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Red Hat pre-releases major Linux bug details

Kevin Poulsen, 29 Nov 2001

B2B still to fulfil promise

Business to Business (B2B) was meant to revolutionise the way that organisations did business. The development of marketplaces meant that products and services could be bought and sold with massively reduced effort in terms of both time and money.
IT-Analysis, 29 Nov 2001

US courts kowtow to entertainment industry

Wednesday was a bad day for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a watchdog group involved in several suits challenging the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) on behalf of consumers, researchers and publishers.
Thomas C Greene, 29 Nov 2001

US Supremes mull future of Net porn

The US Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday on the constitutionality of the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), which Congress passed in 1998 to purge the Internet of materials "harmful to minors." The Act was ruled unconstitutional by the Third US Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia last year.
Thomas C Greene, 29 Nov 2001

Palm axes 250 jobs

Palm last night said it will rid itself of 250 staff, part of the fallout of the Be acquisition, but sought to sugar the pill for its remaining employees by stressing that its Q2 revenue is on course to fall between $250 million and $280 million.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2001

Hitachi sheds 130 more Singapore staffers

Japanese chip maker Hitachi will cut a further 130 jobs at its Singapore SDRAM plant subsidiary as the depressed state of the memory market continues to hurt the company.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2001

IBM drops 1200 chip workers

IBM says it will cut around 1000 jobs from its semiconductor division due to the market downturn, nearly five per cent of the unit's staff. It will also chop 180 jobs from its storage technology unit.
James Watson, 29 Nov 2001

WinXP steals your bandwidth

XP RoundupWindows XP helps itself to 20 per cent of your bandwidth, a useful tip at TweakXP reveals. But although this sounds like the sort of thing that could easily fuel paranoia (what's it doing with it?), it's more just a case of sloppy and wasteful configuration.
John Lettice, 29 Nov 2001

Intel's battle with Broadcom comes to court

Intel and Broadcom faced each other yesterday as the wide-ranging patent infringement lawsuit the chip giant filed in August 2000 came to court.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2001

Europe faces legal action over ‘disappointing’ LLU

The European Commission (EC) has threatened legal action against some member states after describing local loop unbundling (LLU) in Europe as "very disappointing".
Tim Richardson, 29 Nov 2001

Schmidt dumps Bertelsmann

Andreas Schmidt is to quit his job as the global head of ecommerce at media giant Bertelsmann.
Tim Richardson, 29 Nov 2001

Toshiba drops desktops in US

Toshiba will stop selling its desktop PCs in the US after pushing them unsuccessfully for the past four years. It will focus instead on its various mobile products, such as notebooks, portable servers and wireless networking.
James Watson, 29 Nov 2001

RMS meets Kabong – the Free Software Remix

You'd be free, free hackers too - if you only had the time.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Nov 2001

Time bulks up retail lines

Time Computers' retail stores will have an additional 250 product items on the shelves from Monday.
James Watson, 29 Nov 2001

Gates poised to clinch 500k WinXP licence deal for UK.gov?

UpdatedBill Gates is due to swing through the UK next week, trailing clouds of Windows XP licences, and according to embittered Register sources, his good friend Tony Blair will be signing the UK government up for 500,000 of them at a Blair-Gates meeting on 6th December.
John Lettice, 29 Nov 2001

UK Govt says ‘no’ to unprotected eshopping

The Government has published five top tips for safe e-shopping this Christmas in a bid to boost consumer confidence online.
Tim Richardson, 29 Nov 2001

Europe to probe Infineon aid package

European Commission investigators are to take a close look at the $194 million handout granted to chip maker Infineon by the German government. The financial package may have broken EC competition rules.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2001

Xbox goes under the knife

Xbox RoundupPeople just will not stop tinkering with their Xboxes! We're all in favour of course, with reservations (the ones that stop us getting sued) so here's a little round-up of things people are speculating on, and some things people have actually done.
Eurogamer.net, 29 Nov 2001

Motorola updates PowerPC 7450

Motorola has quietly extended its PowerPC family with two G4-class CPUs: the MPC7451 and the MPC7441.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2001

KaZaA ordered to cease infringing copyright

UpdatedMusic sharing system KaZaA has been given two weeks by a Dutch court to cease infringing recording artists' copyrights.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2001

The e-biz skinny on leather tanning

The UK's leather tanning sector is reluctant to take part in the ecommerce revolution despite pressure from the Government to get businesses online.
Tim Richardson, 29 Nov 2001

Dabs.com offers free online credit

Online retailer dabs.com is offering its customers interest free online financing for any purchase over the value of £500.
James Watson, 29 Nov 2001

Orange kills Locust

Orange pulling the plug on the world's oldest text message community, Locust, by ending its Talk 60 Text 1500 tariff, which enabled a company to make large numbers of text messages for £60 a month.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Nov 2001

Jungle.com inches to break-even

GUS, parent company of Argos and Jungle.com, has released its interim results, and announced an 11 per cent increase in profit and 7.8 per cent increase in sales to £2.9 billion.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Nov 2001

Jaguar workers face sack over ‘inappropriate’ emails

Eleven workers at Jaguar's Halewood, UK factory are facing the sack, with another 19 lined up for possible disciplinary action, after circulating "inappropriate" emails around the office.
James Watson, 29 Nov 2001

Cisco accountant hackers sent to jail

A pair of former Cisco beancounters have been sent to prison for 34 months after they were found guilty of hacking into the network giant's computers as part of a $8 million fraud scheme.
John Leyden, 29 Nov 2001

Govt unveils £11m e-truancy fund for schools

The Department for Education and Skills has unveiled a £11.25 million fund for schools to purchase hi-tech solutions for the age-old problem of truancy.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Nov 2001

Protocol switch security risk in Cisco IOS

Don't hold the front page: a vulnerability in a Cisco security software package for routers has been discovered - but the risk is moderate.
John Leyden, 29 Nov 2001

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