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Beyond the Valley of the Polyphonic RingTones

Nokia MDCAt Nokia's Multimedia Developer Conference in Barcelona this week, the distant rumble of 16-bit mobile phone ring tones could be heard.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Nov 2001

Man sued for venting auto-service blues on BBS

UpdatedGeorgia Tech graduate student George Mantis has been sued for libel by a local Volkswagen dealership after detailing his unpleasant experience with the company's service department on a BBS at VW enthusiast Web site VWvortex.
Thomas C Greene, 22 Nov 2001

Security: the enemy within

Senior managers are ignoring the internal risks to their computer systems, thinking instead that the biggest threats come from outsiders, says KPMG.
IT-Analysis, 22 Nov 2001

Small WinXP sales boom – not many sold

News is filtering out of what must surely be one of the smallest sales booms ever - Microsoft, it would appear, has run out of Additional Family License packs for Windows XP. Microsoft, to its slight credit, doesn't seem to be making a big thing of this; it is merely telling the scribes that it made an unspecified estimate of how many of these things would be sold in the first 90 days, and that demand has far exceeded expectations.
John Lettice, 22 Nov 2001

Emachines sells itself to founder

Budget PC maker eMachines has agreed to a $161 million buyout offer from EM Holdings. At the centre of the deal is Lap Shun "John" Hui, a founder and director of eMachines, and sole owner of EM Holdings.
James Watson, 22 Nov 2001

One2One cuts 900 jobs

Mobile operator One2One is to make 900 UK staff (out of 7,000) redundant, citing a slowdown in the market.
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Nov 2001

Boltblue adopts NTL orphans

Mobile portal Boltblue is to adopt 90,000 NTL's non-cable ISP customers from the end of the month.
Tim Richardson, 22 Nov 2001

My debt is my telco bond

France Telecom and KPN Telecom are issuing bonds to cut massive debt.
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Nov 2001

Tiny subbie reins in Scots ops

Contract computer assembler Fullarton Computer Industries, responsible for putting together Tiny's PCs and notebooks, will cut 250 jobs, nearly 36 per cent of its 700-strong Scottish workforce, by the end of the year.
James Watson, 22 Nov 2001
SGI logo hardware close-up

Nokia takes charge at Symbian

Decoding mobile telecoms announcements has often required the skills of a Kremlinologist: working out who's up and who's down from dress details in the annual Politburo photograph.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Nov 2001

Bridge offers UK satellite broadband service

UK businesses can now get broadband services over satellite following the launch of a commercially available service from Bridge Broadband.
Tim Richardson, 22 Nov 2001

Judge postpones Hynix Rambus patent suit

A US District Court has postponed a patent infringement lawsuit filed by embattled memory-maker Hynix against Rambus.
James Watson, 22 Nov 2001

One2One internal memo on job cuts

An internal memo, leaked to us, spells out the full details of the One2One job cuts announced today.
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Nov 2001

3A security software to boom

The European market for administration, authorisation and authentication (3A) security software will grow from $742 million in 2000 to $2.4 billion in 2005, an annual increase of 27 per cent.
James Watson, 22 Nov 2001

ElcomSoft shies away from Black Hat Europe

Black Hat EuropeElcomSoft, the Russian employer of Dimitri Sklyarov, has cancelled its planned participation in the Black Hat Europe hacking conference, on legal advice.
John Leyden, 22 Nov 2001

SecurityFocus finds new DDoS tool

Elias Levy, 22 Nov 2001

Sun ‘defies gravity’ with USIII benchmark

Sun's spectacular benchmarks for its first 1GHz chip may be just too stellar. The 1050 MHz UltraSPARC III was officially announced this week, and along with it the SPEC benchmarks.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Nov 2001

Fasthosts email system collapses

Fasthosts, The UK's largest web hosting company, has had a complete email failure, leaving hundreds of companies which run their Web sites on its servers fuming.
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Nov 2001

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