ranks of the minds of procurement managers.
IT-Analysis, 07 Dec 2001

TSMC's November sales up 7% on October

TSMC, which only last week boasted its Q4 profits would be up 55 per cent on its previous forecast, buoyed by a surge in orders, today said its November sales were up just seven per cent on October's total.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2001

Making Linux look harder than it is

Many 'gurus' teaching new users about Linux make it look harder than it needs to be, and apparently fail to explain that yes, you can make PowerPoint-style presentations in Linux, you can view Web Pages that use Flash animation and other "glitz" features, and that you can manage all your files though simple "point, click, drag and drop" visual interfaces. Could the biggest problem with Linux usability be that most of the people teaching newbies to use Linux are too smart and know too much?
Robin Miller, 07 Dec 2001

Acer is not Benq

Acer today says it is still Acer. The company formerly known as 'Acer Communication and Multimedia' is now called Benq.
James Watson, 07 Dec 2001

ATI rubs hands over GameCube royalties

ATI Technologies has issued guidance for Q1 ended 30 November, and points to increased revenue over the previous quarter and improved profitability.
Robert Blincoe, 07 Dec 2001

Apple signs Quanta to build next-generation iMac

Apple has hired Taiwanese contract manufacturer to produce one million iMacs with built-in 15in LCD screens, the United Daily News, a Chinese language newspaper, has reported.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2001

Alba's Net TV dog dies expensive death

Alba's draining foray into Internet television cost it £17.9 million in charges to close the venture.
Robert Blincoe, 07 Dec 2001

Linux to take 10% of PDA biz by 2003

The PDA market will rebound next year with a 30 per cent increase in device shipments, one of the world's largest handheld display panel suppliers has claimed. But Palm is going to have its work cut out maintaining its operating system's lead over PocketPC.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2001

UK's broadband future starts here

It's been an important week for the UK's broadband industry. The publication of the Broadband Stakeholders Group (BSG) report on Monday and the Government's response has provided an opportunity for those with an interest in broadband to stand back and assess its progress - or lack of it.
Tim Richardson, 07 Dec 2001

Chinese is the future of the Net

Chinese will become the Web's most used language by 2007, outranking English, as more and more people get online.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Dec 2001

Sun may shift UltraSparc production to Taiwan

Sun is considering handing over the production of its low-end UltraSparc II processor to chip foundry UMC, the head of the company's processor products division has admitted.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2001

VIA beats Winbond to Taiwan chip biz' Top Three

VIA is now officially Taiwan's third biggest chip company, according to figures issued by the island's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the local Commercial Times has reported.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2001

Chinese PC makers flirt with Windows

Four Chinese PC assemblers, together comprising 60 per cent of the country's market, say they will preinstall Microsoft's Windows XP on their consumer-targeted PCs.
James Watson, 07 Dec 2001

Lords ‘disembowel’ Anti-Terrorism Bill

The Home Secretary is fuming today over what the government has called the "disembowelling" and "knee-capping" of his Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Bill by the House of Lords.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Dec 2001

IR35 appeal ruling ends

The IR35 appeal ended yesterday, with a judgment expected within the next month. The organisation which took the case to the Court of Appeal, the Professional Contractors Group (PCG), told us it was "optimistic" about the case although refused to make a prediction.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Dec 2001

Business users victims and villains in Goner outbreak

Business users were the worst offenders in this week's spread of the Goner worm and many firms were slow to update antiviral protection during the outbreak.
John Leyden, 07 Dec 2001

Earthlink reaches for Omnisky

Earthlink, the US ISP, is to bid for key assets of wireless data provider Omnisky Corporation, currently in Chapter 11.
Drew Cullen, 07 Dec 2001

Unto Haines a child is born

Claudete, the better half of Reg merchandising mastermind Lester Haines, gave birth to a healthy baby girl today.
Drew Cullen, 07 Dec 2001

E-paper comes closer

Boffins at Philips Research have taken a big step towards the dream of electronic paper by building a display based on flexible plastic, rather than the usual silicon.
James Watson, 07 Dec 2001

Supanet runs with pre-paid Net access vouchers

Supanet is to launch a pre-paid voucher service for Net users aimed at people looking to control the cost of their Net use.
Tim Richardson, 07 Dec 2001

Kentron unveils Quad Band Memory modules

Kentron turned its double double-data-rate memory technology into a product yesterday with the launch of a line of what it calls Quad Band Memory modules.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2001

Online bank fraudsters jailed for eight years

A five-strong Net fraud gang has been sentenced to a total of just under eight and half years for a conspiring to defraud online banks.
Robert Blincoe, 07 Dec 2001

SEC warns on pro-forma financial statements

The Securities and Exchange Commission has issued a strongly worded warning alerting investors of the dangers of relying on "pro forma" financials statements.
John Leyden, 07 Dec 2001

UK DSL still expensive – Oftel

The UK is still one of the most expensive places for DSL services, according to Oftel.
Tim Richardson, 07 Dec 2001

Palm wins $50m investment

A mystery investor has sunk $50 million into Palm.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2001

Lies, damned lies and games console sales figures

I really don't want to come off sounding like some enraged fanboy, but all I can say is that while searching desperately for a copy of Pikmin Monday here in Dearborn (that's Detroit, MI) at every store I went too, and I went to a LOT there were no GameCubes anywhere, but at least one Xbox in each store.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Dec 2001

Grey matter

Re: Software Imports - A Grey Area?
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Dec 2001

Java or Cocoa? Mac developers choose their brews

LettersRe: Apple pulls OS X guidelines after developer protest
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Dec 2001

Hello, Playmates! It's Arthur ASCII

Letters RoundupWhat's vexing you this week? Not too much, but if you miss the good old language wars, you'll enjoy the responses from Apple developers here. Highlights include the battle royale between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft which generated some reports from readers. And an excellent analysis of the grey software ruling, discussed in last week's Vulture Central Mailbag can be found here.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Dec 2001

Sarah, 15, sticks it to Bill Gates in BBC interview

Bill Gates whizzed through the UK yesterday, not meeting Tony Blair, as previously detailed here, not saying much public about his pitch to National Health Service Trust chief executives, and not saying much of interest in his pitch on behalf of MSN to ad executives.
John Lettice, 07 Dec 2001

Compaq site exposes customer details

Compaq has taken its customer tracking site offline today after the Register alerted it to a security issue that left sensitive customers details exposed on an insecure server.
John Leyden, 07 Dec 2001

UFOs ‘spotted’ on 11 September footage

Be honest, you secretly knew that there's was something more to the WTC attacks on 11 September than some extremist Muslims angry with the US' foreign policy, didn't you?
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Dec 2001

111,111,111 hits = shag

Julia, an 18-year old German girl, has told a guy desperate to get her into the sack that he has to get 111,111,111 hits on his "Kai 4 Julia" love site - and remain chaste during that time - before she will get together with him.
James Watson, 07 Dec 2001

Spam out, cookies tolerated, data retention remains: EU

Unsolicited email, better known as spam, has been outlawed by the European Union. Internet-fed identification programs, better known as cookies, will be tolerated if people are informed of them. And EU governments can order the retention of customer data beyond useful billing purposes.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Dec 2001

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