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San Francisco takes IBM to the cleaners

IBM has offered the city of San Francisco $100,000 compensation after graffiti-ing public spaces - including a church - with "Peace Love and Linux" slogans.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Nov 2001

UK IT salaries hold steady

Salaries for IT professionals increased 1.65 per cent in the third quarter, an overall average of £31,191 for the UK.
James Watson, 28 Nov 2001

MS opts out of European antitrust hearing

The European Commission antitrust case against Microsoft may be heading for a quiet settlement. The next stage in the case was to have been a hearing in late December, but Microsoft has decided it doesn't want one. Is it possible that The Beast has learned from the US case that the more it says, the worse it looks?
John Lettice, 28 Nov 2001

Intel admits Pentium 4 supplies still tight

Intel has publicly admitted that the supply of Pentium 4 processors continues to be a problem for the chip maker, suggesting that volumes may not increase significantly this quarter as some Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers have predicted in the past.
Tony Smith, 28 Nov 2001

Freeserve fingers Chancellor in VAT ad

Freeserve's taken out ads in today's newspapers urging Chancellor Gordon Brown to close a tax loophole it claims is favouring AOL.
Tim Richardson, 28 Nov 2001

DiData buys Belgian reseller

Networking equipment reseller Dimension Data has acquired Planet CTI, a Belgian computer telephony integrator, for E2.4 million.
James Watson, 28 Nov 2001

Fujitsu sues Samsung over mobile phone patents

Fujitsu Media Devices is suing Samsung Electro-Mechanics in the US for infringements on its mobile phone component patents.
James Watson, 28 Nov 2001

Govt report calls for e-tax incentives

A government review into payroll systems, published and referred to in Gordon Brown's pre-budget report yesterday, has recommended that incentives be given to small businesses to encourage them to file their tax returns electronically.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Nov 2001

The Google attack engine

ExclusiveSome clever empiricist appears to have been abusing Google to attack Web servers, switches and routers in a novel way, by crafting search terms to include known exploits. Such a search will occasionally yield active Web pages used by administrators. On top of that, a number of them have already been cached. It's reasonable to surmise that a hacker has been using Google not merely to search for vulnerabilities, but as a proxy to hide behind while executing attacks.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Nov 2001
SGI logo hardware close-up

Symbian signs Fujitsu for 3G phones

Fujitsu has joined the burgeoning list of Japanese licensees for Symbian's smartphone OS.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Nov 2001

Rambus to challenge Infineon injunction

Rambus will appeal against Judge Robert Payne's ruling that it may not pursue future DDR SDRAM-oriented intellectual property infringement violations against Infineon, the memory technology developer pledged yesterday.
Tony Smith, 28 Nov 2001

Intel growing happier with sales forecast as quarter nears end

Intel is getting happier that it will meet its $6.2-6.8 billion revenue forecast for the current quarter, the company's CFO, Andy Bryant, said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 28 Nov 2001

US court ruling nixes software EULA sales restrictions

In an intriguing ruling picked up by LinuxJournal's Don Marti, a US district court has given encouragement to software users who want to extricate themselves from restrictive software licenses.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Nov 2001

International Net paedophile ring smashed by UK police

Ten people were arrested in the UK today after police launched a series of dawn raids to smash an international child porn ring.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Nov 2001

Meet the future of Windows security exploits

Black Hat EuropeBuffer overflow bugs, for years the most prevalent type of security vulnerability, will become a thing of the past as crackers realise the potential of different ways to exploiting Windows machines.
John Leyden, 28 Nov 2001

RMS tagged as Gnomewhere man in board elections

The Christmas piss-up of the Gnome board of directors should be a melodic one this year. Free software pioneer and evangelist Richard M Stallman has failed to be elected to the board, and we can assume, won't be serenading attendees with his rendition of The Free Software Song.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Nov 2001

PowerPC G5 enters ‘volume production’ – source

The PowerPC G5 has been passed for full-scale manufacture, a source close to Apple has claimed.
Tony Smith, 28 Nov 2001

The Ziff-Davis Guide To Britishers (and other foreigners)

Book ClubThe mighty Ziff-Davis publishing empire has chalked up many triumphs over the years, but one masterpiece from 1943 has been sadly neglected.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Nov 2001
SGI logo hardware close-up

StorageTek feeds TimberWolf

Tape newsStorageTek has beefed up its high-end TimberWolf 9710 tape libraries by adding support for the recently-released T9840B tape drive, as well as SDLT drives. The company says T9840B is one of the speediest drives around, allowing a transfer rate of up to 19MB per second.
James Watson, 28 Nov 2001

The ICANN movie: Part III

The cult ICANN cartoon is back with a part three and you can find it here.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Nov 2001

How to crash a phone by SMS

Black Hat EuropeSo now you can send an SMS and crash a mobile phone, so that the user is locked out.
John Leyden, 28 Nov 2001

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