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Browsers on wheels

The car of the future will evolve to become a "browser on wheels" with advanced vehicle entertainment, safety and even driving systems provided by computers.
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Bell Micro makes a loss

Bell Microproducts, storage distie in the Americas and Europe, has issued a profits warning, following an "abnormally slow" September.

Sun shines on News International

We don't, as a habit, cover contract wins, but we'll make an exception for Sun Microsystems' whopping great $100m deal with News International.
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Profit warning – Avnet's turn

Avnet is the latest on the block with a profits warning.
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New anti-terror bill limits life sentence for hackers

Anti-terrorism legislation proposed by leaders of the House Judiciary Committee this week omits a Justice Department plan to make computer hacking a federal terrorism offense, punishable by life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. But electronic civil liberties groups continue to warn about the enhanced Internet …
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GNOME version 2.0 officially ‘not of use to anyone’

The GNOME team has finally released the first rough cut of version 2.0 of its ideologically-correct desktop environment, a year later than originally promised.

Ericssony hangs up on Microsoft?

Sony and Microsoft have only been competing in the phone business for four days, but the Japanese giant's deep and long-standing antipathy towards The Beast may already have claimed its first casualty.
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Microsoft (finally) tries to make IIS secure

We used to think it would take an act of Congress, but Microsoft has taken the initiative and released a free tool which will set up IIS with tight settings and crucial patches from day one, shifting the emphasis from come-and-get-me-k11d13z 'functionality' to something approaching decent security.
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Losses expected to fall at ebookers

Pan-European online travel agency ebookers.com has said it expects to report narrowing losses when it publishes Q3 results at the end of the month.
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Hynix creditors meet to ponder $759m loan request

Hynix's creditors will meet today to discuss whether to offer the struggling memory maker a further KRW1 trillion ($758.495 million) on credit.
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Reg hack to debate InfoSeek founder on air

Anyone interested in InfoSeek founder Steve Kirsch's proposal to scan the brains of travelers as a means to defeat terrorism might wish to tune in to 'Online Tonight' with David Lawrence Thursday, 4 October at 10:00 pm EST to hear us take the piss out of him live.
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Samsung signs for PocketPC 2002

Samsung has said it will base an upcoming line of devices on Microsoft's PocketPC 2002 operating system - despite being on the verge of releasing its first Palm-based PDA in the US.
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Intel to kill floppy drives, serial ports next year

Intel Technology Roadmap Intel is finally inciting the death of the floppy drive and is calling on PC manufacturers big and small to stop supplying the once-capacious 1.44MB removable drive in the latter half of 2002.
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ICANN volunteers for Homeland Defence

Washington Roundup ICANN President Stuart Lynn actually said that, in view of the atrocities of 11 September, "It would be irresponsible for ICANN not to conduct an in-depth assessment of the robustness and security of the Internet's naming and addressing systems."

Intel to ship 802.11a wireless LAN kit in 2002

Intel Technology Roadmap Intel has aggressive plans to use the 802.11 wireless connectivity specification as the basis for local area networking, with product roll-outs during what's left of 2001 and throughout 2002.
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CMGI gets new Euro president

Marcus Bicknell, the president of CMGI Europe, is to step down from the company in the next couple of weeks.
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Reg jealous of my success, claims Captain Cyborg

In the publicity build-up to Captain Cyborg's latest bionic upgrade, his human alter-ego, Kevin Warwick, professor of cybernetics and Reading University, has been interviewed by The Guardian today.

POWER4 debuts in IBM Regatta

Despite only a modest name change to IBM's high-end Unix server line, from p680 to p690, IBM's new "Regatta" kit showcases a new generation of Risc chips in the shape of POWER4, and it really is Big Blue's Big Bang.
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UK campaigners call for anti ‘anti-rip’ CD day of action

Campaigners will take to the streets of Britain this Saturday (6 October) in a bid to raise public awareness of the music industry's attempts to prevent listeners from copying CDs or playing discs on PCs.
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Mac, PC reseller Mygate shuts up shop

London-based reseller Mygate went into liquidation on Tuesday, though the company's assets have already been sold, to Guildford-based Apple dealer Cancom.
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What the hell is UDRP?

The term UDRP frequently pops up in stories about ICANN, WIPO and domain disputes, so we figured it was time to give a simple rundown on what precisely it is, why it's important and why we dislike it.
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BT Openworld bounces back email complaints

BTopenworld has denied that its customer service outfit has been swamped by complaints which have disabled its email service.
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24-7 Freecall wants 1m AOL CDs

The CEO of Birmingham-based ISP 24-7 Freecall wants to collect one million AOL CDs in a bid to get into the Guinness Book of World Records.
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Pentium 4 and DVD shortages

So it's the worst slump in the IT market for maybe a decade and still there are shortages.
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Lastminute's ‘inspiring’ .Net experience

Lastminute.com and Microsoft are to get cosy thanks to a strategic alliance over MS'.NET Web platform.
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Quantum counter-sues Imation

Quantum has taken up legal cudgels against Imation in response to its rival's anti-trust suit.
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AMD confirms QuantiSpeed marchitecture slogan

We can confirm AMD's attempt to prevent punters from assuming that its chips are much slower than Intel's because its Athlon XP clock speeds are rather lower than Pentium 4 megahertz ratings will indeed be called QuantiSpeed.
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AMD Athlon XP speeds, pricing seep onto Web

Updated Athlon XPs are beginning to emerge on the Web and the world's PC markets ahead of the official launch next Tuesday (9 October).

Dell readies M40 Mobile Workstation

Exclusive Dell is moving into the mobile workstation market - such as it is - with a notebook based on Nvidia's Quadro 2 Go graphics chip, The Register has learned.
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NatWest declares war on Internet

NatWest has cut off users of Netscape Navigator 4.76, 4.77 and 6 and Mozilla from its online banking service today after it was advised the browsers could be a security risk.

UK plc shuns m-commerce

The joys of m-commerce - buying things over your phone - are being categorically ignored by UK business with just two per cent of them having a "strategy" for the dubious pastime. And 78 per cent haven't even thought about it.
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BT Cellnet to unwrap PocketPC smartphone tonight

mmO2, the bizarrely named company formerly known as BT Cellnet, will shortly unveil its entry into the smartphone/PDA market, sources close to the company have told The Register.
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IBM risks billion dollar Linux strategy with W3C RAND demands

Exclusive Sources familiar with the W3C's patent policy have confirmed that demands for the standards body to adopt RAND licensing were initiated by IBM.