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DoS attacks getting scary, CERT warns

Kevin Poulsen, 23 Oct 2001

Net security in an open electronic society

Elias Levy, 23 Oct 2001

Disney cartoon lambasts evil music-sharing

The Disney Channel cartoon series The Proud Family aired an episode on October 5 entitled EZ Jackster . In the storyline, EZ Jackster is a Napster-like site, and the show's little heroines get addicted to the service and play a part in the downfall of the music industry. Disney is one of the backers of the SSSCA legislation that is scheduled for a hearing before Congress this week.
Tina Gasperson, 23 Oct 2001

Web services marchitecture wars get personal

In a move timed to steal headlines from Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference, which is running concurrently in Los Angeles, Sun is hosting a 'Web Service Summit' to talk up its Sun ONE marchitecture in Santa Clara later today. Real news might be harder to find: Sun is expected to announce that it will bundle iPlanet developer licenses with Solaris, but this has been widely trailed. Beyond that, expect a wholehearted endorsement of standards such as UDDI, ebXML, XML-RPC and/or SOAP, and how they'll all knit together with Java.
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Oct 2001

Lexmark to lay off 1,600, as Q3 profits rise

Printer company Lexmark is laying of 1,600 workers - 12 per cent of its staff - in spite of seeing a Q3 profit rise.
Robert Blincoe, 23 Oct 2001

Intel denies 20% capex cut claim

Intel has damned as inaccurate a report in yesterday's Asian Wall Street Journal which claimed that CTO and VP Pat 'Kicking' Gelsinger had said the chip giant would cut expenditure on new plant and equipment next year by 20 per cent.
Tony Smith, 23 Oct 2001

Rambus unveils 6.4GBps, 3.2GHz next-gen RDRAM

Rambus yesterday introduced Yellowstone, its next-generation memory technology, designed to accelerate data transfer rates of up to 6.4GBps between processors and RAM.
Tony Smith, 23 Oct 2001

IBM hit with hard drive class action suit

Michael T. Granito, Jr., an American user of IBM's 75GXP hard drive, filed a class action lawsuit against the company last Tuesday for defects in the product causing it to "crash", according to an article on The Tech Report.
James Watson, 23 Oct 2001

Taleban – who can't hack – get hacked

UpdatedA Web site associated with the Taleban has been hacked by 'American patriot' defacers, or so it appeared.
John Leyden, 23 Oct 2001

SGI turnaround getting closer, company promises

SGI continues to haemorrhage red ink, losing a further $69 million during its most-recently completed quarter, the first of its 2002 fiscal year and covering the three months to 28 September.
Tony Smith, 23 Oct 2001

Grim Reaper fingers BT in Brum

The Grim Reaper and ET turned out in an eleventh hour bid to stop BT from spinning off its mobile phone business.
Tim Richardson, 23 Oct 2001

$8.8bn loss but Lucent predicts return to profit in 2002

Lucent Technologies has posted results that show its business is still operating at a loss despite its massive restructuring program.
John Leyden, 23 Oct 2001

EU says ‘oui’ to spam

Euro politicians gave the thumbs up to spam last night by passing an amendment that will force Net users to register if they don't want to receive unsolicited commercial email.
Tim Richardson, 23 Oct 2001

World chip sales down 32% during 2001

Last May, the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics team forecast global chip sales would fall 14 per cent during 2001. If only. Nearly six months and the WSTS' prognosis is worse - much worse. The market will be down 32 per cent - more than double the organisation's previous prediction.
Tony Smith, 23 Oct 2001

You won't believe how much fun the Windows XP launch will be

You may have already seen the Windows XP grassy knoll TV ad, backed by Madonna's Ray of Light, but this is just the start. The OS goes on sale on Thursday 25 October, and boy do Microsoft and friends have some exciting things lined up to kick start sales.
James Watson, 23 Oct 2001

Sony preps worldwide PlayStation 2 Linux release

Sony is bringing its PlayStation 2 Linux distro to the US and elsewhere following its release in Japan last June.
Tony Smith, 23 Oct 2001

Virgin.net in strategy U-turn

Virgin.net has completed a U-turn in its Internet strategy with confirmation that it is to remerge its ISP and portal businesses.
Tim Richardson, 23 Oct 2001

Virus writers are industrial terrorists – MS

Virus writing is comparable industrial terrorism, according to senior .Net developer evangelist Michael Lane Thomas.
John Leyden, 23 Oct 2001

Apple's ‘breakthrough’ – iPod or iWalk?

So is Apple's 'breakthrough' digital device called iPod or iWalk. Wired News claims it's the former, but little-known site SpyMac reckons it's iWalk and has the pictures to prove it.
Tony Smith, 23 Oct 2001

Intel super shrinks flash memory

Intel has announced a new flash memory product today, built on its 0.13-micron production process technology. Flash memory is a type of non-volatile memory, usually used to hold control code like your PCs BIOS.
James Watson, 23 Oct 2001

Ex-Microsoft CFO steers new biz to negative revenues

Canadian fibre optic network services provider 360networks has posted Q2 results announcing it has negative revenue of $63 million (down from $158 million in positive revenue in the same period 2000).
James Watson, 23 Oct 2001

Apple pops iPod

In answer to our previous question, Apple's so-called "breakthrough digital device" is called the iPod, but as we feared, it also proves to be a 'me too' product.
Tony Smith, 23 Oct 2001

Intel kit took iPOD name before Apple's did

Apple may run into problems following its decision to opt for iPod as the name for its new "breakthrough" MP3 player - from Intel.
Tony Smith, 23 Oct 2001

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