12th October 2001 Archive

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  • Network Associates puts PGP up for sale

    Baby and bathwater

    Business 12 09:54

  • Security fears hit unbundling progress

    Sabs could be at work

    Data Networking 12 09:57

  • Pain in the RSA

    15% of workers face axe, US workers face pay cut

    Business 12 10:16

  • Intel's Server Roadmap

    New parts, prices and more

    Channel 12 10:25

  • Doubleclick in the Q3 dumps

    Job cuts should improve Q4

    e-Business 12 10:34

  • Resellers confirm PowerBook G4 shortage, update

    Looks like the iBook is getting an upgrade too

    Mac Channel 12 10:47

  • Juniper buried in telco gloom

    The song remains the same

    Data Networking 12 11:02

  • Bonfield to leave BT early?

    Sun to rise tomorrow?

    Business 12 11:08

  • Intel's Small Form-factor Desktop Roadmap

    Little fleas have lesser fleas...

    Channel 12 11:30

  • $200m WinXP media assault begins

    Fluffybucks and Madonna's Ray of Light

    Software 12 11:31

  • CA cans 900 workers

    Says it's shedding duds

    Business 12 12:05

  • IBM preps low-power PowerPC for PDAs

    Draws ten per cent of the power rival chips do, apparently

    Channel 12 12:38

  • IBM to unveil faster G3 CPU next week

    Upgraded iMacs on the way, as well as iBooks?

    Mac Channel 12 12:53

  • The world will end tomorrow – official

    WTC attack spawns net industry of fear

    Bootnotes 12 13:11

  • BTopenworld in game of snakes and ladders

    A tale of mambas, boas - but no snakecharmers

    Media 12 14:22

  • Symantec users risk redirection to hacker sites

    LiveUpdate attack

    Security 12 14:56

  • Bulldog snaps at BT's co-mingling security fears

    Just a 'smokescreen'

    Data Networking 12 15:06

  • Captain Cyborg becomes nutritionist and mind-reader in one day

    What the hell is going on!!!!

    Bootnotes 12 15:13

  • AOL CD record bid in boy band frenzy

    Take that, and that

    Bootnotes 12 15:28

  • What the hell is Microsoft's new software licensing programme?

    A cut out and weep guide

    Software 12 16:28

  • Christmas cancelled for Logica staff

    Internal memo says the good times are over

    Business 12 16:30

  • The Time/Tiny concession battle

    Powerhouse doesn't know whom to sleep with

    Channel 12 17:34

  • SirCam due to wipe Windows PCs next Tuesday

    But payload looks buggy

    Security 12 17:37

  • This is a great deal. No, really!

    Crafty Canadian Win XP upgrade scheme

    Channel 12 17:51