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Why Microsoft's Open HailStorm promises flatter to deceive

Today's Hailstorm announcement was cultivated to gain maximum favourable publicity for Microsoft, but Redmond's concessions amount to nothing it hasn't already conceded, in one form or another.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Sep 2001

MS, DoJ wrangle jointly over schedule, size of noose

Microsoft and the Department of Justice have filed their "Joint" (but largely separate) Status Report detailing two wildly divergent plans for the future conduct of the case. From the DoJ's point of view it's all largely done and dusted, so we can move to proposed remedies by 9th November and a full evidentiary hearing on 4th February; but from Microsoft's point of view it could take, well maybe six months for it to prepare its defence, if the judge doesn't limit the scope of the remedies the DoJ pitches for.
John Lettice, 21 Sep 2001

Bush rallies Congress to war

US President George "Dubya" Bush addressed a joint session of Congress attended by British Prime Minister Tony Blair Thursday night, and offered a sketchy outline of his plan to rid the world of terrorism.
Thomas C Greene, 21 Sep 2001

Palm's revenues rise 29.6%

UpdatedPalm's attempt to revive its fortunes took a big step forward last quarter, the first of its current fiscal year (2002), but it still has a long way to go.
Tony Smith, 21 Sep 2001

Palm confused over PDA sales figures

There's a very interesting discrepancy in Palm's latest quarterly results statement, posted last night and cover the first quarter of the company's 2002 fiscal year.
Tony Smith, 21 Sep 2001

EMC slashes 2,400 jobs

EMC is to axe 10 per cent of its workforce due to a slump in sales of storage kit.
John Leyden, 21 Sep 2001

BTopenworld accused of providing two-tier Net access service

BT has denied allegations that it plans to give an inferior service to thousands of heavy Internet users.
Tim Richardson, 21 Sep 2001

Fujitsu shuts Dublin chip plant

Fujitsu is shutting its Dublin chip assembly plant in November and scrapping 338 workers. It says it sees no end to the semi-conductor market slump.
Robert Blincoe, 21 Sep 2001

TSMC Q3 income to be 400% up on Q2

TSMC's Q3 profit is going to be rather better than the company forecast at the end of Q2.
Tony Smith, 21 Sep 2001
Broken CD with wrench

BT confirms 3G building contract with Deutsche Telekom

BT and Deutsche Telekom have signed legally binding contracts over the joint construction of 3G phone networks in Europe. They reckon the deal will provide them with 30 per cent cost savings over a 10-year period - amounting to around £2.5 billion.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Sep 2001

Hynix bail-out plan sets Micron a-grumbling

Micron Technology is apparently rather narked about the level of help rival memory maker Hynix is getting at the moment - and has demanded that the US government investigate the matter.
Tony Smith, 21 Sep 2001

Netbenefit revenue falls, losses increase

Netbenefit - the Internet business services outfit that's big into domain name management and web hosting services - remains upbeat today despite reporting falling sales and increased losses.
Tim Richardson, 21 Sep 2001

Compaq leaves customer details open for all to see

Compaq has outdone itself by leaving extensive customer details for anyone to see on the Internet. For some reason it has decided that everyone in the world ought to be able to see everyone who has bought a Pocket PC 2002 upgrade.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Sep 2001

Apple to score industry first with dual 1394b, USB 2 support

ExclusiveApple's next Power Macs, due to be announced early next year at Macworld Expo San Francisco, will "definitely" support the USB 2.0 and 1394b connectivity specifications and the DDR SDRAM memory standard, company deep throats have told The Register.
Tony Smith, 21 Sep 2001

Tarpit tool sticks it back to teenage mutant Nimda worm

A tool designed to at least partially curtail the scanning activities of malicious Internet worms like Nimda has been released.
John Leyden, 21 Sep 2001

Where the hell is the e-commerce minister?

OpinionWhen Labour won its second term in power, the previous e-commerce minister Patricia Hewitt was moved to Trade Secretary, leaving the position open.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Sep 2001

Tiscali acquires Austrian ISP

Tiscali has continued its European expansion plans with the acquisition of Austrian-based B-2-B ISP, planetONE, for E2 million (£1.26 million) in cash.
Tim Richardson, 21 Sep 2001

'We're not all rednecks and warmongers…'

Reg's 'Dickless Armchair Warriors' go to battle
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Sep 2001

This week's SirCams

This is the first in an occasional series rounding up the week's best SirCam virus emails. We're not going to reveal their contents, but merely want to illustrate the strange poetry that SirCam continues to generate.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Sep 2001

My cat is a dog! The twisted logic of ZDNet's DOS FAT FUD

Many, many, many of you wrote in about Befuddled by file systems, browsers, computer history?
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Sep 2001


ReviewThe flat-panel market has traditionally been out of bounds to the consumer. But while individuals with bottomless bank accounts will continue to set their sights on the larger 17in and 18in models, a basic 15in flat-panel can now be snapped up for the same price as a quality 19in CRT monitor. Or even less perhaps - pound for pound, the £299 LG FL563LE is the best deal we've seen yet.
PC Advisor, 21 Sep 2001

Leifur Eiriksson is ours – Iceland

Norway - is it part of Europe or what?
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Sep 2001

Security ‘complacency’ knocked by terror attacks

Last week's terrorist outrage had significantly changed the IT security landscape - firms need to take account of the possibility of catastrophic attacks, as well as the more limited hacker assaults we've all grown used to.
John Leyden, 21 Sep 2001

Microsoft to miss first-day Xbox shipments by half – analysts

Microsoft isn't going to sell as many Xboxes on 8 November - the day of the console's launch - as it thinks it will. The plan is to ship 600,000-800,000 machines on the first day, but analysts put the figure at around half that.
Tony Smith, 21 Sep 2001

Oftel's Edmonds says LLU ‘not been a success’

The head of Oftel has said that local loop unbundling has "not been a success" and that the practicalities surrounding opening up BT's network to competition has been a "painful and often miserable process".
Tim Richardson, 21 Sep 2001

Remembering Sun's Phil Rosenzweig

Andrew Orlowski, 21 Sep 2001

So, what shall we ban next?

Bomb the ISPs - Daily Telegraph
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Sep 2001

Norway back in Europe – official

In response to our piece yesterday which condemned Norway to e-commerce oblivion somewhere up near the Arctic Circle, we are pleased to announce that the country is now officially back in Europe.
Lester Haines, 21 Sep 2001

US ecommerce on the up, up, up

Business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce revenues in the US are predicted to rise sharply in the next couple of years, according to analysts at eMarketer.
Tim Richardson, 21 Sep 2001

HP told to pay three-and-half years' CD-R drive royalties

Hewlett-Packard has been ordered by a German court to reveal how many CD-R and CD-RW drives it has sold in the country during the last three and a half years.
Tony Smith, 21 Sep 2001

Reuters cybersquats on man's domain

Just when you thought cybersquatting was getting dull because WIPO just handed over every domain to whoever was richer or more famous, along comes one of those great examples that makes you realise how insane the whole system has become.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Sep 2001

AMD narrows Palomino launch timeframe

'AMD confirms Palomino will launch in Fall' shouts a PC World.com headline today, though really it's not much of admission that the chip company has actually made.
Tony Smith, 21 Sep 2001

Sanity and sweet reason, ZDNet's Dr Unwin and a Norwegian Wood

LettersWere we right to print inflammatory letters critical of our terror coverage yesterday?
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Sep 2001

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