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MS snags crucial authentication, DRM opt-outs in DoJ settlement

The DoJ's capitulation to Microsoft, described by the San Jose Mercury's Dan Gilmor as "[awarding] the hen house to the meanest fox in the woods", was as Dan says not unexpected. Microsoft might not be the natural barbecue companion for the Texas oilmen who make up the Bush Administration: but the decision to nullify the AntiTrust laws by failing to enforce them is entirely consistent with the 43rd Presidency.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Nov 2001

The Sun doesn't shine on yacc

Cherrystone delay highlights x86 v RISC War Sun drops bundle bombshell on BEA
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Nov 2001

BOFHs to blame for LAN downtime after all

Note: this email contains traces of irony, which may cause small children to choke.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Nov 2001

Zeus – not what the Doctor ordered?

Zeus rips platform to splatter Apache
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Nov 2001

Bugger Hastings

UK govt to turn Hastings into 'e-city'
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Nov 2001

‘Pimply Assed’ programmer's girlfriend demands T-shirt

GNOME version 2.0 officially 'not of use to anyone' There's no place like GNOME FoTW Poser: Are binary executables eligible?
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Nov 2001

Red Hat redemption

I had to abandon my abysmal Red Hat 7.2 installation on my Dell Dimension to follow a few other stories, but I couldn't let it go down as a defeat. So Friday after work I rooted through the 300+ e-mails I've received with suggestions for getting it done.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Nov 2001

In Jedi We Trust

LettersJedi Knights achieve official recognition as a religion
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Nov 2001

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