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Eco site fuels anti-Esso protest

Environmental pressure groups have relaunched a protest Web site in time for a boycott of Esso petrol stations on December 1.
Tim Richardson, 16 Nov 2001

The obstacle to US wireless nirvana

We're loathe to draw parallels between the US and European mobile phone markets, because they're structurally and geographically so very different. But in one area they're depressingly similar: with the US networks mirroring the European carriers' tentative approach to selling packet data.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Nov 2001

Sun shuns MS ‘gutter’ benchmark challenge

Sun's Pet Shop Boys - reponsible for the J2EE Pet Store application - say they won't be drawn into a benchmark dogfight with Microsoft.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Nov 2001

IP conference: copyright law has gone too far

The recording industry and the Business Software Alliance squared off against the Electronic Frontier Foundation and US Rep. Rick Boucher Wednesday in a debate over laws such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act aimed at protecting large copyright holders, with the hearts and minds of a crowd of Washington, D.C., decision-makers as the prize.
Grant Gross, 16 Nov 2001

Dell: Profits down, market share up

Dell yesterday posted its third quarter results, showing a net income of $429 million on the back of $7.47 billion revenue.
James Watson, 16 Nov 2001

802.11b market grows

The worldwide 802.11b wireless networking market grew nine per cent in Q3 with revenues of $310 million, up from $284.5 million in Q2 and $178 million in Q3 2000.
James Watson, 16 Nov 2001

Yahoo! to! shed! 400! jobs!

Yahoo! is to axe 400 jobs. Most of the losses will come from its international and broadcast operations. According to Reuters some middle management positions are also likely to be shed.
Tim Richardson, 16 Nov 2001

Motorola hints at chip biz sell-off – again

Profitability may not be enough to save Motorola's chip operation from being sold, the parent company's chairman and CEO, Chris Galvin, suggests.
Tony Smith, 16 Nov 2001
HP building at 648

What feud? HP boss turns on media

Lazy reporting is to blame for the tepid reaction to the HP-Compaq merger, HP boss Carly Fiorina told staff yesterday.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Nov 2001

SuSE 7.3 rocks Red Hat and flips XP the bird

The first thing a PC user notices about SuSE is that it comes with the kind of documentation that Microsoft has almost - but not quite - eradicated from the far reaches of your long-term memory.
Thomas C Greene, 16 Nov 2001

WHSmith mulls legal action against WHSpliff.net

WHSmith is musing over whether to take legal action against a pro-cannabis Web site which bears a remarkably similar name to the high street stationer's brand.
Tim Richardson, 16 Nov 2001

Transmeta: delayed chips to ship by year end

Transmeta reiterated its roadmap at Comdex yesterday and pledged that its delayed 0.13 micron 667MHz TM5500 and 800MHz TM5800 Crusoe processors will ship in volume by the end of the year.
Tony Smith, 16 Nov 2001

DoJ exculpa: why the MS deal doesn't stink at all, honest

The Department of Justice's Competive Impact Statement, intended to explain why the deal it struck with Microsoft will tame The Beast and not, as widely advertised, simply renew its licence to kill, is as one might expect a lengthy mea exculpa. The flaws in the Proposed Final Judgment, which was unveiled earlier this month, have plenty of holes in them, and the Competitive Impact Statement won't do much to convince critics that these aren't holes after all.
John Lettice, 16 Nov 2001

HPaq execs pocket millions in merger payola

HP boss Carly Fiorina yesterday promised staff a bonus of two days pay for bearing through the protracted SirCam merger with Compaq.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Nov 2001

Comdex cars, Radeon drivers, Itanium issues

HWRoundupComdex 2001 is struggling to keep visitor's attention. In its slowest year for a long, long time, there is a definite absence of crowded corridors, with automobiles receiving almost as much coverage as the stuff inside the halls.
James Watson, 16 Nov 2001

