31st October 2001 Archive

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  • VA drops Linux name, boots out Kuro5hin

    Reshuffles OSDN deckchairs

    Media 31 06:09

  • BT's Bonfield quits


    Business 31 07:37

  • Firms hit in Nimda mutant outbreak

    Variations on a theme

    Security 31 08:44

  • Berners Lee: WWW royalties considered harmful

    This Web's not for turning

    Media 31 08:48

  • Red Hat Hell continued

    And thank you, readers, for your tips

    Software 31 10:33

  • Broadband hobbled by high prices – E-envoy's office

    And lack of choice

    Broadband 31 11:01

  • Hynix creditors meet to break bailout deadlock

    Will it clear the way for chip company's rescue?

    Channel 31 11:21

  • Cherrystone delay highlights x86 v RISC War

    It's War, or something

    Data Centre 31 12:26

  • Ingram Micro suffers sales slide

    Makes a loss

    Channel 31 12:31

  • SIS to offer Rambus chipset for Pentium 4?

    Email from spokesman suggests so

    Channel 31 12:37

  • Intel confirms Pentium 4-based Celeron launch

    Coming mid-2002, says Intel; at 1.8GHz, we say

    Channel 31 12:40

  • Ad Watchdog slaps AOL

    And questions suspect mobile radiation device

    Media 31 12:42

  • Intel caches in on file transfer

    Share and Learn

    Data Networking 31 12:53

  • Apple faces second financial misrepresentation suit

    Talked products up then failed to deliver, case claims

    Mac Channel 31 13:12

  • MSN.co.uk virus alert is false alarm


    Security 31 13:51

  • Nutshell cracked and broken

    ISP shuts down over unpaid bill to Cable & Wireless

    Media 31 14:45

  • Broadband by satellite gets a boost

    432Kbps by 2004 says Inmarsat

    Broadband 31 15:11

  • Hacker jailed for revenge sewage attacks

    Job rejection caused a bit of a stink

    Software 31 15:55

  • Linux switch saves Amazon megabucks

    Telco price cuts also help

    e-Business 31 16:02

  • Is Negroponte mellowing with age?

    Net guru becomes, well, almost reasonable

    Media 31 16:26

  • Pierre Danon rules himself out of BT CEO race

    Head of BT Retail says he has enough on his plate

    Business 31 16:30

  • BT's nightmare removed on Halloween

    Sir Peter Bonfield's BT career highlights

    Business 31 17:12

  • Tiny goes on customer service offensive

    Finds some fresh revenue streams

    Channel 31 17:49

  • Bluetooth gives bite to high speed wireless network

    Net access at 384Kbps, range of up to 100m

    Data Networking 31 17:52

  • Lastminute.com gets away with Hun fun

    You can call Germans nearly anything now

    Bootnotes 31 18:10