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Synad builds dual mode WLAN chipset

Synad, a fabless UK-based chipmaker, today announced Mercury5G, the "world's first dual mode WLAN chipset", straddling both 802.11b and 802.11a networks.
James Watson, 03 Dec 2001

Govt launches pedo warning campaign

The UK Government has launched a £1.5 million advertising campaign to warn children and parents about the potential dangers of paedophiles lurking on the Net.
Tim Richardson, 03 Dec 2001

VIA November sales dip 10.9% month-on-month

VIA's November sales were up just 0.15 per cent on the same month last year, the chipset maker reported today. But the company sold more product in October than November - 10.9 per cent more.
Tony Smith, 03 Dec 2001

Intel cuts up to 20% off Pentium III prices

Intel today cut the prices of selected desktop and server Pentium III processors by up to 20 per cent in a bid to shift stocks of the chips while buyers wait for the supply of Pentium 4 chips to ease.
Tony Smith, 03 Dec 2001

Deckhand killed playing PlayStation

An Australian deckhand was electrocuted while thumbing the controller of a Sony PlayStation when a wave smashed into the boat's wheelhouse.
James Watson, 03 Dec 2001

Intel Processors and Prices

UpdatedAfter the price cuts Intel yesterday (2 December) made to its desktop and server Pentium III families here's how Intel's processor product line currently stands. We've broken them down by market and by processor type, and included up-to-date official prices, which are based on bulk orders of 1000 chips. Prices market in red are those that were introduced yesterday.
Tony Smith, 03 Dec 2001

FBI ‘Magic Lantern’ reality check

There's been a lot of noise since MSNBC's Bob Sullivan broke the story of a new viral snoop tool called 'Magic Lantern' which the FBI is purportedly developing to capture crypto passphrases so they can decrypt files on suspects' computers.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Dec 2001

BadTrans surges past SirCam as most infectious virus

BadTrans-B has eclipsed SirCam to become the most common email-borne virus on the Internet.
John Leyden, 03 Dec 2001

PSINet Europe ‘displaces’ 55 jobs

PSINet Europe is to axe 34 jobs in the UK as part of Europe-wide cull from its network, hosting and customer operations.
Tim Richardson, 03 Dec 2001

Mobile phones name that tune

Philips has developed an m-commerce app which lets mobile phone users identify and buy a song playing on the radio.
James Watson, 03 Dec 2001

Ginger aka IT aka Segway demonstrated

Inventor Dean Kamen demonstrated his 'Segway Human Transporter' in New York's Bryant Park Monday. With him for the staged festivities were Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson from ABC's "Good Morning America" which aired the event live.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Dec 2001

UPC zaps MS digital TV platform plans

UPC, Europe's largest cable company, has announced it will not include Microsoft software in its digital TV offering, due to continued delays. The FT today quoted one insider as saying: "We have taken Microsoft off the trials and are re-evaluating what we are going to do."
Kieren McCarthy, 03 Dec 2001

UK Govt backs telecoms regulator

The Government has denied weekend reports that it has lost confidence in the telecoms regulator over its failure to introduce competitive and widely available broadband services.
Tim Richardson, 03 Dec 2001

Ever wanted to see Star Wars in Telnet?

You can now watch Star Wars on Telnet. No, change that: you must watch Star Wars on Telnet.
Kieren McCarthy, 03 Dec 2001

Cisco takes IPv6 closer to the mainstream

Cisco today rolls out IOS enhancement which are designed to ease deployment of next generation Internet Protocol, IPv6, services on existing network infrastructures.
John Leyden, 03 Dec 2001
Cat 5 cable

HP extends ‘pay as you go’ to storage

HP believes that a utility pricing model is appropriate for a slump as it was for the boom. It's extending utility pricing to storage too, so users only pay for the storage they use. Both Hewlett Packard and IBM offered capacity on demand services during the dot-com bubble, and HP formalised this earlier this year by introducing PPU (pay-per-use) licenses on its servers.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Dec 2001

PowerPC G5 redux

AnalysisSo, how likely is Apple to release the Power Mac G5 next January, as our regular correspondent, who claims to be close to the company's hardware division, has said? With the anticipated launch date now barely more than a month away, it's time to take a closer look at what's being claimed and what picture of Apple's product plans can be drawn from the leaked information.
Tony Smith, 03 Dec 2001

Micron, Hynix confirm talks

Micron has confirmed it is talking to Hynix - the subject: the merger of the two chip companies' memory operations.
Tony Smith, 03 Dec 2001

Terrorism bill ‘biggest threat to competition since RIP’ – ISPA

The UK ISP Association (ISPA) has raised several strong reservations about new laws introduced in the new Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Bill, created in response to the 11 September attacks and currently going through the Lords.
Kieren McCarthy, 03 Dec 2001

IBM, AMD unveil terahertz transistor breakthroughs

Male semiconductor engineers are the only men on the planet who boast about how their private parts are much smaller than everyone else's and how quickly they're through using them. This week at the 2001 International Electron Devices Meeting, held in Washington DC, there will much little-but-rapid swinging dickery.
Tony Smith, 03 Dec 2001

Ximian Evolution 1.0 links Linux to Exchange

Ximian today officially releases its long awaited 1.0 version of Evolution, a sophisticated mail client/address book/calendaring package. Evolution has been in production for more than two years and consists of more than 750,000 lines of code. In a second announcement, Ximian announced an Evolution plug-in called Ximian Connector Exchange 2000. Ximian Connector allows Evolution users to seamlessly interact with Microsoft Exchange 2000 servers.
Joe Barr, 03 Dec 2001

UK Govt rejects tax breaks for broadband

The Government has rejected the use of tax breaks to stimulate investment in broadband networks in the UK.
Tim Richardson, 03 Dec 2001

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