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MS promotes Linux from threat to ‘the’ threat – Memo

Exclusive"Linux is the long-term threat against our core business. Never forget that!" Microsoft Windows Division Veep Brian Valentine exclaims in a confidential memo to his Sales Brownshirts obtained by The Register. (our emphasis)
Thomas C Greene, 12 Nov 2001

Azlan seeks EC clawback

Azlan looks set for a useful windfall following a European Court of Justice ruling over the classification of data networking equipment for importation duty purposes.
Drew Cullen, 12 Nov 2001

AMD mobilises notebook lines

AMD today launches two top-of-the-range notebook CPUs - the 1.2GHz mobile Athlon 4 and the budget 950MHz mobile AMD Duron - and a customer.
Drew Cullen, 12 Nov 2001

DCC disties hold their own

SerCom Distribution, the IT wholesaling arm of Irish conglomerate DCC, today reported H1 sales up 11 per cent to E363.7m (H1 2000: E327.9m) and operating profit up 13 per cent to E13.2m (2000: E11.6m)for the period ended September 30.
Drew Cullen, 12 Nov 2001

Vanguard shuns DRAM biz

Vanguard, the Taiwanese DRAM producer, is to stop making own-brand products, the company confirmed today.
Drew Cullen, 12 Nov 2001

FRIACO a ‘national disgrace’ – Cloud Nine

The boss of a Basingstoke-based ISP has slammed Britain's wholesale unmetered Net access product, FRIACO, as a "national disgrace".
Tim Richardson, 12 Nov 2001

WinXP piracy report – from Bangkok to Bristol

You don't have to travel to Singapore or Thailand to pick up a cut-price pirated copy of Windows XP - they're on sale in the UK.
Robert Blincoe, 12 Nov 2001

IT hacks ‘sceptical’ about UK's digital future

IT journalists are sceptical about the Government's digital plans for the future, according to research from those boffins at MORI.
Tim Richardson, 12 Nov 2001

FriendsReunited installs libel panic button

The immensely successful FriendsReunited has fallen foul of teaching unions because users are slagging off their former teachers.
IT-Analysis, 12 Nov 2001

dabs.com sponsors space ‘cement mixer’

Lester Haines, 12 Nov 2001

Apache 2.0 ready for prime time

A packaged version of Apache 2.0, the latest version of the Web server, is generally available today - ahead of its release from the Apache project.
John Leyden, 12 Nov 2001

Pet vs Pet: MS opens .NET benchmarking wars

UpdatedMicrosoft thinks .NET is now mature to be put in the front line of the benchmarketing wars. Not that "mature" is ever a word you can use in the context of benchmark battles.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Nov 2001

SiS climbs into Rambus bed

It appears almost impossible to keep a secret if you are an IT company operating in Taiwan - great for hacks and stock rampers - but sometimes crap, if you are the company concerned.
Drew Cullen, 12 Nov 2001

Redbus Interhouse slips on flat market

Shares in Redbus Interhouse slipped 18 per cent (2.75p) to 12.75p by lunch following the announcement that turnover was flat amid difficult market conditions.
Tim Richardson, 12 Nov 2001

Jet crashes in New York

Terrorism is unlikely to be the cause for the New York air crash.
Drew Cullen, 12 Nov 2001

Palm offers synchro stinko replacements

Palm is offering replacement handhelds to users who have run into problems synchronising data between new m500 and m505 models and their PCs.
John Leyden, 12 Nov 2001

Guerrillas attack Philippine mobile phone facilities

Marxist guerillas have attacked mobile phone facilities in the Philippines, threatening guards and dousing buildings with petrol.
John Leyden, 12 Nov 2001

MS Tablet PC: 70 per cent hype, 30 per cent snake oil

Bill Gates got another chance to wave Tablet PC prototypes about at his Comdex keynote last night, and he got to announce some more partner companies for the project too. But isn't it time we asked a few questions about the Tablet PC? Such as, what is it, what's so special about it, and why is it taking so long?
John Lettice, 12 Nov 2001

Personal firewalls are ‘futile’

Security researchers have highlighted a potential shortcoming with personal firewall products.
John Leyden, 12 Nov 2001

Watergate jailbird sees God in Windows XP

A fascinating meditation on the divine origins of Microsoft's Windows XP reaches us from the former Watergate jailbird turned fundamentalist Christian, Chuck Colson.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Nov 2001

DRAM prices rise

Memory prices are climbing.
Robert Blincoe, 12 Nov 2001

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