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Face recognition software gets a boost

Face recognition software is attracting interest in the US Department of Transportation, which, according to reports in the Washington Post, is considering installing the Visionics 'FaceIt' system at National Airport when it reopens. This is going to make us all safer by scanning crowds for terrorist look-alikes. When the cops using it get bored, they can always add deadbeat dads and parking-meter scofflaws to the mix....
Thomas C Greene, 24 Sep 2001

All Black gets first XP PC

The PC Company, a New Zealand computer assembler and retailer, shipped the world's first XP-loaded PC this morning.
Robert Blincoe, 24 Sep 2001

Make ID cards compulsory, urges Oracle boss

Larry Ellison has offered help in the creation of a National ID card for the United States by donating Oracle software.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Sep 2001

Ding Dong Tiny Calling

Tiny Computers, the consumer PC manufacturer and retailer, is trying to crack the corporate PC market to boosts its sales by 25 per cent.
Robert Blincoe, 24 Sep 2001

Short term XP memory

Surprise, surprise, Crucial Technology, the memory retailing arm of Micron, has jumped into the Great-How-Much Memory Does Windows XP Need Debate? It points users towards 256MB.
Robert Blincoe, 24 Sep 2001

Boots boots out bootsphoto.com

Boots has closed the shutters on its online photo service - bootsphoto.com - with the loss of around £17.5 million.
Tim Richardson, 24 Sep 2001

Earthlease still sniffing around BT's local loop

Earthlease will wait until after the demerger of BT's mobile phone business, mmo2, in November before it makes another stab at trying to convince BT to sell its local loop network.
Tim Richardson, 24 Sep 2001

BT releases its demerger plans

BT has released all the formal details of its demerger plan today, sent a copy to every shareholder and announced an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) in Birmingham on 23 October to ask for official approval.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Sep 2001
server room

Palm confirms Motorola, Nokia smartphones axed

Six months after we broke the news that Motorola's PalmOS smartphone was being deep-sixed, Palm has finally come clean and admitted the product will not now appear.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Sep 2001

Oops! Symantec forgets to renew Norton.com domain

A critic of antivirus software has stumped up the $35 renewal fee for Symantec's Norton.com domain, after the company forgot to pay.
John Leyden, 24 Sep 2001
DVD it in many colours

Upstarts profit from BT cutbacks

Today is the start of BT's resurrection with the formal release of its demerger information - when the wireless business will be floated off as a separate arm and the rest of BT reinvents itself.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Sep 2001

Lastminute.com soothes fears over US attacks

Online bucket shop Lastminute.com, has moved to reassure investors in the wake of the terror attacks in the US earlier this month.
Tim Richardson, 24 Sep 2001

Nominet rules against Findlay Steele for FSA.co.uk

The UK root registrar, Nominet, has ruled against small software company Findlay Steele in the ongoing dispute with financial watchdog FSA over the domain www.fsa.co.uk.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Sep 2001

Corporate portals – the security risks

Corporate portals, heavily touted by numerous vendors as a way to open up business processes on the Web, could also make life easier for hackers, the Yankee Group warns.
John Leyden, 24 Sep 2001

NTL terminates Net access for CWC customers

NTL is to pull Net access for an undisclosed number of former Cable & Wireless Communications customers at the end November because of "technical reasons".
Tim Richardson, 24 Sep 2001

MS prices will ‘damage UK business’

Microsoft's new software pricing policy has sparked trade body The Infrastructure Forum (TIF) to complain formally to the DTi. This comes on top of a similar complaint and letter earlier in the month by the British Computer Society's forum for IT directors, Elite; Imis, the IT management professional body; and Socitm, a local government IT managers' group.
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Sep 2001

Internet will become ‘unusable’ by 2008

The Internet "could become unusable as a means of communication" if something is not done about email viruses, security firm MessageLabs warns.
John Leyden, 24 Sep 2001

BTopenworld sends Trojan to subscribers

BTopenworld has accidentally sent its customers an email carrying a Trojan horse virus.
John Leyden, 24 Sep 2001
SGI logo hardware close-up

Lucent turns off ‘flagship’ switch

Struggling telecoms equipment manufacturer Lucent has stopped the development of a key switch for the telco market, just weeks prior to its scheduled release.
John Leyden, 24 Sep 2001

Brits want ID cards, not worried about privacy

The issue of national ID cards is raising its head in the UK for the umpteenth occasion (FT: Blunkett puts the case for ID cards).
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Sep 2001

MS shows toppling towers in ZDNet advert

MS UK has been running advert for its putatively un-crashable Enterprise Server Software showing two rectangular buildings, not unlike the WTC twin towers, toppling.
Thomas C Greene, 24 Sep 2001

Reg Seti@home crew chomps 1,000 years of CPU time

At some point today, Vulture Central's 1,300-plus Seti@home crew should complete 1,000 years of CPU time on behalf of the world's biggest search for extra-terrestrial life.
Drew Cullen, 24 Sep 2001

Ditch Microsoft IIS now, says Gartner

We don't know if it's virus fatigue that caused us to overlook this, along with world+dog, last week.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Sep 2001

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