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Microsoft disowns Nokia cybersquatting prank

Microsoft has blamed a lone, crazed cybersquatter for hijacking Nokia-related domains and diverting them to The Beast's own rival PocketPC website.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Dec 2001

Lamo strikes again: WorldCom

Kevin Poulsen, 06 Dec 2001

Elcom sells UK reseller op

Ebusiness software shop Elcom is selling off its UK reseller business.
Robert Blincoe, 06 Dec 2001

The Trivia Quiz – BOFH-style…

Episode 30
Simon Travaglia, 06 Dec 2001

Evesham staff get Xmas bonus

The good times are here again for staff at Evesham.com - profit related pay (PRP) has returned to pad out Christmas pay packets.
Robert Blincoe, 06 Dec 2001

Ericsson boss gets death threat

The chief exec of Ericsson, Kurt Hellström, has been sent a 9mm bullet along with a letter saying he will "die soon".
Tim Richardson, 06 Dec 2001

No-HTML plug-in for Outlook available

I've always believed that if the US Government were ever to get really serious about Internet security, the top players in Microsoft's management hierarchy would find themselves handcuffed, blindfolded, led onto a tarmac within some obscure Air Force base, and shot.
Thomas C Greene, 06 Dec 2001

Siemens slashes Infineon stake

Siemens has cut its stake in Infineon, its erstwhile semiconductor division, to under 50 per cent, paving the way for the chip maker's independence.
Tony Smith, 06 Dec 2001

UMC bond sale raises $302m

UMC's attempt to raise cash selling convertible bonds yesterday proved more successful than it had anticipated with the sale more than 17 times oversubscribed and the bonds changing hands for 40 per cent more than the 4 December closing price of previously offered American depositary receipts.
Tony Smith, 06 Dec 2001

UK eshoppers becoming more mature

The UK's Net users are becoming more confident with shopping online, according to the latest survey from Forrester.
Tim Richardson, 06 Dec 2001

School sales make up 60% of Viglen business

Learning Technology, the system builder formerly known as Viglen, has reported 59 per cent of its sales now come from the education market.
Robert Blincoe, 06 Dec 2001

Sony to bring PlayStation 2 to Korea

Microsoft's plan to sell Xbox to Korean gamers next October has driven Sony to bring its own machines to the console-free country (officially, at any rate).
Tony Smith, 06 Dec 2001

‘Computers for schools’ promotions ungenerous

School-targeted shopping promotion schemes don't provide particularly good value to participating schools, consumer rag Which? has claimed.
James Watson, 06 Dec 2001

Govt watchdog slams £1 billion IT failure

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has today published its report into the government's failed payment card scheme - which saw £1 billion of taxpayers' money wasted - and pulls no punches.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Dec 2001

Mesh marketing mush

Marketing and communications jobs at Mesh Computers are getting the revolving door treatment.
Robert Blincoe, 06 Dec 2001

Toshiba breaks off 3G partnership with Siemens

UpdatedToshiba has ended its partnership with Siemens to build 3G phones, blaming delays in European networks and poor prospects for the next-generation service.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Dec 2001

How to set a record for the number of games sold per console

Microsoft is trumpeting the fact that its console buyers, "can't get enough of the Xbox launch games... gamers are buying 2.4 games with every Xbox, resulting in the highest game attach rate ever recorded for a console at launch".
James Watson, 06 Dec 2001

SMS phone crash exploit a risk for older Nokias

Nokia has upgraded its phone software to guard against a security glitch that might allow a cracker to render a phone inoperable by sending a text message. However, older phones may still be vulnerable.
John Leyden, 06 Dec 2001

Sports supplier drops punters' pants in public

An elementary security mistake by the official online supplier of Welsh Rugby and UK Athletics has resulted in the exposure of sensitive customer information on the merchant's Web site.
John Leyden, 06 Dec 2001

Jungle cancels £250K worth of sales

Jungle.com is cancelling 2,500 orders because it believes it can't fulfil them before Christmas.
Robert Blincoe, 06 Dec 2001

Mediawave not dead after all

Yesterday we reported that the company responsible for the infamous Madonna gig Webcast had gone into receivership.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Dec 2001

WStore profitable in early 2002

Corporate-focused e-reseller WStore says it expects to break even in the fourth quarter of this year and will enter profitability in the first quarter of 2002.
James Watson, 06 Dec 2001

Europe told to rethink e-privacy directive

Privacy expert and MEP Marco Cappato has written an open letter to the presidents of the European Council and EU Telecoms Council asking them to reconsider legislation due to be discussed in the European Parliament tomorrow.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Dec 2001

Afilias gets to grips with .info fiasco

Afilias, the registrar behind the new .info top-level domain, has outlined its latest approach to the mass cybersquatting problem that has troubled it from launch at the end of July.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Dec 2001

Larry Ellison loves the PC

Ageing Oracle boss Larry Ellison has declared his infatuation with the young PC.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Dec 2001

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