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Now we are 6 – ‘other’ browser Opera reaches next milestone

Our friends in the Norse released Opera 6 for Windows last week, hot on the heels of the technology preview of Opera 6 for Linux, and just a couple of weeks after the public beta of Opera 6 for Windows was released. In addition, Opera is at version 5 for the Mac, with two betas for Classic and Carbon currently in the works, 5.13 for Symbian, 5.2.1 for QNX, and 5.12 beta 1 for OS/2. And you can still get 3.62 for BeOS.
John Lettice, 04 Dec 2001

Aramiska opens UK broadband satellite kimono

Dutch-based Aramiska is the latest company to announce its pricing for broadband over satellite services.
Tim Richardson, 04 Dec 2001

HP e3000 death is wrong

Two thirds of companies using HP's e3000 hardware platform don't support its decision to end support for the platform, according to a survey of more than 1,000 users.
James Watson, 04 Dec 2001

IBM tools up DB2 with OLAP add-ons

The need for analytics is so great that, nowadays, even Microsoft bundles its database with a suite of the stuff. IBM previously took the approach of providing such functionality through third parties, but last week it souped up its offering with a new set of tools which, once again, demonstrates why Oracle is so concerned about this weighty competition.
IT-Analysis, 04 Dec 2001

MS to Europe: opening source would break patent laws

Could this be a gauntlet? In its response to the European Commission's accusations of anti-competitive behaviour, Microsoft has claimed that the Commission forcing it to license its source code would break international patent laws. And it has noted: "The proceedings before the Commission are inevitably affected by the settlement that Microsoft has entered into with the US Department of Justice."
John Lettice, 04 Dec 2001

October chips sales up 2.5% on September

October wasn't too bad a month for the world's chip makers, the Semiconductor Industry Association has reported. Sales were up 2.5 per cent on September, marking the fourth consecutive month that the industry has seen sequential growth.
Tony Smith, 04 Dec 2001

Nintendo GameCube sales on target to beat initial forecast

Nintendo sold 600,000 GameCubes in the US during the 15 days on and after the game console's launch, it said yesterday in the latest in a long line of sales stats the company has posted.
Tony Smith, 04 Dec 2001

Mac OS X 10.2 delayed to summer 2002

Mac OS X 10.2 may not make it to Macworld Expo San Francisco early next January.
Tony Smith, 04 Dec 2001

Rambus founder's Matrix unveils first 3D memory chip

UpdatedMicrosoft-backed Santa Clara-based start up Matrix Semiconductor will today launch what it claims is the world's first commercial 3D chip technology and its initial implementation: the Flash-like Matrix 3D Memory (3DM).
Tony Smith, 04 Dec 2001

Pentium 4 shortages to ease next quarter

Intel has confirmed that the current shortages preventing its customers from getting hold of sufficient Socket 478 Pentium 4 processors will be eased sometime during the Q1 2002.
Tony Smith, 04 Dec 2001

HP's Blade strategy isn't so dense

Hewlett-Packard has at last taken the the wraps off its Blade servers. It's a much more ambitious programme than you might have suspected, encompassing HP's own PA-RISC chips as well as Intel Pentium IIIs, and the new 'PowerBar' chassis will find its way into storage and other specialised servers too.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Dec 2001

SonicBlue owns digital video recording

SonicBlue has been granted a multi-claim patent that covers almost every aspect of digitally recording TV programmes on a hard drive, in particular using a channel guide to manage what the machine records.
Tony Smith, 04 Dec 2001

AT&T absorbs @Home customers smoothly, readers say

Ma Cable appears to be showing @Home just how little it needs a service contract by switching recently-disconnected customers to their own broadband pipes smoothly and swiftly, according to anecdotal reports from the consumer front.
Thomas C Greene, 04 Dec 2001

Amazon buys Egghead.com

Amazon has acquired what's left of ailing dotcom Egghead.com. It is temporarily redirecting traffic to a site in its electronics section until it can relaunch Egghead properly.
James Watson, 04 Dec 2001

Light shed on Novell's darkest security secret

UpdatedNovell users are at last able to find out why they needed to apply a patch to fix a GroupWise security problem deemed so serious the firm decided to keep it secret.
John Leyden, 04 Dec 2001

PC-poor pop pops pills…

A 42-year-old father took an overdose of pills because he couldn't afford to buy his daughter a PC for Christmas, his widow told police.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Dec 2001

eResolution quits domain arbitration

eResolution, one of the four domain name dispute arbitrators approved by ICANN, has quit the business, accusing its main rival, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), of "tilting" the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) process in its favour.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Dec 2001

Sharp Linux PDA needs apps now!

Software company Trolltech has announced a worldwide developer contest, starting today, to generate apps for Sharp's upcoming Linux-based handheld, the Zaurus SL-5500.
James Watson, 04 Dec 2001

Stupid worm spreads like wildfire

UpdatedGoner, the latest mass-mailing email virus, is spreading rapidly on the Internet despite its relative lack of sophistication.
John Leyden, 04 Dec 2001

The State of the E-Nation

The UK government today published its second annual report for UK Online - the name it gives to the grand project of "ensuring the UK is a world leader in the knowledge economy" - and Trade Secretary Patricia Hewitt and e-envoy Andrew Pinder were on hand to answer questions.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Dec 2001

BT Retail talks down costs, talks up revenues

BT Retail CEO Pierre Danon today outlined his plans to cut massive costs from the company's bottom line, defending its core revenues and delivering at least three per cent annual revenue growth over the next three years.
James Watson, 04 Dec 2001

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