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Can Club Nokia thwart .NET?

Nokia is expected to announce ambitious plans for its Club Nokia portal at its Capital Markets Day in New York tomorrow.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Nov 2001

Nerdy image keeps women out of networking

Women are shunning careers in IT networking because they think it is too nerdy.
John Leyden, 27 Nov 2001

Grey software is not black and white

UK resellers selling cheap Microsoft software are not necessarily flogging pirated goods.
James Watson, 27 Nov 2001

BT's Colossus's knees wobble

BT's broadband network wobbled again on Friday afternoon after its Colossus IP network was floored by a recurrent software problem.
Tim Richardson, 27 Nov 2001

US assumes global cyber-police authority

Mark Rasch, 27 Nov 2001

Infineon freed from future Rambus DDR lawsuits

Rambus may never pursue Infineon for further alleged infringement of its DDR SDRAM patents, a US court has ruled.
Tony Smith, 27 Nov 2001

Palm to shut personal data portal

UpdatedPalm is to close its MyPalm Web-based personal information management service on 10 January 2002, the company has warned the portal's users.
Tony Smith, 27 Nov 2001

Refusenik attorneys want $14-$38bn from MS

Microsoft's cunning wheeze of dumping shedloads of free software (free to both involved parties, really) on IT-deprived US schools will be challenged today by a rival bunch of attorneys. The free deal was negotiated by Washington attorney Michael Hausfeld, and is allegedly worth $1 billion. But the refuseniks reckon Redmond should really have to cough up the considerably more bracing, and more than a little elastic, sum of $14.3-$38.6 billion.
John Lettice, 27 Nov 2001

BT finally sells £2.4 bn in property

BT has finally signed the deal which will see it sell £2.4 billion worth of property and then hire it back on a lease, providing the debt-laden telco with some much-needed financial relief.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Nov 2001

Mobo wrestling and maxing 3DMark

James Watson, 27 Nov 2001

IR35 appeal date set

The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) will return to the High Court on 4-6 December to appeal against an April judgment that the government's controversial IR35 tax legislation is not illegal.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Nov 2001

Europe semicon sales fall

European semiconductor revenues will be $29 billion this year, a 33 per cent drop from 2000.
James Watson, 27 Nov 2001

This is what Microsoft said about grey imports in 1998

This article was published on The Register in March 1998.
Drew Cullen, 27 Nov 2001

Revenue up at Kingston Communications

Shares in Kingston Communications rose five per cent in mid-morning trading despite reporting widening losses for the first half of the year.
Tim Richardson, 27 Nov 2001

Samsung damns DRAM price-fixing charge

Samsung did not attempt to drive DRAM prices down even further in a bid to push lesser players out of business, and it rejects any claims that it did, the company has said.
Tony Smith, 27 Nov 2001

Intel Xeon multi-processing chip to ship next month

Intel's multi-way Xeon MP server chip, codenamed Foster, will arrive next month - a month ahead of the part's official release - courtesy of IBM.
Tony Smith, 27 Nov 2001

Autodesk ‘not concerned’ by Microsoft motto mishap

Autodesk has decided not to charge Microsoft with trademark violation - despite the software giant's use of the CAD specialist's trademarked tagline 'Suddenly Everything Clicks'.
Tony Smith, 27 Nov 2001

Microsoft's eHome out of the closet

Microsoft came out of the closet yesterday on its eHome strategy with a talk from Mike Toutonghi, the man in charge. The title of the presentation, "Thinking outside the box: distributing the power of the PC throughout the home", tells you most of what you need to know.
James Watson, 27 Nov 2001

Hybrid viruses set to become bigger threat

Viruses which try to infect users through a variety of means, such as the infamous Nimda worm, and mass mailers are predicted to become even more of a problem for Internet users next year.
John Leyden, 27 Nov 2001

Brown gives IT firms and small business more tax breaks

Pre-Budget reportChancellor Gordon Brown has delivered his pre-Budget report and silenced the endless commentary on how he will split up the government cash between public services and tax credits aimed at removing poverty and encouraging business.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Nov 2001

Sign up here for a better Broadband Britain

A UK businessman is looking to collect one million signatures by Christmas as part of a campaign to highlight the failures of Broadband Britain.
Tim Richardson, 27 Nov 2001

Mobile phone biz will resist Dell-ification – Nokia CEO

Nokia CEO Jorma "Jurma" Ollila brushed aside comparisons between the mobile phone and PC industries today.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Nov 2001

Dixons buys into Italy

Dixons Stores Group has bought a 24 per cent stake in UniEuro, said to be Italy's most profitable electronics retail chain, for E103m. It has an option to buy the rest of the business for E425m, and is funding the deal from existing resources.
Drew Cullen, 27 Nov 2001

Lego remakes Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Lego - for some it's the ultimate kids' toy, for others the basis of an entire culture of cool.
Tony Smith, 27 Nov 2001

AV vendors split over FBI Trojan snoops

Antivirus vendors are at loggerheads over whether they should include in their software packages detection for a Trojan horse program reportedly under development by the FBI.
John Leyden, 27 Nov 2001

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