25th September 2001 Archive

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  • Bush admin to make hacking a terrorist offence

    Washington über alles

    Assault on America 25 Sep 09:00

  • Compel suffers brutal IT downturn

    And SCH wants money back

    Channel 25 Sep 09:04

  • Intel unleashes 2Ghz Xeon

    Server sibling sidelined, but workstation part steams on

    Channel 25 Sep 09:37

  • Lower estimates for AMD and Intel after US tragedy

    Weak back to school sales and international crisis affect chip firms

    Channel 25 Sep 11:08

  • Vizzavi rubbishes reports of ‘widespread’ job cuts

    Simply not true

    Media 25 Sep 11:09

  • Guildsoft has new owner

    Plymouth Sound

    Channel 25 Sep 11:10

  • Top Web design firm Deepend goes under

    Gongs a-plenty couldn't save it...

    Media 25 Sep 12:09

  • Consumers more confident, savvy about ecommerce

    $16bn to be spent by US during Q4

    Media 25 Sep 12:26

  • Virus exploits fears over war on terror

    Vote mass mailer is destructive, but not fast spreading

    Security 25 Sep 12:31

  • Online ad sales slide

    Uh oh, back to dotcom doom and gloom

    e-Business 25 Sep 15:44

  • MS vows rewritten IIS, more patches

    Read what sales staff will tell you tomorrow, today

    Security 25 Sep 15:46

  • Dabsxchange bans secondhand MS software

    Auction site moves on piracy

    Channel 25 Sep 15:54

  • Real and Napster catch portalitis

    Online music providers go all fat and horrible

    Software 25 Sep 15:55

  • E-minister calls for lower broadband prices

    Singles out BT to drive change

    Broadband 25 Sep 16:01

  • OFT to review MS licensing terms

    MS 'surprised and disappointed'

    Software 25 Sep 19:04

  • Broadcom preps networking crypto acceleration

    Go Faster stripes supplied by nCipher

    Channel 25 Sep 19:15

  • AMD shuts fabs, fires 2,300

    Slams on the brakes

    Channel 25 Sep 19:49

  • McNealy salutes Phil Rosenzweig

    Makes emotional tribute to NY staff

    Business 25 Sep 20:29

  • Gelsinger anointed Intel CTO

    New job for coming man

    Channel 25 Sep 20:59

  • Sun shows off mainframe chasing 106 chip StarCat

    Swinging hot swapping

    Data Centre 25 Sep 21:20