19th October 2001 Archive

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  • Intel announces Cloak Of Invulnerability™

    It's an off-the-roadmap

    Channel 19 00:26

  • Harvesting passwords from DSL routers

    Hackers raid Cayman for 'disposable' dial-up accounts

    Security 19 09:09

  • MS digital rights management scheme cracked

    Let's hear it for the boy

    Software 19 09:20

  • Transmeta Q3 revenue plummets 52% on Q2

    Downward spiral accelerates

    Business 19 10:01

  • Microsoft's telco write-offs reduce net income by 42 per cent

    But things don't look bad in general

    Business 19 10:12

  • Sun has biggest ever quarterly loss

    Just as expected

    Business 19 10:16

  • My Net shed nightmare, by Net shed nightmare man

    Shed man tells of his ordeal

    Media 19 10:28

  • Hynix Q3 loss balloons to $1.3 billion

    How long will its creditors hang on in there?

    Business 19 10:34

  • Fibernet to offer unbundled services

    Revenue and profits up

    Media 19 10:35

  • Nokia sees across-board drop but shares jump 5 per cent

    Beats expectations, says future looks rosy

    Business 19 11:44

  • Ebay revenues up

    Which is nice

    e-Business 19 11:45

  • STMicro back in the black

    Sales slide, though - and won't improve any time soon, company claims

    Business 19 11:50

  • VIA chipper about mobo market moves

    ABN Amro not so keen though

    Channel 19 12:16

  • Intel culls consumer electronics operation

    No more cheap plastic peripherals

    Personal 19 13:09

  • Losses pile up at Nortel

    More depressing than a Leonard Cohen song

    Business 19 13:13

  • Increasing Nvidia orders boost TSMC output

    Investors rub hands in anticipation

    Channel 19 13:27

  • UK govt twists National Audit Office report into 3G licence auction

    Funny goings on

    Data Networking 19 13:42

  • Who'd want to merge with Gateway?

    Q3 mostly sucked

    Business 19 13:48

  • US broadband goes mass-market next year

    Can't wait

    Broadband 19 14:47

  • Freeserve bares all

    Cheeky ads reveal ISP's naked ambition

    Bootnotes 19 14:51

  • World's biggest luddite strikes again!

    Australia's Senator Alston dismisses ADSL

    Media 19 14:55

  • Acer spouts the biggest load of management guff

    Mega and Micro bull

    Business 19 15:10

  • Big fat 5GB PC card for photographers

    Camera action

    Personal 19 15:37

  • Barclaycard £25m blackmail crypto case cloaked in secrecy

    We could tell you about it, but then we'd have to kill you

    Business 19 15:48

  • P4 shortages cause Athlon XP drought

    It's hell out there

    Channel 19 17:15

  • Hacker Web site up for sale

    But can anyone make money from Hack.co.za?

    Security 19 17:28