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Insight completes Action takeover

In the end, it happened quickly: Insight Enterprises yesterday completed the takeover of Action Computer Supplies two years after it first agreed to buy the direct mail reseller.
Drew Cullen, 09 Oct 2001

Gartner CEO gets Darwinian

If it's an IT company and your mum's heard of it, chances are it won't exist "in its current form in three years".
Drew Cullen, 09 Oct 2001

Logitek in administration

UK distributor Logitek has gone into administration.
Robert Blincoe, 09 Oct 2001

Punters still suffering BTOpenwoe Anytime misery

The row over whether BTopenworld is offering an inferior service to some 34,000 Anytime punters continues to trundle on.
Tim Richardson, 09 Oct 2001

Carrier backbones: bandwidth glut or gap?

A fierce industry debate has been sparked off by claims by industry analysts Gartner that carrier backbones are running at just 10 per cent utilisation.
John Leyden, 09 Oct 2001

Dot Com boom was ‘fraud’ or pyramid marketing – HP exec

A senior Hewlett-Packard executive has accused the financial community of malpractice in taking advantage of the naivety of the IT industry during the dot com boom.
John Leyden, 09 Oct 2001

Transmeta slashes Q3 sales forecast

Transmeta has said it's been hit by a sales slowdown and now expects Q3 revenues of $5 million. It had originally estimated in July that revenues for the period would be between $8.9 million and $10.5 million.
Robert Blincoe, 09 Oct 2001

Rocky road to wireless networking nirvana

The migration to faster wireless networking technology, due to reach widespread availability in the middle of next year, is likely to be fraught with more difficulties than vendors would have us believe.
John Leyden, 09 Oct 2001

Did terrorists use keyboard as biological weapon?

UpdatedFBI investigators in Florida are looking at the possibility of a double case of anthrax being the result of an act of terrorism. Traces of the disease have been found on one of the men's computer keyboards at work.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Oct 2001

UK Govt pledges £30m to broadband

It seems elusive e-minister - Douglas Alexander - will do anything to up his profile at the moment.
Tim Richardson, 09 Oct 2001

Jedi Knights achieve official recognition as a religion

UpdatedJedi Knights have gained official recognition as a religion in the UK Census 2001.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Oct 2001

Samsung makes 576Mb RDRAM

Samsung Electronics has completed development of the world's first 576Mb RDRAM.
Robert Blincoe, 09 Oct 2001

KaZaA the Virus Desktop

KaZaA the media desktop has been one of the most successful replacements for file sharing after U.S. courts ordered Napster to shut down. KaZaA offers its users a way of sharing music, video, documents, images, and software.
John Thornton, 09 Oct 2001

Labour spin doctor on rack over 11 September email

A leading spin doctor for the Labour party is apparently fighting for her job after a leaked email saw her suggest that the US terrorist attacks would make useful news cover for embarrassing or controversy UK government decisions.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Oct 2001

Atlantic Telecom jettisons 250 jobs

Half the jobs at Atlantic Telecom are to be axed following the appointment of administrators at the debt-ridden telecoms outfit.
Tim Richardson, 09 Oct 2001

MS bends volume licensing rules

"The thing about comedy," explains the Alan Alda character in Woody Allen's Crimes and Misdemeanors, "Is that if it bends, it's funny, but if it breaks, it isn't funny."
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Oct 2001

SiS SoCs it out

Taiwanese chipset maker SiS has begun its assault on the information appliance (IA) market. To do so, it has developed a line of System on Chip (SoC) products, its 550-series family, that it hopes to flog to its customers (players like Asus, Acer and MSI, among others) who in turn will evolve them into flashy consumer appliances.
James Watson, 09 Oct 2001

NatWest ‘glitch’ sees thousands overcharged

A "technical glitch" has seen hundreds, perhaps thousands, of NatWest customers charged double for any cash withdrawn from the bank's ATM machines.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Oct 2001

Register journalist debates brain scans with Infoseek founder

We have here an e-mail debate on the virtues and risks of 'brain fingerprinting' as a public safety measure, following our story Brain-scans can defeat terrorism, InfoSeek founder [Steve Kirsch] claims, by yours truly. Kirsch insists that extraordinary threats demand extraordinary measures, while I try to illustrate the practical difficulties and potential human rights pitfalls of the scheme.
Thomas C Greene, 09 Oct 2001

AMD waves the WinXP flag

AMD is teaming up with Microsoft to promote Windows XP to system builder and disties. The duo also plan "select retail and small business programs" for the iconic operating system, which launches... October 25.
Drew Cullen, 09 Oct 2001

BT ditches plans to split business

BT has ditched plans to break-up its business - for the time being at least.
Tim Richardson, 09 Oct 2001

EMC isn't major competition anymore – IBM

Dietmar Wendt, IBM's Vice President of Storage Solutions in EMEA, came to the IT-Analysis.com offices to tell us how IBM storage is back in business. The story is one of hard work and new strategies. But have the old problems disappeared - and is EMC really no competition?
IT-Analysis, 09 Oct 2001

IBM+EMC = win-win or dog's dinner?

A merger between IBM and EMC would be an occasion for rejoicing for customers, according to industry analysts Aberdeen Group - but not us.
John Leyden, 09 Oct 2001

Athlon XP results out

HWRoundupReports from the hardwarwe sites on AMD's Athlon XP processors mostly agree that its performance is great, while its marketing definitely needs work.
James Watson, 09 Oct 2001
Gnome two fingers, photo via Shutterstock

FoTW Poser: Are binary executables eligible?

The Register's Flame of the Week Adjudication Committee was deep in closed-door discussions today after receiving a bold challenge to the FoTW eligibility rules.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Oct 2001

Argogroup halves workforce as recession bites

One of the UK's leading WAP companies, Argogroup, has made its entire direct sales staff redundant as it switches to selling to OEMs to survive the recession and the still-limited demand for mobiles with data capabilities.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Oct 2001

IBM dolls up desktops

Big Blue spewed out a whole raft of product updates today on its ThinkPad and NetVista product lines.
James Watson, 09 Oct 2001

Dubai hacker loses appeal

The appeal of a 22 year-old Briton against his hacking sentence has backfired. A court in Dubai has not only upheld his conviction, but also found him guilty of a charge that was dismissed at his original trial.
John Leyden, 09 Oct 2001

Supremes turn down MS gig – Redmond appeals to Four Tops?

The US Supreme Court has turned down Microsoft's bid to have it review the DC Court of Appeal's 'mainly guilty but take another shot at the sentence' ruling of 28th June. Although the Supremes didn't say anything much apart from nope, we can reasonably infer that like the Appeals Court they accept that Judge Jackson's decision that Microsoft had maintained an illegal monopoly was untainted by any bias or misconduct.
John Lettice, 09 Oct 2001

Can IIS flourish post-Gartner?

Tim Mullen, 09 Oct 2001

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