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There's no place like GNOME

GNOME version 2.0 officially 'not of use to anyone'
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Oct 2001

Reg telepathed by Captain Cyborg critics

Did Captain Cyborg implant a dog tracking chip? Reg jealous of my success, claims Captain Cyborg
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Oct 2001

Where can I patent my GNU/Implant?

LettersWhile 98 per cent of the world's PC users remain chained to proprietary software and are being asked to empty their wallets for another pointless upgrade, the fraternal folk of the Linux community have a more noble foe:-
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Oct 2001

BOFH, the HellDesk and the Novel

Episode 24
Simon Travaglia, 06 Oct 2001

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