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XML database: big fish lose out to the minnows

XML is increasingly being positioned as the next territory for the Microsoft/Oracle/IBM database war. However, the companies aren't telling you this, because none of them are very good at the technology yet.
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CP/M collection is back online with an Open Source licence

When CP/M enthusiast Tim Olmstead died from cancer on September 11 this year, the Unofficial CP/M Web site he had been maintaining had to be taken down because of licensing issues with the software collection. Now, Lineo has granted unrestricted use of the technology and the site is back up.
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Chrysalis, 365 knock sports Net ops together

Chrysalis and 365 Corporation are to merge their sports web businesses, creating Europe's 'number one' sports portal.
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Intel preps transistor for 20GHz+ CPUs

Intel boffins will next week describe two new techniques that, if implemented in mainstream chips, may herald the arrival of 25GHz and faster processors by 2005.
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WinXP effect sends PC sales up and down in Japan

Good news! Windows XP's launch prompted a 24.3 per cent increase in sales of PCs in Japan, according to Asiabiztech. Bad news! sales of PCs in Japan were down 16.9 per cent following the Windows XP launch.
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Infineon slams Samsung DRAM ‘artificial pricing’

The recent surge in DRAM prices is the result of manipulation by Korean producer Samsung, rather than a ramp-up in demand, Ulrich Shumacher, chief executive of Infineon, claims.
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Linux app makes Xbox net gaming a reality

Next year's launch of Microsoft's network gaming service for Xbox has been pre-empted by an open source/Linux development, Xbox Gateway. Bill is no doubt absolutely ecstatic about this, but he can console himself with the thought that at least all the work XboxGW has put into the system is on the outside - the box itself remains unsullied by viral GPL-related stuff.
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Broadband Britain ‘as bad as UK railways’

Telecoms regulator David Edmonds has been warned that he faces the blame for the UK becoming the broadband 'sick man of Europe'.
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Sony cuts Japanese PS 2 pricing

Sony will cut the price of a PlayStation 2 in Japan by 15 per cent to ¥29,800 ($240) on Thursday.
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Sales surge drives TSMC profit boost

TSMC reckons will now make more than 55 per cent more profit this year than it announced in its most recent forecast.
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BadTrans virus bites Windows users hard

Computer users turned on their PCs this morning to find their In-boxes flooded with copies of the latest mass mailing virus.
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Hynix assets less than estimated – Arthur Andersen

If Hynix's creditors allowed the chipmaker to go to the wall today, it would be worth 3.66 trillion won ($2.855 billion), Arthur Andersen reckons, according Korea's Maeil business newspaper.
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Law firm urges caution over BSA piracy forms

A major corporate law firm is advising UK companies which receive a software audit form from the Business Software Alliance to "Proceed with Care!" when deciding whether to complete it.

One2One mulls Europe for 3G court battle

One2One is threatening to take its ongoing 3G court battle to the European Court of Justice after it lost a High Court ruling for "lost" interest over 3G licences last month.
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NEC kick-starts Hutchison 3G UK campaign

Japanese mobile manufacturer NEC may kick-start the European 3G revolution from the third-quarter next year when it releases a dual-mode 3G phone, which works over the existing infrastructure as well as allowing next-generation features likes video.
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Galeon zips while Mozilla slips

The software libre web browser Galeon reached a milestone on Friday, reaching 1.0 status after eighteen months in public beta development.
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DDoS protection racket targets online bookies

Organised criminals are using distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to force online bookmakers into protection rackets, a British security consultancy claims.
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BTopenwoe emails virus to customers

BTopenworld accidentally sent its customers emails carrying BadTrans-B, the latest Trojan horse virus this weekend.
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Next-gen Nvidia nuggets appear on Web

Details of Nvidia's next-generation GeForce graphics processor have leaked onto the Web. Numerous sites have passed the information down the line, but the source appears to be German magazine c't.
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VIA beats off Intel legal attack

Intel has failed in one of its other legal attempts to bring to book chipset maker VIA for allegedly ripping off its intellectual property, its arguments damned by the trial judge as "confused".
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Kevin Spacey loses pivotal cybersquatting court case

Movie actor Kevin Spacey has lost a landmark court battle over ownership of www.kevinspacey.com.

Want to know more about the world's first underwater phone?

It may sound like a demented Tomorrow's World feature, but France Telecom (and Amphicom) have invented the world's first underwater telephone.
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Steve Gibson accidentally creates DoS tool

Techno hypemeister Steve Gibson, who clamored for headlines some months back with a dramatic prediction that the misuse of Win-XP's raw sockets would destabilize the entire Internet, has made his own inadvertent contribution to the malicious hackers' tool chest.