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Quantum 1: Imation 1

Imation has secured the right to make and sell its Black Watch cartridges, while Quantum has won the right to make Imation pay royalties, following a tussle in the courts.
James Watson, 01 Nov 2001

Alcatel guillotines 10,000 jobs

Alcatel is to can 10,000 more workers after reporting another set of disappointing results.
John Leyden, 01 Nov 2001

Creditors OK $7bn Hynix rescue plan

Debt-laden chip maker Hynix's rescue plan will go ahead as planned after the company's creditors agreed after weeks of haggling to extend its credit line, postpone payment on some existing loans and convert other debt to equity.
Tony Smith, 01 Nov 2001

No chip sales boom 'til 2003, says market researcher

Market researcher Gartner Dataquest has followed up last month's dismal forecast for the world's memory manufacturers with a marginally more optimistic outlook for the semiconductor business as a whole.
Tony Smith, 01 Nov 2001

Dan wins PC Which? Hunt

Dan is the number one PC brand that customers would recommend to their friends, and Time is bottom of the list, according to the latest Which? survey.
James Watson, 01 Nov 2001

SirCam haunts dim-witted users

SirCam is still the most infectious computer virus on the Internet. Four months after it was first released it continues to haunt users.
John Leyden, 01 Nov 2001

Dell sees high single-digit PC growth

PC sales percentage growth rates will be in the high single digits over the next four to five years, according to Michael Dell.
Robert Blincoe, 01 Nov 2001

Micron demands WTO declare Hynix rescue actionable

Micron will seek the US government's help in blocking rival memory maker Hynix's $7 billion rescue plan, the company confirmed yesterday.
Tony Smith, 01 Nov 2001

Mideast ‘cyberwar’ veteran indicted

The Turbaned Chupacabra may rest snug in his Afghan cave, and the House of Saud may be paying generous protection money to Al Qaeda behind our backs; Anthrax may spread through the postal system and India may attack in Kashmir while the US Secretary of State stands on Pakistani soil, but the FBI has struck a solid blow for Democracy and Freedom by persuading a federal grand jury to indict celebrity hacktivist DoctorNuker.
Thomas C Greene, 01 Nov 2001

MS antitrust deal close – WinXP, bundling to emerge unscathed?

Microsoft and the DoJ seem close to cutting a deal, and from the sound of the terms leaking from the settlement talks, the Beast stands a good chance of emerging relatively unscathed. That is, if the States attorneys general can be persuaded to go along with it.
John Lettice, 01 Nov 2001

VIA sales are flat in October

VIA sales rose 17.1 per cent month-on-month during October to NT$3.042 billion ($88 million), the company reported today.
Tony Smith, 01 Nov 2001

UKBetting buys Sportal for £1

Online sports portal Sportal has been sold for just £1 to online bookie UKbetting.com. The troubled dotcom (and dot co.uk) admitted last week that it had hit a "challenging time".
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Nov 2001

Netcraft Web Server Survey – October 2001

Our correspondent, 01 Nov 2001

HP has high price hi-fi

Hewlett Packard has gone hi-fi, and is shipping a device which stores up to 750 CDs, and plays Internet radio and streaming video (powered by RealPlayer and RealJukebox software).
James Watson, 01 Nov 2001

Ex-Buddhist monk to reclaim hacking from s'kiddiots

Socially dysfunctional teenagers, disgruntled employees and even the Russian Mafia have brought the word 'hacker' into disrepute but the application of Buddhism can help turn things around.
John Leyden, 01 Nov 2001

Infineon wants a DRAM foursome

Infineon is in talks with three Taiwanese DRAM producers about a possible merger that could lead to the group holding a 20 per cent share of the market.
James Watson, 01 Nov 2001
SGI logo hardware close-up

EMC: Eating Shark Fin Soup

InterviewThe last twelve months have seen a range of accusations laid at EMC's door. The competition says that EMC has lost its edge, that it's slipping and that it needs to change if it is going to fend off their products. EMC says that this couldn't be further from the truth. Mark Fredrickson, EMC VP of communications and Ken Steinhardt, the director of technology analysis, explained to IT-Analysis.com the real picture – minus the competition's spin.
IT-Analysis, 01 Nov 2001

Nokia knocks Palm off Euro PDA biz top slot

Nokia dominated the European market for PDAs and data-enabled smartphones during the third quarter, outselling both Palm and Compaq by a hefty margin and almost doubling its sales year on year.
Tony Smith, 01 Nov 2001

BBC replies to Tweenies DVD/XP problem

Following our story last week about the BBC's Tweenies DVD not working with XP, the media organisation has kindly supplied us with the following statement.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Nov 2001

Powerpuff Girls catch FunLove Virus

Warner Bros has recalled a virus-infected DVD featuring hot new cartoon stars, the Powerpuff Girls.
John Leyden, 01 Nov 2001

Wear your Computing degree

If you're thinking of going (back) to university, not because you want an extra qualification but because you miss all the free time, cheap beer and young women, you could do worse than go to The Graz University of Technology in Austria and study its new degree in Wearable Computing.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Nov 2001

Computer dealers charged in £100m money laundering case

Five computer component dealers, and three others, are to appear in court charged with laundering £100 million for criminals around the world.
Team Register, 01 Nov 2001

Culture jammers spoof WTO web site

The World Trade Organisation is fuming over a spoof Web site which copies the WTO's design but subverts the text to support the aims of anti-global protesters.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Nov 2001

Dotcom Telegraph folds into main paper

The technology supplement of the Daily Telegraph will be folded into the main paper after its last publication next Thursday, November 8.
John Leyden, 01 Nov 2001

Berners-Lee slams ‘blatant’ MS browser tactics

Tim Berners-Lee, The father of the World Wide Web and director of the W3C standards organisation, has attacked Microsoft over last week's blocking of people with non-MS browsers from using its MSN.com site.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Nov 2001

All quiet on the Western Europe PC front

PC shipments in Western Europe fell 11 per cent in Q3. according to Gartner Dataquest.
James Watson, 01 Nov 2001

September semicon sales fall 2.5% on August

Chip sales fell 2.5 per cent in September when compared to August's figure - the opposite of what many market players and watchers had expected.
Tony Smith, 01 Nov 2001

‘DeCSS’ DVD descrambler ruled legal

The Copy Control Association (CCA), which was granted a preliminary injunction against Andrew Bunner and other Webmasters, was handed its head in a California appellate court Thursday.
Thomas C Greene, 01 Nov 2001

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