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AMD holds steady

AMD yesterday confirmed its sales outlook for the current quarter.
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Nvidia coffers fill with cash

The PC industry is suffering its worst recession, not that Nvidia, a key component supplier, notices.
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MS throttles research to conceal SW bugs

Exclusive Microsoft Security Manager Scott Culp revealed unilateral steps the company has taken to throttle the exchange of vulnerability information relevant to their famously buggy products, clearly in hopes that patches and fixes can be fed to consumers discreetly, without ever realizing they've been at risk to attack.
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Rose steps down from QXL

Jim Rose, the professional manager recruited to run QXL Ricardo, is handing over day-to-day duties to chief operating officer Mark Zaleski.
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Dell readies 1.2GHz C400 ultra-portable

Updated Dell today announced the Latitude C400 notebook, with prices starting at $2,400. We obtained a leaked copy of the spec and wrote the story below on Friday. Obviously, the launch date is wrong - it would be nice to think that our piece brought forward the announcement - but we're not that big-headed!
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AMD to debut Mobile Hammer in 2003

AMD Roadmap AMD will drive its Hammer family of 64-bit processors into the mobile market in the second half of 2003, a year or so after it makes its debut in servers, the company revealed at its analysts confab yesterday.
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AMD plans to beat 4.4GHz desktops

AMD Roadmap AMD's drive for desktop dominance will see the company ship what it will undoubtedly claim is the equivalent of a 3.4GHz Intel processor, when it ships its first desktop 0.13 micron Hammer chip in the fourth quarter of next year.
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How Microsoft invented open source, by Billg

The open source movement wouldn't exist without Microsoft, Bill Gates told his company's shareholder meeting earlier this week. Open source is also a follower, not an innovator, and destroys jobs, the economy and world peace (we made that last bit up).
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AMD delays Sledgehammer to Q1 2003

AMD Roadmap AMD has again delayed the release of its 64-bit Sledgehammer server processor for two- to eight-way systems. Having previously put back Sledgehammer to the second half of 2002, AMD now expects to ship the part in Q1 2003.
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Zen puts ADSL on hold

Zen Internet has suspended the processing of orders for ADSL until after the completion of a network upgrade.
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Microsoft breaks into US cable market

Microsoft has had its first success in the digital TV market in a supply deal with Charter Communications - the US' fourth biggest cable company.
Cat 5 cable

Bluetooth will be a success after all

Bluetooth may be several years late but it's going to be a great success and 26.2 million Bluetooth-enabled mobiles will be sold next year, a new report by ARC Group claims.
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Hack your bank for $995

Banks all over the world can be hacked and PIN numbers seized by exploiting a flaw in a common cryptoprocessor made by IBM, researchers from Cambridge University have found.
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TSMC, UMC October sales climb

The world's two largest chip foundries, TSMC and UMC, have posted their October sales figures - and both report double-figure growth on the previous month.
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Is XP performance worse than Win2k, or just the same?

A pretty comprehensive set of benchmarks over at The Tech Report comes up with the possibly less than earth-shattering conclusion that WinXP is pretty much neck and neck with Win2k, from a performance point of view. XP seems to be slightly better than Win2k when it comes to office productivity, but is pretty well tied with it on graphics and gaming, in some cases even marginally losing.
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Surfers look for jobs in company time

If you're hacked off with work, fed up with constant sniping from your boss or just bored of the same old tedious nonsense, then join the rest of the UK's disenchanted labour force and hunt for a new job at your firm's expense.

Seagate hits 100Gb/ square inch

Seagate today demonstrated technology capable of banging 100Gb of data onto a square inch of storage media. This means the company will be able to cram 125 gigabytes of capacity onto a single 3.5-inch drive platter, compared to current products shipping with 40 gigabytes.
server room

IBM builds absolutely super computer

IBM is teaming up with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to develop Blue Gene/L, a supercomputer which will be 15 times faster, 15 times more efficient and use 50 times less space than today's supercomputers.
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Cancom sucks up MacLine assets

Cancom, a German owned Apple reseller, is picking the bones of defunct Mac resellers. It snapped up the assets of bust Cambridge-based dealer MacLine on Thursday 8 November, just a month after grabbing the remaining goodies of liquidated London business Mygate.
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Salmon Days: Keepers of The BOFH flame

Letters Salmon Days is inspired by BOFH: it is not meant to be a transliteration. However, the scriptwriters will have their work cut out to keep Simon Travaglia's legion of fans happy. Some, we suspect, know more about The Bastard Operator from Hell than Simon does himself.
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Salmon Days: Format Wars

Letters Several viewers complained about format incompatibilities when watching the trailer Salmon Days, our BOFH-inspired comedy epic. Most have been resolved. This correspondent questions the entire basis of our streaming video encoding efforts.
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Natalie Imbruglia wins CD protection race

Aussie pop star (and former Neighbours actress) Natalie Imbruglia has won the race to produce the first copyright-protected CD on general release to the UK public.
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HP delays pay rises

HP will suspend all pay increases from February 2002 until business conditions improve. An email to employees from 'The Executive Council' blamed the September 11 disaster for the decision.
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Salmon Days makers are Commies

Letters OK, so now we've had 73,485 people call by on Salmon Days, the trailer for our BOFH-inspired vid streaming comedy epic.
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When will Apple hook PDAs into the OS X digital hub?

Comment Now here's a thing. In the Apple QuickTime demo of iTunes, which transfers music to its new iPod MP3 player, the device is shown mounted on the desktop - just like any other hard drive.
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Comdex 2001: smaller and tighter

Next week sees the world's second biggest IT show Comdex arrive in Las Vegas. But despite featuring the same enormous range of IT companies, smattering of IT's top bods (Billg, Larry Ellison (Oracle), John Chambers (Cisco), Meg Whitman (eBay), Kunitake Ando (Sony)) and usual Las Vegas distractions, it is expected to be the smallest Comdex for years.
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One in three business users steal software

Nearly a third of business users steal software or digital content, by grabbing it from the Net.
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Singapore pirates flog WinXP for $2.75

Singapore software pirates have been busted selling Windows XP for as little as $2.75.
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Shoe salesman quits PDA company

Palm's CEO, Carl Yankowski, has resigned, with board veteran and chairman Eric Benhamou taking over the reins as the PDA leader begins the hunt for a successor.