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First Direct online banking locks out WinXP with Sun Java

Microsoft's efforts to "kill cross-platform Java" by growing "the polluted Java market" seem to be bearing fruit in at least one place. The Internet banking arm of UK bank First Direct supports the Microsoft Virtual Machine (nee JVM) on Windows XP machines, but not Sun's Java plug-in for XP, which is of course 'proper' Java, as opposed to the one we polluted earlier. This has the bizarre effect of locking out Microsoft browsers, but strange things can happen in standards wars.
John Lettice, 23 Nov 2001

OS X set for Mac default in March

Phil Schiller, Apple's VP of worldwide marketing, has gone on the record to suggest March as the date when new Macs ship with OS X as default.
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Nov 2001
DVD it in many colours

Amdahl migrates to the Sun

Amdahl IT Services has launched Destination Solaris, a service for customers wishing to migrate from mainframes (of the IBM zSeries or System 390 compatible machines) to Sun Starcat Solaris machines.
IT-Analysis, 23 Nov 2001

Teenage dotcom millionaire to star on Weakest Link special

Teenage "dotcom millionaire" Ben Cohen is to star in a special episode of gameshow The Weakest Link, likely to be aired on 17 December.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Nov 2001

Peter Gabriel powers Tiscali music downloads

Tiscali has joined up with artist and producer Peter Gabriel to flog music online.
Tim Richardson, 23 Nov 2001

Mobile operators slam Oftel's price cut plans

Vodafone, One2One and Orange have slammed new mobile call price controls proposed by Oftel.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Nov 2001

MSI issues, smart cities, Xbox

James Watson, 23 Nov 2001

Get your Register stocking fillers here

There's an air of pre-Xmas excitement today at Cash'n'Carrion.
Lester Haines, 23 Nov 2001

Lastminute: two quarters to break even

Lastminute.com says its operations in the UK and France will break even in approximately two quarters.
James Watson, 23 Nov 2001

Eminister to plug safe eshopping

The UK Government is to launch a campaign in time for Christmas advising people how to shop safely on the Internet
Tim Richardson, 23 Nov 2001

WinXP Diaries – the final conflict?

As formerly regular readers may have noted, the WinXP Diaries series just kind of stopped several months ago. "Attention span of a goldfish," you no doubt thought. "He lost interest and wandered off. He ran out of things to say, he left the product activation too late, or maybe Microsoft just blew his computer up."
John Lettice, 23 Nov 2001

Aliz worm turns, bites Windows users

After months of dormancy a mass mailing email worm has exploded onto the Internet.
John Leyden, 23 Nov 2001

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