3rd October 2001 Archive

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  • Bruce Schneier on crypto, the FBI, privacy and more

    A special issue of Crypto-Gram

    Assault on America 03 03:05

  • Intel's Desktop Roadmap

    Tulloch, Brookdale details; 533MHz FSB P4s and more

    Channel 03 10:33

  • We'll fork the Web to keep it Free – Perens

    Momentum gathers against W3C

    Media 03 10:42

  • DSL should be £20 a month, says report

    High prices are the 'death knell for DSL'

    Broadband 03 10:45

  • A masterclass in ISP nonsense from 08002go.com

    You'll love this

    Media 03 10:56

  • BT urges reasoned debate on broadband

    Let's not get 'disconnected from reality', says Bonfield

    Broadband 03 11:01

  • Nortel reaches rock bottom

    And gets its pick axe out

    Business 03 11:20

  • VIA September sales fall further

    Down on last year and on last month

    Channel 03 11:30

  • 3ware ends life of Escalade storage line

    Has it told its UK sales channel?

    Channel 03 12:12

  • ATI nudges toward profitability

    Adjusted income - unadjusted loss

    Business 03 12:22

  • MS forecasts double-digit PC growth

    When upturn comes

    Personal 03 12:26

  • Colt Telecom riding high after funding scare ends

    Shares up 43 per cent

    Business 03 12:33

  • Azlan in reverse profits warning

    Upbeat statement

    Channel 03 13:07

  • BEA under attack from IBM

    What firepower has it got?

    Data Centre 03 13:19

  • New .info roll-out in all sorts of trouble

    A storm brewing

    Media 03 13:36

  • Openwoe offers free DSL installation for existing punters

    Roll up, roll up, one month only...

    Broadband 03 13:42

  • Win XP doesn't work with WorksSuite Money 2001

    System builders may delay XP launch

    Software 03 14:08

  • FBI lists 20 most dangerous Internet security holes

    Start patching

    Security 03 14:13

  • EMI signs to Pressplay

    One step closer to a better, more competitive digital music model

    Media 03 15:26

  • RIAA targets post-Napster MP3 sharers

    Will have a much tougher time bringing them to heel

    Media 03 16:18

  • DRAM forecast to sink below $1 in Q4

    RDRAM is on the up, though

    Channel 03 17:23

  • Zimmermann defends strong crypto against govt assault

    Backdoors are 'worse than futile'

    Security 03 17:40

  • W3C denies misleading world+dog on RAND license status

    But it's already in Beta

    Media 03 19:00

  • Brain-scans can defeat terrorism, InfoSeek founder claims

    Phrenology to the rescue

    Security 03 20:57

  • Sun goes the whole Enchilada

    Sun Fire 240R specs leaked to El Reg

    Data Centre 03 21:56