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Researchers probe Net's ‘dark address space’

Broadband customers and US military systems are the most common victims of an online phenomenon researchers have dubbed "dark address space," which leaves some 100 million hosts completely unreachable from portions of the Internet. For a variety of reasons ranging from contract disputes among network operators to simple …
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ICANN ponders DNS hack defence role

The international body that oversees the Internet's naming system struggled this week to find a role in the war against terrorism by putting one of the Net's weakest links under a microscope. In the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) swept aside most of …
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MS to donate custom WMP skins to US military

A brief note posted at skinz.org claims that The Skins Factory has been commissioned by Microsoft's Windows Media Division "to create four Custom Windows Media Player 7 skins for the United States Armed Forces." The intent is to show support for the US Military.
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iPod coming to Windows

Cross-platform computing specialist Mediafour is developing a software bridge to allow Windows users to download their digital music collections to Apple's highly rated MP3 player, iPod.
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Telewest signs up 70k broadband customers

Telewest has reported a massive jump in broadband customers putting it behind rivals NTL and ahead of BTopenworld.
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nForce too expensive for retail, mobo makers claim

The high price Nvidia is charging for its nForce AMD-oriented chipset has forced motherboard makers to steer clear of the retail market, fearing that nForce-based boards will be just too expensive for price-sensitive consumers.
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Dell PC biz grows in Q3

Dell, already the world's largest PC maker, has grown its global market share, as well as its piece of the American pie.
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Computerlinks hits forecasts

Fayrewood, the UK-listed networking distributor, has reported its German subsidiary Computerlinks AG has grown sales but seen earnings drop in its Q3.
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IT spend up 1% in 2001 – IDC

The "perfect storm" of the 11 September terrorist attacks, slowing global economy, and the telecommunications supply-demand mismatch, means that worldwide IT spending will only increase one per cent in 2001.
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AMD learns Italian

AMD this week scored a strong public sector win in Italy. A Government organisation decided to go Duron on an education contract involving 60,000 desktop PCs.
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Freeserve threatens legal action against UK Govt

Freeserve is prepared to take legal action against the British Government unless it resolves a loophole which excludes some Internet companies from paying tax.
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Salmon Days Trailer Trash

We are shutting off the Salmon Days trailer at the end of next week. So far, just shy of 90,000 people have seen our BOFH-inspired comedy vidstrip effort. Join the crowd while you still have the chance.
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WinXP: log on as admin if you want to play games, MP3s?

Home users seem to be coming badly unstuck when tangling with the new security features of Windows XP. Now it's possible for them to set up one account on their machine with administrator rights, and lesser accounts for the kids, less significant other, cat and so forth - but setting things so that the right people get access to the right programs? Hmm, tricky...

Intersil takes 802.11 knock

Intersil is fighting an uphill battle to get its OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing)technology accepted as the 802.11g wireless networking standard,
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Business drives the Wireless Web

Businesses applications will drive the market for the wireless Web while the consumer market struggles through its formative years.
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Job axe falls at Novell

Novell is reducing its headcount by 19 per cent - 1,400 employees - to cope with falling software sales.
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Oftel fixes fines for LLU failure

Oftel has set the service level agreements that (SLA)operators can expect from BT. This is another step forward in completing the regulatory framework for local loop unbundling (LLU).
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This (external) HDD supports USB 2.0 and Firewire

SimpleTech has developed a portable external hard drive which is compatible with USB 2.0 and Firewire (1394b).
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AMD ships 1.2GHz Duron

AMD has released its latest Duron processor, running at 1.2GHz.
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Cisco high-end routers in DoS peril

Cisco has issued a fix for a flaw which potentially makes its high-end routers susceptible to denial of service attacks.
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Piracy stops Xbox in China

Microsoft's Xbox gaming console will not be sold in Hong Kong or China for the foreseeable future, due to rampant piracy in the region.
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Redmond's Tablets don't work – not for Dell, anyway

Dell isn't buying the Tablet PC revolution - not yet, anyway. Yesterday Michael Dell himself told the Austin American Statesman (which he surely didn't have to go to Las Vegas to talk to) that his customers weren't interested, and that there were "some other reasons" Dell wasn't going to build Tablets right now. We don't know for sure what these other reasons are, but we think we see where Dell might be coming from.