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Sircam merger will ruin us – Hewlett Jr

Walter Hewlett Jr has delivered a devastating 70-page rebuttal to the proposed Sircam merger between HP and Compaq.
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Britain avoids LLU crisis

There is no crisis in the UK concerning the slow progress of local loop unbundling (LLU).

BT chops call costs

BT will offer two new phone packages with free national and local calls on evenings and weekends.
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Motorola says PowerPC G4 Apollo to ship early 2002

Motorola has confirmed that the next generation of the PowerPC G4 family, codenamed Apollo, will ship early next year - if the company sticks to its current release schedule.
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McAfee.com launches in the UK

McAfee.com, the security ASP subsidiary of Network Associates, this week launched a UK version of its online virus protection service.
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Hynix, Samsung up contract RAM prices by 10-20%

Korean memory makers Samsung and Hynix today said they are now charging their largest customers - primarily big-name PC makers, consumer electronics companies and the larger memory add-in suppliers - more than they were last month.
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Dutch officials seize cadmium-packed PlayStation kit

Dutch customs officers yesterday impounded 1.3 million PlayStations and 800,000 accessory packs worth over 180 million Euro ($160.25 million) after environmental protection inspectors discovered they were a potential threat to the environment.
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AOL Time Warner shuts ebook biz

AOL Time Warner is shutting down its e-publishing arm, iPublish, from the end of the year because the market "has simply not developed the way we hoped".
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Nokia kingmaker in Passport-killer alliance

Updated In one of the year's least surprising announcements, AOL has confirmed that it will join the "it's-not-Passport" coalition, the Liberty Alliance.
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Apple finally ready to launch LCD iMac – analysts

Apple will finally announce its long-awaited iMac 2, based around an LCD screen, at Macworld Expo San Francisco next month, according to a Morgan Stanley analyst report.
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IM: The real killer app?

Instant messaging (IM) looks set for a seat at the high table of enterprise technology debates. In November, IDC released its IM report which showed how the technology is likely to experience compound annual growth rates, in the enterprise, of 140 per cent over the next few years. This will give IM technologies almost 180 million corporate users by 2004 - generating a staggering 2 trillion messages per year.
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World Cup plans nicked in FA laptop burglary

Laptops stolen from the Football Association's London headquarters yesterday could compromise the England football team's security during the World Cup next June.
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US give AES the official yes

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) has at long last received the official stamp of approval which allows it to be used by the US Federal Government.
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MS holds no fear for Sage

Sage is relaxed about Microsoft muscling into the small business accountancy software market.
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Who's console king?

Updated Console wars: Market research firm NPD Group reports that Microsoft's Xbox had the best-selling video game console launch on record after two weeks of sales.
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WinXP Pro edition for £37? Educate yourself…

When Microsoft launched Windows XP it also switched the way it sold software to students. Previously, if you bought software at savage discounts under the Student and Teacher License you had to provide some proof that you qualified, and then Microsoft would send you the software. This process has now been "simplified and improved" - you don't buy an empty box and send a note from your headmaster to Microsoft any more, you just buy the full working product, and install it.
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NTL to charge for free ISP

NTL's unmetered dial-up ISP, ntlworld, will no longer be free from the beginning of next year, the cableco has confirmed.
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Levin retires from AOL Time Warner

Jerry Levin, the CEO of AOL Time Warner, is to retire in May next year.
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802.11a rocks, Palm crypto, graphics goods

HWRoundup WLAN: Extreme Technology got its hands on some 802.11a networking kit from Proxim and Atheros to compare its performance with older 802.11b WLAN kit. At first looks, performance is decent, transferring data up to five times quicker (at short distances).
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Internet anonymity for Windows power users

Our previous article, "Do-it-yourself Internet anonymity" was targeted towards average Windows users. It generated a startling number of e-mail requests for some advanced tactics, which I'm happy to supply. However, power user or not, I'd recommend at least skimming the earlier article if you haven't read it, just to ensure that you're not forgetting something obvious and useful. I'm not going to re-cap much of it here.
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Get your filthy hands off my CDs

Interview By the middle of next year, the music industry will have put the controversy of BMG's bungled attempt to prevent Natalie Imbruglia's While Lilies Island CD from being copied behind it and will have thoroughly embraced copy-protection technology. Major labels and independents alike will embrace products like Macrovision's SafeAudio and use them to control how fans listen to new songs.
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Marc Tokayer interview – part two

Interview Back to page 1
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Madonna Webcast company hits the wall

(Update: MediaWave not dead after all
Cat 5 cable

Ballmer takes charge of MS Phone biz

Not all Microsoft reshuffles merit a press release, but the latest game of musical chairs at Redmond has one very newsworthy result. Steve Ballmer has taken personal charge of Microsoft's troubled phone and handheld efforts. The chief executive klaxon will now look after the Microsoft wireless and mobile computing division, which previously reported to Bob Muglia.
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mmO2 delays 3G to 2003

The start of live trials of a 3G network in the Isle of Man has been overshadowed by the admission that commercial services won't be available until 2003 - six months later than expected.

Bluetooth alive and kicking

Bluetooth chipset shipments are on track to hit 13 million this year, despite adverse market conditions, and are expected to hit 780 million units by 2005.
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PC warranties stymie lucrative support biz

Standard three-year PC warranties are stifling the easy money market of third party support according to market analysts Dataquest.
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Steve Wozniak's smartphone adventure

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has joined the board of Danger Inc, the startup founded by a number of ex-Apple luminaries and backed by carriers Deutsche Telekom and Orange. Danger's Hiptop communicator was unveiled in October: it's a tablet-based device that runs Java apps. Danger also provides back end services and software for carriers to support Hiptop.