Confidentiality Claws

Researchers at Imperial College, London are developing mathematical and programming techniques to better assess the extent that systems prevent the leakage of confidential information.
John Leyden, 16 Nov 2001

Scientists tune in to molecule-sized transistors

Boffins continue to try to shrink the size of the micro-circuitry from which processors are built, to allow chips to be designed that offer ever more features yet don't rapidly become too hot to operate - and before their transistors reach one clear physical limit: the size of a single molecule.
Tony Smith, 16 Nov 2001

Dixons capo is new Tory bagman

Sir Stanley Kalms, the outspoken Dixons chief, has landed a big challenge to fill his retirement days - he's the new treasurer and fundraiser for the Conservative party.
Robert Blincoe, 16 Nov 2001

Nazi trinkets not banned in France

LettersSurf Nazis Must Die!
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Nov 2001

Nortel intros europartner prog

Nortel Networks has reorganised its European channel marketing programme to make it more flexible in meeting demand for converged voice and data networks.
John Leyden, 16 Nov 2001

Western Europe server sales down, again

The Western European server market continued to decline in the third quarter, as it did in the first half of the year. Unit shipments fell 7 per cent year on year from 3Q 2000, while revenues dropped 21 per cent year on year to $3.26 billion.
James Watson, 16 Nov 2001

Brakes slammed on world's fastest DVD drive

The development of the world's fastest DVD and CD drives has hit a hitch - Zen Research has stopped giving free support to firms licensing its technology.
Robert Blincoe, 16 Nov 2001

Tech Data wins IBM euro-storage gig

IBM has awarded disk drive storage franchise rights to Tech Data through out EMEA. New territories include the UK, the Czech Republic, Israel and the UAE.
Drew Cullen, 16 Nov 2001

iPod-for-WinXP beta software due ‘within weeks’

Mediafour, the company behind XPod, the first commercial attempt to connect Apple's iPod MP3 player to Windows, hopes to release a public beta of the software "within a couple of weeks", a company spokeswoman said today.
Tony Smith, 16 Nov 2001

C&W slides away from ASP

Cable & Wireless backed away from the ASP (application service provider) sector yesterday leaving the immature market for such services looking positively juvenile.
IT-Analysis, 16 Nov 2001

Apple patents perturb PNG programmers

Developers of the open source graphics format PNG and its derivative, MNG, have called on Apple to clarify whether its ownership of key PNG component technologies will be used to hinder their work.
Tony Smith, 16 Nov 2001

AutoDesk trademark appears in WinXP ad

Microsoft may soon be running foul of graphics software specialist AutoDesk over its use of the phrase 'Suddenly everything clicks' in its UK Windows XP advertising campaign.
Tony Smith, 16 Nov 2001

IEEE sets 802.11g (sort of)

The IEEE 802.11 working group has tentatively set a new 802.11 wireless networking standard: 802.11g, which will allow theoretical data transfer rates of up to 54Mbps in the 2.4GHz spectrum.
James Watson, 16 Nov 2001

Reg reader trapped in McAfee Catch 22

A Register reader ran into a Catch 22 situation when he tried to inform McAfee that its antivirus software was generating false warnings about the Nimda worm.
John Leyden, 16 Nov 2001
DVD it in many colours

Optical transport market in decline

Sales of optical networking kit are in decline with sales down 11 per cent over the last quarter.
John Leyden, 16 Nov 2001

Sun takes UltraSPARC past 1GHz

Sun is expected to announce the introduction of Gigahertz processors on Monday, the first time Sun has shipped SPARCS clocked higher than 1GHz. The SunBlade 1000 will be the first to receive the 1,050MHz SPARC IIIs.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Nov 2001

Nokia Calypso smartphone pics leak

Industry sources contacted by The Register confirm Nokia will launch a colour Symbian smartphone on Monday, but reckon that two Swedish sites have not numbered the new device correctly. Rumours of a colour imaging phone codenamed Calypso have circulated in the industry for several months.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Nov 2001

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