17th October 2001 Archive

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  • Freds and Threads knot AMD's Hammer

    Waiting for The Beast

    Channel 17 06:40

  • How Sun swerved to avoid Rambus

    Roadkill on memory lane

    Channel 17 06:42

  • Win-XP denounced as terrorism tool

    The security's too good, a forensics 'expert' laments

    Software 17 07:43

  • Intel Q3 sales down 25%, income down 96%

    But decline appears to have bottomed out

    Business 17 09:31

  • Egg to axe up to 50 jobs

    Still on target to break even in Q4

    e-Business 17 09:39

  • Rambus shines through economic gloom

    Litigation tarnishes the gleam

    Business 17 10:02

  • Andradi slaps BT's broadband knockers

    Blames regulatory environment

    Broadband 17 10:32

  • Apple insider trading suit expanded

    Alleges executives sold stock on inside knowledge of profit warning

    Mac Channel 17 10:43

  • IBM PC business takes a hammering

    Services look rosy

    Business 17 10:43

  • Transmeta CEO replaced after seven months

    Board shuffles management just ahead of Q3 result statement. Oh dear...

    Business 17 11:05

  • VIA preps Pentium 4 ‘clone’

    Beat them at their own game

    Channel 17 11:27

  • MS-Samsung sign Windows home network, digital music deal

    Embed with Bill Gates...

    Software 17 11:47

  • Intel's Server Roadmap

    Nocona extends Xeon line into 2003

    Channel 17 11:55

  • Intel unveils Prestonia's successor, Nocona

    Bringing Banias to servers too

    Channel 17 12:09

  • Infineon and Toshiba close to DRAM deal

    Agreement would merge both firms' memory operations

    Channel 17 12:26

  • New MS division to push developer relations, .NET

    Keep the important people inside the tent...

    Software 17 12:29

  • IR35 ‘escape case’ knocked down by legal experts

    Of course employment law and tax law are unrelated (eh?)

    Business 17 12:34

  • Intel unwraps designer cybershirt

    Cor, check the chips on that

    Bootnotes 17 12:37

  • Telewest ticked off by ad watchdog

    Tsk, tsk

    Business 17 12:45

  • Compaq preps iPaq with integrated wireless

    Due to ship mid-2002, apparently

    Personal 17 12:45

  • Tom Clancy style look at war porn software

    How many lines of code command US super gunship?

    Assault on America 17 13:49

  • BT and One2One lose 3G court battle again

    Don't think that'll stop em though

    Business 17 13:55

  • Scumbag virus writers try to whip up ‘Anthrax outbreak’

    Fail due to super-lame coding

    Security 17 13:59

  • Zeus rips platform to splatter Apache

    Screaming Web server

    e-Business 17 14:06

  • Brazil beats UK in DSL stakes

    Life, football, broadband - it's all the same

    Broadband 17 14:10

  • Westlife subscription website in teen fleece outrage

    When Irish tills are ringing...

    Bootnotes 17 14:15

  • EMC to ditch another 4,000 workers

    Records first quarterly loss in 12 years

    Business 17 14:48

  • Why UK Internet had a bad hair day yesterday

    LINX recovers from major problem

    Media 17 15:51

  • AOL revenues up…

    Losses widen

    Business 17 15:53

  • Apple to launch ‘digital device’ next week

    Not a Mac, apparently

    Mac Channel 17 16:13