10th October 2001 Archive

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  • Europe to make broadband top priority next year

    Why wait?

    Broadband 10 09:16

  • AMD to bring performance ratings to other CPUs

    'Deep in Squat' coming to mobile, server parts

    Channel 10 09:34

  • Broadband shortage hits UK economy

    Oh no it isn't, oh yes it is...

    Broadband 10 11:03

  • Apply here to screw Java: Microsoft recruits more J# developers

    Sits Javac?

    Software 10 11:08

  • BT stops port throttling in time for Watchdog programme

    But it may be back up again next week

    Media 10 11:14

  • RIAA secret meeting memo

    Turns out to have been all made up

    Site News 10 11:30

  • Baltimore appoints new chief as revenues decline

    Not planning any more cuts

    Business 10 11:37

  • Athlon XP PC ads dribble in

    AMD's site can't take the heat

    Personal 10 11:48

  • BT rewrites Ts&Cs to kick off more Anytime users

    Cull number two on the horizon

    Media 10 11:52

  • InTechnology gets NAS from IBM

    Rounds off storage profile

    Channel 10 11:55

  • Intel to offer Pentium 4-based Celeron next year

    Will debut at 1.8GHz, apparently

    Channel 10 12:05

  • Motorola announces third consecutive loss

    Chips are down

    Business 10 12:16

  • AMD's Athlon XP numbering scheme misses the (bench)mark

    Right idea, wrong way of doing it

    Channel 10 13:27

  • MS confirms Xbox disk downgrade

    Spec. trimmed from 10GB to 8GB

    Personal 10 14:33

  • Leaked EU papers signal guilty verdict, vast fine for MS

    Obstructive conduct as well - surely not?

    Software 10 14:36

  • UK broadband prices ‘too high’ says BT Retail boss

    At least we agree on something

    Broadband 10 14:37

  • All Dixons Group's Web sites down

    But isn't too keen on telling us why or for how long

    Channel 10 14:47

  • Would you rather meet Bill Gates or a topless model?

    IT lifestyle census: beer, sex and gravy

    Bootnotes 10 16:01

  • Afilias calls to explain .info fiasco

    Lessons learnt, problems nearly solved

    Media 10 16:15