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Excite@Home goes titsup.com

Excite@Home is to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and flog its broadband operation to AT&T for $307 million in cash.
Tim Richardson, 01 Oct 2001

World's first 3G network live today

The world's first 3G network goes live today in Tokyo, Japan. Run by NTT DoCoMo, the networks will enable subscribers to watch video clips and listen to music on new mobile handsets. If two people use the handets they will be able to see one another thanks to an in-built camera on the device.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Oct 2001

West LB still sniffing round BT's network

German investment bank, West LB, is set to make a renewed offer for BT's fixed line phone network, according to the Times.
Tim Richardson, 01 Oct 2001

Nimda worms its way to top of September virus chart

The Nimda worm was the most infectious computer virus last month, according to the number of calls logged by anti-virus vendor Sophos.
John Leyden, 01 Oct 2001

WinXP Plus! pack has ‘issues’ with ATI, Nvidia, 3DFX cards

The "powerful 3D rendering and animation environment" that comes with the Windows XP Plus! pack isn't entirely compatible with several major graphics chipsets, according to the relevant system requirements page. ATI Radeon and Rage 128, Nvidia RIVA TNT2 and GeForce won't run some (unspecified) Plus! features, while 3DFX Voodoo, Savage 4 and Savage 2000 have "major compatibility issues" and aren't supported at all.
John Lettice, 01 Oct 2001

Speculation rife over £15bn Motorola/Siemens tie-in

Motorola and Siemens are looking at creating a new joint venture to cover their handset and/or wireless infrastructure business, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Oct 2001

The free Web's over, as W3C blesses Net patent taxes

A belated storm of protest has greeted a move by the World Wide Web Consortium to bless fee-bearing patents as official web standards.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Oct 2001

Athlon XP pricing is killing some system builder support

The prices AMD is setting for its Athlon XP processors is turning at least one system builder away from the chip.
Robert Blincoe, 01 Oct 2001

ebookers to cut jobs

Pan-European online travel agency, ebookers.com, could axe up to 120 jobs as a result of the slow-down in the travel industry following the terror attacks in the US on September 11.
Tim Richardson, 01 Oct 2001

Intel mobilises on CPU front

Intel today launches 12 new mobile CPUs, designed to cover "every PC segment".
Drew Cullen, 01 Oct 2001

Cisco staff buy rival kit on Amazon

UpdatedCisco staffers are buying competitors' products from Amazon.com.
John Leyden, 01 Oct 2001

UK plc wastes £17bn a year on IT

UK businesses are wasting £17 billion a year through IT expenditure because managers haven't bothered to apply proper asset management concepts, says a new report by KPMG.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Oct 2001

UK leads Italy in broadband stakes

Britain is trailing yet another broadband league table giving rise to further concerns about the future of broadband Britain.
Tim Richardson, 01 Oct 2001

Mac OS X: Our First Impressions

Apple's OS X finally looks like becoming a contender, with the 10.1 update providing the much-hyped speed boost.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Oct 2001

Fayrewood profit warning

Fayrewood, the UK-listed networking distributor, issued a profit warning today - it now expects operating profit before goodwill in H1 to be 45 per cent lower than same time last year.
Drew Cullen, 01 Oct 2001

Intel vs VIA mostly causing pain for, well, Intel

Realtime Distribution, one of the VIA co-defendants fingered in the UK round of Intel versus VIA P$ patent lawsuits (see more here), says its customers are getting increasingly annoyed with Chipzilla's heavy-handed tactics.
James Watson, 01 Oct 2001

Nvidia launches Titanium today

Nvidia today announced the launch of the Titanium family - three so-called GPUs positioned at the high and mid-ends of the PC graphics market.
Drew Cullen, 01 Oct 2001

AMD 1.1GHz Duron turn-on

Answering Intel's 1.1 GHz Celeron arrival at the end of August, AMD has released its budget-range 1.1 GHz Duron processor. Like its 1 GHz predecessor, the chip is based on the Morgan core, which includes nifty gizmos like SSE instructions and data prefetch.
James Watson, 01 Oct 2001

Beware the binary Beezlebub

The world has all manner of binary terrors to contend with this month.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Oct 2001

In the event of nuclear attack, your data is safe

A Ministry of Defence bunker, at a secret location in the north-east of London, is to be outfitted into a secure hosting facility, following its purchase for an undisclosed sum by AL Digital.
John Leyden, 01 Oct 2001

Alldas.de back online

Defacement archive Alldas.de is back online after repeated hacking attacks forced it to find a fresh home.
John Leyden, 01 Oct 2001

Experts demolish MS anti-Apache FUD

LettersRe: MS targets Linux, Mac rivals with IIS Astroturf MS vows rewritten IIS, more patches
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Oct 2001

ID Cards are good for you

LettersBrits want ID cards, not worried about privacy Make ID cards compulsory, urges Oracle boss
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Oct 2001
Email. Pic: Shutterstock

Fonts, face-tagging and false frequencies

Letters RoundupMicrosoft thinks rival web servers are equally vulnerable, but many of you think their comparisons are bunk.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Oct 2001

We've cracked into bin Laden's bank – UK hackers

A group of British hackers has claimed to have broken into the systems of banks in the Sudan, and extracted information on accounts related to Osama's bin Laden terrorist network.
John Leyden, 01 Oct 2001

Straw slams civil liberties lobby

Foreign secretary Jack Straw launched a scathing attack on the civil liberties lobby in an interview on Radio 4 on Friday.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Oct 2001

SuSE wins fresh finance

SuSE Linux, Germany's best-known contribution to the open source community, has secured E15m ($13.9m)in a new financing round.
Drew Cullen, 01 Oct 2001

Q3 is a dog for Compaq

Compaq has let everyone know that its Q3, ended September 30, was an absolute dog, with sales and profits both dragged down in the aftermath of September 11.
Drew Cullen, 01 Oct 2001

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