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HP, Oracle, Cisco are terrorist targets, warns SF mayor

If the perpetrators of last week's atrocities in Manhattan and Washington are at a loss how to follow-up last week's attacks, San Francisco's flamboyant Mayor Willie Brown has a suggestion.
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Befuddled by file systems, browsers, computer history?

At first sight, it looks harmless enough. But we think we have another cult of Mahir ("I Kiss You!") proportions on our hands.
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Tesco.com to make profit this year

Tesco.com, the ecommerce operation of Britain's biggest supermarket chain, is on the verge of making a profit.
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‘We are at war’ – Dubya

Opinion Official Washington has been buzzing with the language of belligerence since this weekend. The President, who, incidentally, isn't authorized to declare war, declared war. He also did something we've not seen since the Vietnam era - he promised victory.
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AltaVista sheds 160 jobs

Ailing AltaVista Inc has axed a third of its workforce in a bid to cut costs and keep it on the straight and narrow.
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Nintendo sells 300,000 GameCubes in three days

Nintendo flogged 300,000 GameCube's in the three days following its launch in Japan on Friday.
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Intel patent payments save Rambus' bacon

Well now we know. Intel will pay Rambus $40 million a year for the next five years under the terms of the pair's latest patent licensing agreement.
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BT Wireless – aka mmO2 – still a bit shaky

BT Wireless - now known as mmO2 - is still having a somewhat rocky time as analysts remain unsure of its future, particularly whether it could be subject to a hostile takeover.
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AMD names next Athlon after Windows XP

Updated AMD is taking its lead from the Beast of Redmond, and in a desperate bid to imply new, relevant and up-to-date technology, will name its next desktop processor the Athlon XP - after Microsoft's new version of Windows.
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DDR demand drives up Nanya's August sales

Taiwanese memory maker Nanya has said it realised revenues of between NT$850 million and NT$900 million ($24.59-26.04 million) last month on the back of strong sales of 256Mb SDRAM chips and various DDR memory parts.
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WTC attack delays MS case another week

The deadline for Microsoft and the government to file a joint status report with the District Court has been extended to this Thursday, in the wake of the attack on the World Trade Center. According to Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, the extension is at the request of both parties; Microsoft lawyers Sullivan & Cromwell has offices near the WTC, and was forced to evacuate them temporarily.
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Afilias extends/ delays .info roll-out

Afilias - the registrar behind the new .info top-level domain name - has delayed/extended its roll-out of new addresses for three days.
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BTopenwoe cuts cost of installing ADSL

BTopenworld has finally announced it is to cut the cost of ADSL installations following BT Wholesale's decision to halve the cost of installing broadband for three months from October 1.
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Hitachi CML170

Review Saving desk space is a good reason for buying a flat-panel monitor, but for some it's about making a fashion statement. With that in mind, the attractive midnight blue Hitachi CML170 makes an instant impression and should rise to the top of many a wish-list. Of course, we wouldn't recommend that you purchase any PC product on looks alone, so it's just as well that the Hitachi also ranks as one of the best flat-panels we've seen.

HP fills out in the mid-range

Hewlett-Packard has filled out the gaps in its Unix range with the launch of a mid-range server that includes features culled from its high-end Superdome boxes.
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UK jobs will go in AltaVista shakedown

A statement just released from AltaVista admits that some of the 160 job losses it announced this morning will come from its European headquarters in the UK.
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Hedgers or terrorists behind pre-attack stock selling?

In what sounds like a plot from the latest James Bond movie, financial authorities around the world are investigating stock exchange data for strange share price movements in the days and hours previous to the suicide attacks on the World Trade Center in New York.

IBM maps out database sales campaign

With Oracle's results showing further slippage, IBM is feeling pretty bullish about its prospects. Marc Dupaquier, IBM's worldwide VP for data management solutions sales, told IT-Analysis.com how he intends to exploit this slip and why Informix and Linux are key to it all.

Nokia launches useless service!

Nokia is pleased to announce its Nokia Multimedia Terminal Gateway from Q4 this year, that will enable mobile operators to deliver multimedia messages to non-multimedia phones - i.e. the ones that you and I have got.
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Compaq name to go, will trade as HP

Memowatch Forgive us if we've been a bit slow on picking this up, but we don't recall reading it anywhere else. Compaq will trade under the Hewlett-Packard name when the merger is completed
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IBM axes 130+ Lotus positions

In the final dissolving of Lotus in parent company IBM, Big Blue has got rid of at least 130 staff. Oddly, it hasn't felt it necessary to tell anyone else about it.
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Real streams for earthbound delegates

RealNetworks is streaming its annual conference for delegates who "may be prevented from travelling, but still want access to the content".
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Era of picking your own PDA draws to a close

Firms may soon mandate the use of particular handheld devices and mobile phones in order to establish some kind of control over security risks.
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Teenage Mutant Nimda email rides the Code Red worm

Updated again A mass mailing email worm that contains exploit components from the infamous Code Red worm has appeared on the Internet, and appears to be spreading fast.
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Speed-bumped AMD Athlon MP to launch next month

AMD's Athlon MP will ship at 1.53GHz - not the much-touted 1.4GHz - The Register has learned. And the part will officially launch on 9 October, just ahead of the Athlon XP on 12 October.
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Terror attacks usher in copy controlled hardware

Senator Hollings' SSSCA legislation - which makes copy-controlled hardware mandatory (and circumventing it illegal) - has received remarkably little attention since it was revealed ten days ago. No petitions, no EFF Alert (as yet), and very little public uproar.

HP parades the PA-RISC 8700

HP gracefully side-stepped questions about the Compaq merger at its launch of a new mid-range server at Cupertino today. Today also marks the coming-out party for the PA-RISC 8700, more of which anon.