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HP Logo splitting in two

HP merger gets personal: Valley aristos send Compaq paq-ing

AnalysisWe're not sure if Carly Fiorina is familiar with the great Ealing comedy Kind Hearts and Coronets, but right now there probably isn't a better motivational video for those members of HP's corporate team who are determined to see the unpopular merger with Compaq through to completion.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Nov 2001

Linux breaks 100-Petabyte ceiling

UpdatedWe almost forgot to mention this, but Linux recently became the first desktop OS to support enormously large file sizes. How large?
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Nov 2001

Compendium of *nix lpd vulnerabilities

So many vulnerabilities affecting the lpd (line printer daemon) have come to light in recent months that CERT/CC has issued a compendium advisory urging all users and admins to review their system configurations and patch status.
Thomas C Greene, 07 Nov 2001

WHSmith and Powergen to push unmetered Net access

Affinity Internet remains upbeat about the future, posting increased revenues and widening losses for the nine months to September.
Tim Richardson, 07 Nov 2001

ICANN scraps conference agenda, goes big on security

ICANN has ditched plans to discuss several controversial issues surrounding the Internet at its next conference, and is devoting the agenda to security matters.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Nov 2001

Irish Net users to strike next week

Irish Net users are hoping for nationwide support next week when it protests against the lack of unmetered dial-up and broadband Net access and the impact it's having on the economy.
Tim Richardson, 07 Nov 2001

Pogo: better than WAP or just as cwap?

You may have heard of it, the Pogo - it's a mobile phone with email, messaging, content, diary, music and Internet browsing capabilities and it works over your bog-standard GSM network. Its catchline: "Why wait for 3G?"
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Nov 2001

Sticking it to Pogo

Reg ReviewA couple of weeks or so ago, the BBC Web site ran an ebullient little piece on Pogo, an upcoming mobile Internet device. We received several emails asking what we knew about the machine. Apart from a series of glowing 'is this the next big thing?' articles in the mainstream media, each of them extending the device's launch date by a few months or more, we'd heard little about Pogo and the same-name company behind it.
Tony Smith, 07 Nov 2001

Porn publisher to refund $30m for free sex pic scam

An online porno publisher has to refund more than $30 million to punters fleeced after making site visits for free sex pics.
Robert Blincoe, 07 Nov 2001

Burning CPUs, crispy ATI issues

HWRoundupATI's All-in-Wonder 8500DV graphics card is delayed due to complications surrounding its earlier Radeon 8500 product, which provides the core for the new card. ATI is now promising pre-Christmas delivery. Anandtech met ATI to find out what's going on with the product which welds TV tuning, video capture, Firewire support and more.
James Watson, 07 Nov 2001

BT makes ISDN to DSL upgrade easy

BT's commitment to broadband has been questioned following the reports about its plans to upgrade ISDN customers to its DSL family of products.
Tim Richardson, 07 Nov 2001

Oftel tries to look brave criticising mobile companies

The winged watchdog Oftel has put out a press release this morning lambasting UK mobile operators for charging more than double other European operators in roaming charges.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Nov 2001
Burning money, photo via Shutterstock

Packard family naysays Compaq merger

This is getting serious: a leading member of the Packard family is "likely" to vote against the proposed Hewlett-Packard takeover of Compaq, adding another 1.3 per cent to the "No" camp.
Drew Cullen, 07 Nov 2001

NTL recruits 79,000 broadband cable customers

NTL claims it has 79,000 broadband cable users and anticipates that it will exceed its target of 100,000 subscribers by the end of the year.
Tim Richardson, 07 Nov 2001

Home Office extends online snooping laws

The Home Office is to perform an about-face on what the authorities are entitled to do with electronic communications data captured through the RIP Act.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Nov 2001

IBM monsters hard drives

IBM is beefing up its Deskstar and Travelstar hard drive ranges, as well as bringing in enhanced availability models.
James Watson, 07 Nov 2001

How to sue IBM in three easy steps

UK-based users suffering problems with IBM's 75GXP range of hard drives can join in on the class action suit against the company.
James Watson, 07 Nov 2001

Nvidia nForce gets first PC gig

MicronPC, a US system builder, has built the first PC line using Nvidia's nForce integrated chipset.
Robert Blincoe, 07 Nov 2001

DoJ brown-noses MS further in revised settlement

Proposed settlement terms for the largest anti-trust defendant since Ma Bell have been tightened up a bit since a draft came out last week, but important exceptions remain.
Thomas C Greene, 07 Nov 2001

Linux security self-censorship ominous

Jon Lasser, 07 Nov 2001

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