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Sun drops bundle bombshell on BEA

Sun Microsystems is mulling the option of bundling the iPlanet app server in for free with Solaris, according to IDG News Service. The news wire quotes Sun software boss Pat Sueltz as confirming that iPlanet would form part of a bundle in the future, but reports that no final decision has been taken at Sun to give the app server a zero-dollar price tag.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Oct 2001

IBM server is really cool

IBM has announced a low-end Unix server which consumes 20 per cent less power than competing Sun Microsystems kit.
John Leyden, 25 Oct 2001

Easy CD Creator touts WinXP upgrade

The company behind the popular CD-burning software Easy CD Creator, Roxio, is to have another stab at avoiding compatibility issues with Microsoft operating systems. It is releasing a Windows XP upgrade for its latest version - Version 5 Platinum.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Oct 2001

Leaked MS email reveals WinXP, Xbox launch spin plans

With exquisite timing a very naughty mole leaks us an email from top Microsoft spinmeister Mark Murray. Not any old email, either - it details events for the week leading up to Der Tag, today, the XP launch in NYC.
John Lettice, 25 Oct 2001

Bin Laden hack-meister in defacement, financial debacles

Shameless German glam-h4x0r Kim Schmitz aka Kimble, who recently stole headlines with his YIHAT (Young Intelligent Hackers Against Terrorism) publicity stunt and his unsubstantiated claims to have hacked a Sudanese bank with /bin/laden accounts, has been fingered in a defacement of SecurityNewsPortal (SNP) which prompted the site's sudden closing. Oh, and the flamboyant Schmitz is broke, too.
Thomas C Greene, 25 Oct 2001

SecurityNews Portal shutters site

SecurityNewsPortal is shutting up shop after a defacement brought down its site yesterday.
John Leyden, 25 Oct 2001

FAST ROI: InterX Net2020

Return on Interest is the latest tech magazine phenomenon in the US. At a time of folding titles and staff cutbacks, two magazines have launched recently in the States, joining Computerworld's ROI.
IT-Director.com, 25 Oct 2001

Win-XP buying intentions: You the Jury

Reg Reader ResearchBetween the end of September and the beginning of October, The Register and Tom's MetaFacts Forum conducted an online study among 597 Forum members, split 69 per cent professional respondents and 31 per cent private respondents. Here's what you have to say about Windows XP - out on October 25.
Drew Cullen, 25 Oct 2001

Euro Teen Sluts take on Ernst & Young

An educational Web site run by Ernst & Young has been replaced by a XXX porn site featuring "165,000 Barely Legal Teen Movies", the global professional services company admitted yesterday.
Tim Richardson, 25 Oct 2001

‘WinXP beefs up security’ story goes viral on Web

Early-rising news junkies may have noticed a curious wave of 'WinXP beefs up PC security' stories creeping across the web, and no doubt spreading into the public prints. They may also have noted how curiously similar they are; but as Reuters, the source, doesn't figure on our good friend Mark Murray's list of "timed" XP story partners, we must presume the stories' appearance is entirely coincidental, no matter how helpful its message is to Microsoft on this, the big day.
John Lettice, 25 Oct 2001

L&H struck dumb

A Belgian court, which refused to extend its protection from creditors, has declared Lernout & Hauspie bankrupt.
John Leyden, 25 Oct 2001

Apple iPod redux

Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2001

Orange: revenues up, shares down

Orange has seen its revenues jump 29 per cent in the nine months to September, year-on-year, and is now the market leader for mobiles in the UK and France. That hasn't stopped its share price falling just under three per cent this morning though. Some people are so hard to please.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Oct 2001

Content key to broadband success

Content is the key driver to making broadband Internet services a mass market product, according to the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA).
Tim Richardson, 25 Oct 2001

Sony's results are pony

Sony's games division has made its first profit since the PlayStation 2 arrived last year. But overall the company made a surprise Q2 loss due to price slides for components and products.
Robert Blincoe, 25 Oct 2001

