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Corel makes money shock!

By abandoning its imperial pretensions, and concentrating on the desktop graphics stuff (and WordPerfect too) it does best, Corel has rediscovered the knack of making money.
Drew Cullen, 27 Sep 2001

Maxtor thinks enterprise

Maxtor, the hard drive vendor, is moving upmarket with its first proper system for the enterprise storage market.
Drew Cullen, 27 Sep 2001

Affinity revenues up as losses widen

Affinity Internet has reported widening losses today amidst a sharp increase in turnover.
Tim Richardson, 27 Sep 2001

MS moves to head off Linux desktop ‘threat’

Is Linux ready for the desktop? Microsoft seems to think so, if a company channel partner email leaked to The Register is anything to go by. The email, which we believe to be genuine, is labelled for the attention of Microsoft Certified Partners, and takes the form of a call to action aimed at intercepting major customers "seriously evaluating, piloting or deploying production Linux desktops."
John Lettice, 27 Sep 2001

BTAnytime turns into Notime for 200 ‘abusers’

Some 200 BTopenworld customers have been expelled from the service after failing to heed warnings from the ISP to curb their usage of the 24/7 unmetered dial-up service.
Tim Richardson, 27 Sep 2001

New UK domain rules save Internet's soul

New UK rules over domain name disputes, which came into effect on Monday, show that Internet regulators can, if they put their mind to it, be capable of making good decisions.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Sep 2001

Marconi shares ‘worthless’

Shares in Marconi have hit an all-time low of just 18 pence following a City briefing in which analysts said they were "virtually worthless". The drop is a very, very long way from its high of £12.50 a share just over a year ago.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Sep 2001

blueyonder jumps onto broadband content bandwagon

Telewest has unveiled its new broadband Web site today - it's latest bid to ramp up demand for hi-speed Net access in the UK.
Tim Richardson, 27 Sep 2001

RM stuffed by school cut backs

RM plc, who'll you probably know as Research Machines, has issued a profit warning for its second half.
Robert Blincoe, 27 Sep 2001

BSA sues five UK businesses for software piracy

The BSA is sueing five UK companies for allegedly using unlicensed software, and it has announced legal settlements with five more organisations.
Drew Cullen, 27 Sep 2001

Mandrake revamps Linux distro

The latest version of the most popular desktop Linux distro, Mandrake, is available for download today for Pentium-class PCs.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Sep 2001

MS hires Iran-Contra attorney

Microsoft has hired Chicago attorney Dan Webb to help out with its defence in the antitrust case.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Sep 2001

Tiscali accounts slip leaves punters disconnected

Tiscali UK business customers were left stranded on Friday when their leased lines were cut off without any notice - and all because the ISP had forgotten to pay a bill.
Tim Richardson, 27 Sep 2001

Kournikova virus kiddie gets 150 hours community service

The author of the Anna Kournikova virus has been sentenced to 150 hours community service - or 75 days in jail if he fancies that option.
Robert Blincoe, 27 Sep 2001

DSL roll-out delayed in Ireland

Net users in Ireland will have to wait even longer for broadband, following the regulator's insistence that it wants to ensure that eircom's wholesale pricing is competitive.
Tim Richardson, 27 Sep 2001

Software sales growth slows – Gartner

Software sales growth is slowing - to less than half that of last year.
Robert Blincoe, 27 Sep 2001

Brits hailed for component software breakthrough

After a dozen years of false dawns, it takes a lot for us to suspend our cynicism about object-oriented software development. But a British start-up has not only got the analysts excited all over again, but attracted some big names to its commercial department.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Sep 2001

Face recognition useless for crowd surveillance

Anyone offended by the Orwellian implications of using face-recognition technology to scan airport crowds for terrorists can take heart in the fact that the technology is, quite simply, worthless in that situation.
Thomas C Greene, 27 Sep 2001

Apple OS X upgrade: reaction and rumours

UpdatedMac OS X fans planning to besiege the stores this weekend to take advantage of Apple's free upgrade offer to version 10.1 are recommended to set off at a brisk pace, and save buying the papers and Woodbines for the return journey.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Sep 2001

SuSE grabs Best-Business-Linux gong

SuSE has been crowned as the most functional Linux distro by DH Brown Associates, whose exhaustive surveys have over the years become the bible of enterprise Unix capabilities.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Sep 2001

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