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Episode 29
Simon Travaglia, 05 Nov 2001

Oops! MS.de ‘pirates’ its own WinXPs

Microsoft Deutschland seems to have accidentally pirated itself by shipping the same copy of Windows XP over and over again. Sort of, anyway. German sites 3Dwin.de and Heise Online report that numerous copies of XP with the same product key have been turning up, and naturally these won't activate, because they've been activated already.
John Lettice, 05 Nov 2001

BTopenworld charges £900 for satellite broadband service

People living in rural Britain will have to pay through the nose if they want access to broadband Internet access.
Tim Richardson, 05 Nov 2001

Prelim PowerPC G5 hits 2.4GHz

Motorola has released the latest update to its PowerPC 8500 - aka G5 - processor that ups AltiVec performance and delivers consistent 1GHz and up clock speeds, one of our Apple sources tells us.
Tony Smith, 05 Nov 2001

MS Passport cracked with Hotmail

Passport and Wallet users are going to be disappointed to learn that these feature-rich tools can't be used until MS fixes a little bug which makes sport of taking over someone else's account.
Thomas C Greene, 05 Nov 2001

AMD's XP goes 1900+

HWRoundupAMD's latest Athlon XP chip is out today - the 1900+, clocking in at 1.6GHz. Reviews so far mostly agree that the chip provides a modest performance increase over its 1.53GHz predecessor, the 1800+, but is not wildly exciting. The chip costs $269 in OEM quantities of 1,000.
James Watson, 05 Nov 2001

UK home Net use flat

The number of UK homes connected to the Net plateaued in the three months to August, according to the latest stats from Oftel.
Tim Richardson, 05 Nov 2001

PocketPC sales slide

Palm retained its lead in the worldwide PDA arena last quarter as PocketPC's share of the business fell significantly and the market as a whole dipped on the previous quarter.
Tony Smith, 05 Nov 2001

AMD cloaks Athlon 1900+ clock speed

"We're not trying to hide clock speeds," said AMD Europe's marketing chief, Robert Stead, at the launch of the company's controversial Athlon XP model numbering scheme on 9 October.
Tony Smith, 05 Nov 2001

Intel brings forward Brookdale G

Intel will begin to ship the integrated-graphics version of its 845 chipset - codenamed Brookdale G - next February, ahead of its official introduction in April and considerably in advance of its previously timetabled launch in Q3 2002.
Tony Smith, 05 Nov 2001

Thus sales up, losses up

UK telco Thus has released a reasonably good set of results and set aside some people's fears of impending financial trouble but increased its pre-tax loss to £42.75 million from £37.27 million.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Nov 2001

Mac OS X beats Win XP. Then it doesn't

Apple was victorious against Microsoft last week, after CNET ran a Windows XP versus Mac OS X death match, and eventually awarded Mac the trophy.
James Watson, 05 Nov 2001

UK is still broadband laggard – OECD

Britain remains rooted at the bottom of an international league table of broadband countries despite recording an increased number of hi-speed Internet users.
Tim Richardson, 05 Nov 2001

SIS has Rambus chipset in sight despite denials

SIS is still in the running to offer a Rambus chipset for the Pentium 4 despite the denials company executives issued last week.
Tony Smith, 05 Nov 2001

CompactFlash hits 1GB

Storage company SanDisk will ship a 1GB version of its CompactFlash (CF) card in the first quarter of next year. It claims that this is the largest capacity CF card on the market.
James Watson, 05 Nov 2001

UK way behind in e-gov plans

The UK is lagging Western Europe, North America and Asia Pacific in e-government usage. This is despite the fact that we have a dedicated e-envoy and e-minister, offices full of people surrounding them, and a political party in power that repeatedly say how much e-government is integral to its dream of a connected Britain.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Nov 2001

Don't give a frag about ATI's Quake III driver tweaks

CommentWhat is it with all this fuss about ATI's Quake III-optimised drivers? A number of online game-geeks appear to have gotten all hot and bothered about it, and we've even had ATI's rivals trying to grab the moral high ground - and, presumably, the headlines - by hinting at how underhand ATI's behaviour has been.
Tony Smith, 05 Nov 2001

Having a bad Monday?

If there's any day most likely to really get you clawing at your desk, it's going to be Monday. Bob Geldof made a career out of the fact.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Nov 2001

UK Govt wobbles on support for broadband

The Government's commitment to broadband has been called into question following remarks made by the e-envoy at the CBI conference today.
Tim Richardson, 05 Nov 2001

MS bootloader concession could boost Linux, BSD – Gassée

One possible concession by Microsoft in the proposed AntiTrust settlement has come too late to save the company which pressed hardest for its inclusion: Be, Inc.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Nov 2001

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