AMD, Intel to meet in court

AMD is trying to boost the European Commission's anti-trust investigation into Intel by bringing documents relating to anti-trust allegations made against the chip giant in the US available to the EC probe.
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2001

Matsushita, Hitachi back NEC ,Toshiba DRAM dumping charge

It looks like NEC and Toshiba - now joined by Mitsubishi and Hitachi - will indeed make an official complaint to Japan's trade authorities that Korean memory makers Samsung and Hynix are dumping memory in Japan.
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2001

Salmon Dazed: FishNet re-stocking

Well that was fun: the Web site for our new vidstrip, SalmonDays, has crashed under the weight of enormous human traffic. Our suppliers were taken aback by the interest and are busily restoring the service.
Drew Cullen, 25 Oct 2001

Big Brother Award nomination for WPA, Passport pains MS

Microsoft Austria has reacted with horror, pain and angst to the company's nomination for this year's Austrian Big Brother Awards, and has asked for the nomination to be withdrawn. But the begging email it sent to the organisers merely seems to have drawn more attention to the nomination - the awards themselves take place tomorrow, and are bound to rain on somebody's parade.
John Lettice, 25 Oct 2001

Cisco shakes up distribution strategy

UpdatedCisco has announced a shake up in its distribution strategy in EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) which means many of its disties will no longer deal with product procurement, effectively demoting their status.
John Leyden, 25 Oct 2001

Be Palms $1.135m in Q3 revenue

With Be's anticipated acquisition by Palm casting such a shadow over the operating system developer for the last couple of months, you wouldn't expect the company to have made much money during its most recently completed quarter, and you'd be right - it didn't.
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2001

WinXP on the wall, who's the most incompatible of them all?

Owners of the new shiny Windows XP operating system will be disappointed if they try to play another new shiny product - Disney's re-release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on DVD.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Oct 2001

Oftel probes another BT ADSL install complaint

Oftel is investigating a complaint that BT is subsidising installation costs for its multi-user business class broadband service.
Tim Richardson, 25 Oct 2001

Cisco does a road runner from Wile E Coyote plan

Cisco has scaled back plans to expand its campus into one of the few undeveloped portions of Silicon Valley.
John Leyden, 25 Oct 2001

WinXP London launch

Windows XP kicked off in fine form at London's Royal Festival Hall this morning with much singing, dancing and loud music. Okay, well, maybe just loud music (think Madonna).
James Watson, 25 Oct 2001

UK Govt calls for e-democracy

The Government has called upon the IT and Internet communities to come up with new ways to encourage online democracy.
Tim Richardson, 25 Oct 2001

Western Digital bigs up 120GB hard drive

Western Digital has announced its WD1200BB hard drive, which it claims is the first 120GB drive on the market.
James Watson, 25 Oct 2001

HPaQ gets thumbs up from Saudi billionaire Prince

Royal dotcom stock splurger Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal has said he's right behind Hewlett-Packard's takeover of Compaq. He thinks it's all a great idea.
Robert Blincoe, 25 Oct 2001

Government shuts down IT learning scheme over fraud scams

The government has decided today to shut down an IT training scheme it set up in 1999 that has become a magnet for unscrupulous training organisations and conmen. The decision follows a full-scale investigation by the Department of Education urged by Trading Standards at the start of the month.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Oct 2001

Fibernet offers unbundled DSL from next week

Fibernet - one of the handful of operators actively involved in local loop unbundling (LLU) in the UK - is to launch its range of hi-speed Internet services next week.
Tim Richardson, 25 Oct 2001

So how many PS1s and PS2s has Sony shipped?

Sony has shipped 19.57 million Playstation 2 and 88.26 million units of the original Playstation games console as of 30 September 2001.
Robert Blincoe, 25 Oct 2001

ICANN caught red-handed

The Internet's overseeing body, ICANN, has been caught red-handed manipulating its own rules to protect existing members at the expense of its stated philosophy of openness.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Oct 2001

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