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VA drops Linux name, boots out Kuro5hin

VA Linux Systems wants to drop the 'Linux' from its name, less than three years after it added it. The new name of VA Software is thought to better reflect the company's new business of selling software, rather than Linux-tuned hardware and services.
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BT's Bonfield quits

Sir Peter Bonfield is to stand down as BT's chief exec at the end of January - almost a year before his current contract expires, the company announced today.
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Firms hit in Nimda mutant outbreak

Dozens of firms have been infected by the latest mutation of Nimda.
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Berners Lee: WWW royalties considered harmful

WWW creator Tim Berners Lee has given his strongest hint yet that the W3C organization he created ought to shun the idea of accepting royalty-bearing patents as web standards. He also acknowledges that the move could lead to the fragmentation of the Web.
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Red Hat Hell continued

I've been delighted by something like 200 e-mail memos from open-sourcers in the Reg 'family' of readers who have tried to suggest causes for the dismal experience I had installing Red Hat 7.2.
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Broadband hobbled by high prices – E-envoy's office

TMA The mass take-up of broadband is being hampered by high prices, according to Chris Parker of the Government's e-envoy office.
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Hynix creditors meet to break bailout deadlock

Hynix's creditors will meet today to decide whether they should support the ailing, debt-laden memory maker's $6 billion rescue programme.

Cherrystone delay highlights x86 v RISC War

Analysis Obscure they may be, but the skirmishes waged between the big-iron vendors' low-end RISC kit and Intel's swanky new high-end offerings get more interesting by the day.
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Ingram Micro suffers sales slide

Ingram Micro has reported a net loss of $13.3 million on sales of $5.83 billion for its Q3 which ended on 29 September.
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SIS to offer Rambus chipset for Pentium 4?

The mysterious developer of a second Rambus-based chipset for Intel's Pentium 4 could be SIS.
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Intel confirms Pentium 4-based Celeron launch

Intel has confirmed that it will ship Pentium 4-derived Celerons by the middle of next year.
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Ad Watchdog slaps AOL

This month it's AOL's turn to be told off by the Advertising Standards Authority. In a recent national press ad, it went with its usual Free! Free! Free! approach (even though it never is for long).
Broken CD with wrench

Intel caches in on file transfer

Intel is to commercialise a peer-to-peer application developed inhouse for file sharing. Called Share and Learn, the technology shares bandwidth-hungry multimedia files and boost file transfers between seven and ten times.
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Apple faces second financial misrepresentation suit

More investors may be lining up to attack Apple's bosses for allegedly misleading shareholders last year about the Mac maker's financial performance.
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MSN.co.uk virus alert is false alarm

Many subscribers of MSN.co.uk were told that the site was infected by a virus when they logged on this morning. But it was a false alarm.
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Nutshell cracked and broken

ISP Nutshell has shut down after failing to come to agreement with supplier Cable & Wireless over a huge bill.
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Broadband by satellite gets a boost

TMA Inmarsat is to boost the bandwidth its satellite communication network can give users with a $1.7 billion investment program.
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Hacker jailed for revenge sewage attacks

An Australian man was today sent to prison for two years after he was found guilty of hacking into the Maroochy Shire, Queensland computerised waste management system and caused millions of litres of raw sewage to spill out into local parks, rivers and even the grounds of a Hyatt Regency hotel.
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Linux switch saves Amazon megabucks

Amazon.com has saved up to $17 million this quarter by moving to Linux.
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Is Negroponte mellowing with age?

Opinion Professional guru professor Nicholas Negroponte, the sage of MIT media lab, appears to be mellowing in his old age. Not that what he says is any less out there but in an interview with the BBC this week, he seems to have lost his trademark crazy prediction habit.
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Pierre Danon rules himself out of BT CEO race

The head of BT Retail, Piere Danon has ruled himself out of the race for BT's CEO position following the announcement today by current CEO Sir Peter Bonfield to step down.
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BT's nightmare removed on Halloween

With classic poor timing Sir Peter Bonfield chose Halloween to announce that he was finally to leave BT as CEO. The ghoul who has done more than anyone else to turn the company from a jewel in the UK's crown to a telco tramp has finally been exorcised.
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Tiny goes on customer service offensive

Tiny Computers has bulked up its support call-centre operation with a hundred additional staff as part of its attempt to lift service and support levels, as well as trying to retain and grow its customer base.

Bluetooth gives bite to high speed wireless network

A high speed urban wireless network based on Bluetooth is launching this week in Manchester.
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Lastminute.com gets away with Hun fun

The Advertising Standards Authority is taking a soft line on German-bashing.