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Microsoft's Trick or Treat

In the gothic novel of public opinion, Microsoft is a veritable "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." The general business community regards Microsoft as a prominent and respected corporation with a substantial product line which has literally changed the face of modern-day computing. It's stock is on the rise (presumably in reaction to …
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Linux update withholds security info on DMCA terror

Citing a controversial U.S. copyright law, a top Linux developer announced this week that Americans would not be given details about the security fixes in an update to the open source operating system, a first for a software development community that prides itself on transparency. An update to version 2.2 of the Linux kernel …
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UMC loss doubles as sales halve

UMC saw profit turn to loss during its most recently completed quarter - its third - as sales fell by nearly 60 per cent to NT$11.96 billion ($346 million).

Canon looks to nanoholes to drive up storage densities

Expect storage media capacities to increase significantly this decade, if Canon's latest research bears commercial fruit.
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Dr Bott brings Apple LCDs to Windows PCs

x86 PC users who fancy Apple's sleek, sharp LCD monitor series but have in the past been disappointed by the company's Mac-only policy can at last be assured that the screens will at last work with Windows.
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Napster relaunch delayed until next year

Napster yesterday blamed obstructive record companies for its decision to delay the relaunch of its music service by several months.

EMC spreads software wings

Today EMC takes its first public steps down the road which leads to true heterogeneous platform management.
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UK govt wants to decide own spam policy

The UK government has said it supports the European Parliament's plan to let individual countries decide their own spam policy, something that is bad news for UK consumers since the government is known to be swaying towards an opt-out approach to unsolicited mail.
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Back broadband during the downturn

TMA NTL has called on business to embrace broadband and communication technology in a bid to beat the economic downturn.
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Baltimore board votes in pay cuts

Senior execs at security firm Baltimore Technologies have agreed to take a pay cut that reflects the firm's diminished financial health.

Handspring strikes corporate data alliance

Where Palm failed, Palm OS licensee Handspring is hoping to succeed - in the corporate mobile data arena.
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£25m Barclays blackmail trial begins

An encryption expert attempted to blackmail Barclays Bank for £25 million after becoming disillusioned with his work and leaving the bank, a jury at the Old Bailey heard yesterday.
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AMD Processor Products, Prices

Updated In the event, AMD made only one price cut yesterday, dropping the top-end Athlon XP 1800+ from $252 to $223, a fall of 12 per cent. Not much, you might think, but presumably sufficient in AMD's view to pitch the part against Intel's mid-range Pentium 4s.
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Orange takes bronze in 3G race

Orange has put claim to the UK's bronze medal for 3G today, saying it has completed its first voice, data and video call on a third-generation network.
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AOL told to stop shipping AOL 6.0

AOL has been forced by a US court to halt shipments of its AOL 6.0 software - and could affect the recently launched version 7.0.
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Secondhand WinXP for sale

Computer Exchange (CeX) is to buy and sell secondhand copies of Windows XP. But all copies must be unused and sealed.
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Pure ASPs face rough ride – BT

Pure Application Service Providers (ASPs) are in for a rough ride as big systems integrators and telcos bundle managed applications onto their offerings. They will need to provide much more than just application hosting in order to survive.
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Tiny chooses DVD-RAM

Tiny has bundled a recordable DVD drive into its latest home PC deal - the first time its gone with DVD. But the PC ships with a Panasonic DVD-RAM drive, which could be a concern for consumers wanting to share their data with others.
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Ali Demin leaves Samsung

Long-serving Samsung UK chief Ali Demin left the company this month to "concentrate on returning to full fitness after suffering from a back injury."
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Oftel reconsiders digital TV pricing

Oftel announced today it is to review how digital TV companies pay for "conditional access services" i.e. things like encryption and user identification which allow subscribers to view certain programmes but others can't.
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Get online from low-earth-orbiting research craft

Cisco Systems has developed technology which makes it easier for a router, along with a network of connected IP devices, to access the Internet from planes or trains that are themselves on the move.