17th September 2001 Archive

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  • Excite@Home raises $35m in greetings goodbye

    Not a bad return for $750m investment

    e-Business 17 Sep 09:26

  • Motorola completes 1.6GHz PowerPC G5

    Apple readies G5 Power Macs with Bluetooth, USB 2.0, DDR SDRAM support for January

    Mac Channel 17 Sep 10:34

  • Business broadband subsidised in Midlands


    Broadband 17 Sep 10:41

  • World Trade Centre to be removed from MS Flight Simulator

    Minor changes to Flight Sim 2002

    Assault on America 17 Sep 10:46

  • Bomb the ISPs – Daily Telegraph

    Taking liberties

    Assault on America 17 Sep 10:58

  • XP memory musing

    64MB, 128MB, 1GB - how long's a piece of string?

    Software 17 Sep 11:24

  • AMD's 1.4GHz Athlon MP drips into channel

    UK workstation supplier has them, apparently

    Channel 17 Sep 11:57

  • Intel renews Rambus patent licence

    Eliminates potential hindrance to shipping Brookdale DDR, presumably

    Channel 17 Sep 12:19

  • AOL's Connie gets face-lift

    Still a 'prissy know-all'

    Media 17 Sep 12:33

  • FBI condemns vigilante hacking

    It's a felony, folks!

    Assault on America 17 Sep 12:47

  • VIA offers $1m aid to US

    It 'wanted to do something'

    Assault on America 17 Sep 12:53

  • US system builder groups merge

    Makes sense

    Channel 17 Sep 13:00

  • Ex-Intel man pleads guilty to pinching chip secrets

    Didn't hand them over to Sun

    Channel 17 Sep 13:06

  • Apple cancels Paris Expo

    Blames post-WTC fears for visitor safety

    Mac Channel 17 Sep 14:09

  • Register Marketplace opens for business

    UK B2B resource for your IT purchasing needs

    Site News 17 Sep 15:08

  • Wacom Graphire2

    Graphics pen, pad and cordless mouse combo

    Personal 17 Sep 15:33

  • Global DSL kit market worth $10bn in 2007


    Broadband 17 Sep 15:48

  • DDos attack knocks out Alldas.de – for good?

    Homeless defacement mirror seeks brave ISP

    Security 17 Sep 16:08

  • Did US air emergency procedure aid suicide hijackers?

    Cold-war-era crisis regulations in doubt

    Assault on America 17 Sep 19:18

  • Games biz reacts to terrorist attacks

    Spiderman 2, Metal Gear Solid 2 and others pulled

    Assault on America 17 Sep 21:53

  • Gaming industry apparently escapes New York carnage

    Safe and well

    Assault on America 17 Sep 21:54

  • Intel makes patriotic investment in Rambus

    Renews License, Ink

    Business 17 Sep 22:27