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PC World's free XP install offer

UK retailer PC World is pushing Windows XP by offering to load it on your machine for free. It may then, at an outside guess, discover you need more memory and other upgrades, to really jack up your bill.
James Watson, 26 Oct 2001

Hynix to axe 20% of overseas staff

Hynix plans to make 20 per cent of its overseas workers redundant and force the rest to take 30 days' unpaid leave - all to reduce the debt-laden chip maker's costs.
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2001

Contract 128Mb, 256Mb DRAM prices start to rise

Long-term contract DRAM chip prices have risen over the last month by up to 11.11 per cent, Korean market watcher DRAM Exchange reports.
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2001

Lastminute does .NET

Lastminute.com will offer its users updates on their purchases via Windows Messenger. It has also integrated with Microsoft's Passport authentication scheme, allowing users to automatically logon to the service.
James Watson, 26 Oct 2001

Etailers fretful about e-Xmas

Reliable delivery is top of the list of concerns for etailers this year in the run-up to Christmas.
Tim Richardson, 26 Oct 2001

WinXP saves the planet. Or not

There are two lines on XP sales expectations, but maybe they're not so far apart. In the one corner we have Microsoft's execs, tentatively (or in the case of Bill, not so tentatively) suggesting that XP will save the world, while in the other the hard-nosed analysts predict a slow rollout in businesses, and that XP Home Edition sales won't be enough to revive the PC industry.
John Lettice, 26 Oct 2001

TSMC Q3 income up 297% quarter-on-quarter

TSMC, the world's largest chip foundry, saw its income fall a massive 93.8 per cent year-on-year during the last three months, according to the company's Q3 2001 results, published today.
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2001

Google mulls premium subscription services

Google is considering offering premium subscription services as a way of boosting its revenues.
John Leyden, 26 Oct 2001

Computacenter and GE Capital swap euro ops

Computacenter is buying the UK and French businesses of rival GE Capital IT Solutions. In return GE Capital is buying Computacenter's German business.
Robert Blincoe, 26 Oct 2001

Man behind £8bn bid for BT's local loop found dead

Theodore Ammon - the financier behind Earthlease's £8 billion bid for BT's local loop - was found dead at his home in Long Island on Monday.
Tim Richardson, 26 Oct 2001

Ericsson results disappoint but share price rises

Ericsson released disappointing results late last night after a leak to the press but then saw a surprising nine per cent rise in its share price as the market reacted favourably to a positive cash flow and the news that chairman Lars Ramqvist was to step down. The markets have since lost their peculiar enthusiasm and the share price has dropped to two per cent higher.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Oct 2001

MS XP signed drivers regime draws consumer groups' ire

The US consumer groups demanding changes in Windows XP returned to the fray yesterday, claiming that the OS "is an illegal extension of the company's illegal monopoly, and which will cause significant harm to both the nation's consumers and non-Microsoft-affiliated software firms and Internet service vendors." Which is what they said last month too, but the focus of their latest complaint is interesting, because they've added driver signing to the usual grumps about Passport and links to MS and its partners' services.
John Lettice, 26 Oct 2001

Intel, AMD to slash desktop processor prices

AMD and Intel will both aggressively cut the prices of select desktop processors next week, by up to 23 per cent and 29 per cent, respectively.
Tony Smith, 26 Oct 2001

Opera and Mozilla get MSN support

Microsoft will now support Opera and Mozilla users on its MSN.com portal, a change decided late yesterday by Bob Visse, director of marketing for MSN.
James Watson, 26 Oct 2001

Nasty email gives ANTS a case of worms

An email purporting to offer a patch to a Trojan horse scanner, popular in Germany, is actually an Internet worm.
John Leyden, 26 Oct 2001

MI5 turns to newsgroups to find Bin Laden supporters

UK internal intelligence service MI5 has been posting various appeals for information on dissident Islamic Web sites over fears that cells of Osama Bin Laden's terrorist network al-Qaeda are active in the UK.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Oct 2001

Sportal hit by ‘challenging time’

There are fears about the future of Sportal's European operations amidst these uncertain economic times.
Tim Richardson, 26 Oct 2001

NEC & Toshiba see red

Japan's tech industry got itself deeper into the doldrums today when two of its leading companies announced losses for the half year ending September 30.
James Watson, 26 Oct 2001

UK IT spend – it's not so bad after all

At last, a welcome change from all those market carnage / vendor roadkill reports. The National Computing Centre(NCC) today releases its twentieth annual survey of IT spending in the UK. And the results are faintly encouraging.
Drew Cullen, 26 Oct 2001

Wales gets £18.4m for broadband

Wales is to get a cash injection of £18.4 million to help expand its broadband network.
Tim Richardson, 26 Oct 2001

T-Motion and its digital uncertificate

Mobile services firm T-Motion has a security certificate on in its Web site, which fails to work properly for three reasons.
John Leyden, 26 Oct 2001

Tweenies can't sing and dance on WinXP

A reader has been in touch complaining that his four-year-old daughter can't access her Tweenies DVD (don't ask - just go here).
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Oct 2001

Now Logica bans stamps

Logica, the "global solutions company", is extending its Draconian cost-cutting spree still further with an announcement today - sent to all staff via internal email - that stamps are being banned.
Kieren McCarthy, 26 Oct 2001

WinXP doesn't feel the Force Feedback

Gamers using Microsoft's SideWinder Force Feedback game controllers and wanting to upgrade to WinXP are in for a bit of a shock - not all will work.
James Watson, 26 Oct 2001

Win-XP firewall defeats Gibson NanoProbes

A reader recently told me that the default settings on his Win-XP Pro firewall made him invisible on the Net, at least according to Steve Gibson's ShieldsUp security diagnostic tool. But this isn't what Gibberson is worried about. As we know, he's terrified that Harry Homeowner users will be Trojanized six ways to Sunday by malicious teenagers bent on using their raw sockets to destroy the Internet.
Thomas C Greene, 26 Oct 2001

Email deletion bug baffles McAfee

A glitch in McAfee's VirusScan software which 'disappears' email for Outlook Express users is more of a problem than it first appeared, the company says.
John Leyden, 26 Oct 2001

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