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Palm leaks unannounced m125 onto Web – then pulls it

Palm yesterday posted on its Web site pages devoted to its upcoming m125 PDA - and then pulled them as many of its fans started taking a look at the new machine.
Tony Smith, 19 Sep 2001

Palm m525 to boast built-in Bluetooth

Palm's follow-up to its m505 PDA, the m525, will connect to the outside world through a Bluetooth wireless link.
Tony Smith, 19 Sep 2001

Dell to launch Intel's 2GHz Xeon any day now

Dell will shortly announce workstations based on two of Intel's 2GHz Xeon processors four weeks ahead of the CPU's formal launch, system builder sources have told The Register.
Tony Smith, 19 Sep 2001

BT's 192 service faces competition

BT is to lose its near-monopoly for providing directory enquiry services telecoms regulator, Oftel, confirmed today.
Tim Richardson, 19 Sep 2001

Mitsubishi to double chip unit job cuts

Mitsubishi, Japan's fifth biggest chip maker, will rid itself of 2000 staff employed by its semiconductor operation - twice the number it said last week it would eliminate in the light of a collapse in the company's projected earnings.
Tony Smith, 19 Sep 2001

Rambus rises on Intel investment

Rambus' shares rose rather better than they had the previous day, the effect of a second day of investor confidence in the company after it announced it would be making $200 million over the next five years out of a licensing deal with Intel.
Tony Smith, 19 Sep 2001

Online travel industry reeling from US attacks

The online travel industry, specifically the airlines themselves, are still reeling from the terrorist attacks in the US last week.
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Sep 2001

BTopenwoe ditches portal plans

BTopenworld has completed a U-turn on part of its broadband strategy by deciding to concentrate almost solely on providing access and ditching plans to create a portal of broadband content.
Tim Richardson, 19 Sep 2001

Online shoppers are getting ripped off

Online shoppers are still being ripped off according to the latest survey from Consumers International.
Tim Richardson, 19 Sep 2001

Norway – is it part of Europe or what?

The big debate raging today at Vulture Central centres on Norway, to whit, is it part of Europe, or what?
Lester Haines, 19 Sep 2001

Meet Ziggy Switkowski

Kieren McCarthy, 19 Sep 2001

Wintel forces raise the fault-tolerance standard

Fault-tolerance = Unix (or Proprietary), right? Wrong, in June this year, Stratus, the veteran maker of fault-tolerant servers, debuted its first system based on Windows 2000 and Intel chips.
Drew Cullen, 19 Sep 2001

BT kits out 1,000th DSL exchange

BT Wholesale today hit a significant milestone in the roll-out of broadband in Britain with the announcement that it has installed ADSL kit in its 1000th exchange.
Tim Richardson, 19 Sep 2001

MSN.co.uk begins Web email migration

All has not gone smoothly with the migration of MSN's UK customers to Web-based email accounts.
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2001

Hackers lash out at Islamic Usenet group

S'kiddies have taken out the mail server used by the moderators of an Islamic Usenet group in the latest of a serious of untargeted attacks by "vigilante" hackers following last week's terrorist attacks on the US.
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2001

Software firm takes on mighty financial watchdog

A UK software company is being forced to defend itself against the attentions of the UK's financial watchdog, the Financial Services Authority (FSA).
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Sep 2001

M$ unveils Office for OS X

Microsoft will ship Office for Mac OS X in November for a decidedly steep $499.
Tony Smith, 19 Sep 2001

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